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Friday Film Fest: Gina Gershon

After listening to a snide comment, Benny (Kate Vernon) hurls an insult back, as her friend (Gina Gershon) looks on stunned

After listening to a snide comment, Benny (Kate Vernon) hurls an insult back, as her friend (Gina Gershon) looks on stunned

Pretty in Pink- 1986

If you didn't go to your prom, does that mean your life's going to be cursed from the year you graduated to the present? Some people tend to think that you're going to be cursed and then there are those who could care less.

As prom and graduation get closer, Andie (Molly Ringwald) secretly wants to go but no one's asked her, plus no one's asked her. She just wants to get through with school and then get on with her life.

What she doesn't know is there are three guys who really like her.

The first being her friend Duckie (Jon Cryer) who's had a massive crush on her for years, the second being rich boy Steff (James Spader) who can't have her and then creepy Blaine (Andrew McCarthy) who does manage to break through her wall.

She starts to notice him lurking around, the first at school and then when he comes into the record store that she works at. He's not too good with small talk but ends up buying a Steve Lawrence album and after asking her opinion of it, she tells him that it's really hot and all the rage.

The next time he contacts her is through instant messaging (in 1986 and at school) where he sends her picture and then his. Ahh, love in the pre-computer era.

While she has potential suitors, the girls at school don't like her, especially Benny (Kate Vernon) who's dating Steff. Her whole life is spent tormenting her and things come to a head when Andie's best friend, Jena (Alexa Kenin) has some words for her at the start of gym class.

Jena's kicked out of class and Benny thinks she's gotten away scot-free with a few barbs, much to the delight of her friend (Gina Gershon). Andie is asked to leave class and when she meets with the principal (Jim Haynie) she tells him that she's just tired of the way the rich and popular people treat her and the not so rich.

Blaine asks Andie out on a date, and he takes her to a party at Steff's house where she has a mild run in with a drunk Benny.

Noticing that she's not having a good time, they leave the party and go to the nightclub where Andie and her friends hang out at. She sees her boss, Iona (Annie Potts) and Duckie sitting at a table and Duckie tries to start a fight with Blaine.

Having had a very bad first date, Blaine starts to take her home, but the two get into an argument since she doesn't want him to see where she lives. He takes her home anyway and asks her if she wants to go to the prom.

The two-start dating, and everything is fine, until Steff decides to offer his two cents, in which Blaine tells him that he's just jealous because he couldn't get Andie.

Following a date to the stable at his country club, Blaine dumps Andie without her really knowing why and Andie wants him to tell her it's because he's embarrassed to be seen with her. He tells her that he "forgot" about asking someone else to prom and Andie decides that she's going to go stag.

She takes the dress that her dad (Harry Dean Stanton) bought, along with Iona's prom dress and makes her own (albeit really bad dress) and heads to prom. She tells her dad she's just going to make an appearance to let the rich kids know that they didn't break her.

At the top of the stairs, she sees Duckie and they go in together.

He tells her that Blaine came alone, and Steff wishes that she were with him, rather than the money hungry, social climbing, drunk Benny.

After proving her point that everyone's the same, Blaine whispers to her that he loves her and cue the music because he really does love her as she chases after him.

As Bonnie's (Cynthia Stevenson) assistant, Whitney is scolded after listening to a story pitch

As Bonnie's (Cynthia Stevenson) assistant, Whitney is scolded after listening to a story pitch

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The Player- 1992

In a small town like Hollywood, secrets are well hidden (thanks to public relations people) yet everything in Hollywood is pretty much an open secret.

Rumor has it that Larry Levy (Peter Gallagher) is coming to replace Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins) at almost any time. The question is when will he arrive and why does he keep popping up wherever Griffin's at?

Not only is Griffin's job on the line, but he's been receiving death notices from a disgruntled writer and after talking to his girlfriend, Bonnie Sherow (Cynthia Stevenson) she comes up with a timeline for the hypothetical story that he's "pitching" to her.

Speaking of which, she's upset with her assistant, Whitney, who's been listening to unauthorized pitches and when Larry does come to work at the studio, she hangs on his every word. Whitney wants Bonnie's job.

After going through his previous appointments, he comes across a writer, David Kahane (Vincent D'Onofrio) who he thinks is the one sending him the death threats.

He calls David, but finds out from his live-in girlfriend, June (Greta Scacchi) that David went to the movies, and she tells him what he went to see. Griffin shows up moments before the end credits and searches out David.

David takes him to a Japanese bar and after a few drinks, David asks if Griffin's ever been to Japan. He tells him that he has, while David tells him about the time he lived there. In an effort to stop the threats, Griffin offers him a deal and on the way to his car, David mentions Larry's name.

This angers Griffin and they have a fight, in which David accidently pushes Griffin.

After David checks on him and apologizes, Griffin lets loose and accidently kills him. The next day, the head of studio security, Walter Stuckel (Fred Ward) "pitches" a thriller to Griffin about the murder of a writer.

Griffin admits to seeing David but tells him that he was alive when he left him, and Griffin sticks with the story when he's interviewed by Det. Susan Avery (Whoopi Goldberg). Without his knowledge, she sends Det. DeLongpre (Lyle Lovett) to tail him.

It doesn't take long for Griffin to notice Det. DeLongpre and at David's funeral, Griffin takes June home. She looks at his death as something of an inconvenience and tells Griffin to ask her out on a formal date.

Griffin sends Bonnie to New York to do a book deal and while she's gone, he takes June to a benefit and when Bonnie returns, she's coldly reminded that he's moved on and doesn't need her anymore.

He's brought into the police station to look at mugshots and has a breakdown.

In order