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Friday Film Fest: Jacqueline Bisset

Gail (Jacqueline Bisset) and David (Nick Nolte) examine an unusual coin they found while diving

Gail (Jacqueline Bisset) and David (Nick Nolte) examine an unusual coin they found while diving

The Deep- 1977

Over the years I've always tried to find something about this movie that could maybe help me understand it, but I can never find it. I'm sure that's why I might watch it once every decade or so.

Gail Berke (Jacqueline Bisset) and David Sanders (Nick Nolte) are a couple from New York who've come to Bermuda to spend a few days on a dive vacation and Gail finds an ampoule of amber colored liquid, along with a few other treasures, one being and a medallion.

After their dive, they go to the local library to do research on the medallion and since it's not really leading them anywhere, they're told to see lighthouse keeper/ treasure hunter Romer Treece (Robert Shaw) since he's written many books and articles about his finds. He's able to tell them that it's a Spanish medallion after he cleans it up. Treece also asks about the bottle and if anyone else knows about it. Word has already gotten out their discovery of the ampoule.

The two are forcibly taken by the henchmen of Henri "Cloche" Bondurant (Louis Gossett) after they leave Treece's. While his men are searching their bodies for the ampoule, Cloche says it would have been much easier if they had been truthful in telling him about the bottle the night before.

Not having any luck in his search, he lets them go and they go back to Treece's after Cloche tells them to get off of the island.

Treece takes them to see Adam Coffin (Eli Wallach) the only survivor of the sinking of his military ship Goliath and he confirms that the ampoule is one of many thousands that was onboard when the ship went down. Gail shows him on a map where it was found and he says that can't be right, but due to recent storms, Treece believes that the wreck was moved and is now atop another wreck the Griffon.

When Treece won't let David dive with him that night, David tells him that he'll go to the proper authorities and report the ampoule since it contains morphine. Treece agrees to let David dive and it's a dangerous dive since it'll be during a full moon, and he says that they'll stick out like a sore thumb.

While they dive, Gail is terrorized by Cloche's men while in her room at the hotel and someone has gotten on board of Treece's boat and leaves a dead cat for them.

As they're diving, Adam is in a local bar and is plied with alcohol.

After finding Gail, the three go back to Treece's and the next day Treece makes a deal with Cloche that they'll dive for the remaining ampoules, but it's a ruse since Treece hopes to find remaining treasure. Cloche gives them three days.

While diving, the wrecks keep shifting making the dives dangerous and Gail solves the mystery as to who "E.F" is on the medallion. They also discover that the Governor of Havana had lied about the Griffon having gone down near the Bahamas. If she's right, they need to find a provenance proving that the ship went down near Bermuda.

As they dive, they find more treasure and continue to bring up ampoules, which Treece is keeping in the tower of the light house, which he's booby trapped (along with Goliath).

With time running out, David finds the necklace, but Cloche is intent on killing everyone so that he can claim the morphine as his own and make millions off of the drugs.

As you would expect, most of the action to this movie takes place underwater so it's a very action driven movie and while on land, the story itself is a little boring. It seems as though events just happen and there isn't a lot of character development, so you really don't get a sense of who Gail and David are.

The only thing you do know is that their diving vacation turned into a nightmare.

Liz and Merry (Candice Bergen) toast to new beginnings at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve

Liz and Merry (Candice Bergen) toast to new beginnings at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve

Rich and Famous- 1981

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In the infancy of the 1980's, most movies at the time were slashers and teen comedies but there were a few that slipped between the cracks, especially when it came to the meaning of true friendship.

On a cold winter's night in 1959 at Smith College, Merry Noel (Candice Bergen) is getting ready to sneak out of the house with the help of her roommate/best friend Liz Hamilton. Merry's leaving college to marry Doug Blake (David Selby) who had one date with Liz before he met Merry.

Filled with excitement and anticipation, Liz goes with Merry to the train station and they pledge that they'll always remain friends, but Merry's doubtful since she knows friendships drift apart.

In 1969, Liz is a featured speaker at UCLA and a prominent writer. Merry comes to hear her speak and brings along her daughter Debby (Nicole Eggert). After speaking, Merry takes Liz back to her house in Malibu.

Merry throws a party for Liz and she takes a walk along the beach with Doug. The two talk about her current relationship and the fact that she's having a problem writing due to severe writer's block. When they return, Merry's upset at the two of them since they walked out on the party which is now over.

As the two women sit at the table, Doug goes to bed and Merry forgives him and as the two talk Merry tells Liz that she wrote a book about the famous people that she's met while living there. She gives the manuscript to her and then decides to read it to her.

After spending the night with Merry reading it aloud, she asks her how long it took to wrote and while Merry doesn't really have a timetable, she says it was under a year whenever she had time. Liz is jealous since she's been working on her next book for a longer time and Merry asks if she'll take it to her publisher, Jules Levi (Steven Hill). She tells her that this isn't the type of book Jules would be interested in publishing but takes it with her when she arrives back in New York.

By the time 1975 rolls around, Merry has had five bestsellers and has a shaky marriage since Doug is unemployed. She's scheduled to appear on The Merv Griffin Show and the two head to New York for the taping of the show.

Doug leaves the taping and head over to Liz's apartment, where she's trying to get dinner ready for the three of them. He tells her that the marriage is over, and he should have continued dating Liz, even though they had one date.

Merry eventually makes it to the apartment and she and Doug have another argument, so he storms off.

The next day, he asks Liz to meet him at the park and asks her to come with him to Texas where he has a job opportunity. She turns him down just as Merry comes into the park and as he leaves, she realizes that the marriage is over.

It's now 1981 and Merry is up for a writing award and is campaigning heavily for it, since it's the greatest work she's written. She pressures Liz to find out how the judges are leaning and of course Liz won't tell her.

When Liz gets back to her hotel, she meets Chris Adams (Hart Bochner) a reporter for Rolling Stone. They go up to her room and just as he gets ready to start the interview, she's interrupted by Debby (Meg Ryan) who comes in to complain about Merry, who soon arrives. The two argue over Debby's boyfriend Ginger Trinidad (Daniel Faraldo) a Puerto Rican poet who has a penchant for getting arrested.

After they leave, Liz cancels the interview in favor of taking a walk when she's met by a boy (Matt Lattanzi) who seduces her.

Liz and Chris finally have their interview and eventually engage in a short affair, which ends when Debby becomes his assistant.

Merry's furious that Debby's going to go on the road with Chris and blames everything bad in her life on Liz. The two have the most vicious fight that they've ever had, and Liz goes back to her house in the country, forgoing Merry's New Year's Eve party.

As Merry watches her guests at the party, she begins to realize that everything is an illusion and decides to leave and heads to Liz's house where they patch up their differences and make a new friendship pact.

Everything about this movie is great and it's something that no matter what is happening with your best friend, everything works out in the end.

Diane learns that her daughter Eve and husband Jeffrey are trapped in an elevator at the World Trade Center

Diane learns that her daughter Eve and husband Jeffrey are trapped in an elevator at the World Trade Center

9/11- 2017

The main point to Friday Film Fest is to bring you movies that you may have missed and after debating over this movie, I felt that I had to include it, even though it's very controversial. I think every movie related to September 11, 2001, will always be controversial when it depicts the tragedy of that day.

As we all know, it was the beginning of a beautiful late summer day, and everyone went about their daily routine.

Bicycle courier Michael (Wood Harris) and his wife Holly (Faune Chambers Watkins) are celebrating their daughter Chantale's birthday before he heads off to work, while elevator dispatcher Metzie (Whoopi Goldberg) stops at a diner for some coffee and tells her friend Lisa (Dahlia Waingort) that she can't make it to her upcoming baby shower but gives her an envelope as a gift.

Billionaire Jeffrey Cage (Charlie Sheen) and his wife Eve (Gina Gershon) are in a meeting to sign divorce papers. He doesn't want to get a divorce, but she's been feeling neglected and tells him that he's not there for their son J.J. (Prestyn Bates) when he needs him.

Tina (Olga Fonda) has come to the World Trade Center to break up with her wealthy lover and with an issue on an upper floor, Maintenace Engineer Eddie (Luis Guzman) enters the elevator.

When the first plane hits the North Tower, the elevator stops, and they're jolted around. Eddie tries to contact Metzie with no success.

He's finally able to get in touch with her and she tells him that a small plane hit the upper floors and they'll probably be stuck for a while since the firefighters need to get to the upper floors. Since she doesn't know exactly where the elevator stopped, her only suggestion would be to climb out of the escape hatch and pry open the doors on the floor above them.

Jeffrey senses that something's wrong and asks Eddie if he was working in the building in 1993 and he tells him that he was. Tina doesn't know what happened then and they tell her.

Metzie sees the second plane hit the South Tower and tells them what's happening, and they discover that they can't open the doors since it's a newer elevator with a special mechanism. Eddie tells her that there's a manual and she goes to look for it.

Eve's phone goes off and it's her mother Diane asking where she's at. She knew about the early morning meeting and is watching J.J. Diane also tells Eve what she knows from television reports and Eve tells her to put on one of J.J.'s programs so that he doesn't ask questions and not to let him know that she and Jeffrey are trapped.

With her having the only cellphone reception, she asks Diane to call Michael and Eddie's wives.

After Metzie finds the manual, she tells Eddie what she sees and they're able to pry open the door and bust a small hole into a janitor's closet. Tina doesn't want to go so Eve manages to make it into the closet before the elevator falls further down the shaft.

Now outside, Eve makes her way with other survivors to the lobby of the building as the elevator pummels down the shaft before the brakes kick in.

Metzie tries to get in touch with the elevator since she's been ordered to evacuate the building while Eve looks for help and finds a couple of firefighters who go to the elevators with the hope of finding them.

They manage to find another man who was trapped and then find the correct elevator and help them out before the building collapses.

The movie is based on the stage play Elevator by Patrick James Carson and of course it's written as such, so this is a character driven movie.

Had the movie not incorporated the events of 9-11, I think it may have received better reviews since the characters don't know what's happening outside of the elevator and much of the drama happens immediately following the elevator's stopping when they get a sense of who they are and how they have to work together to get out of the elevator.

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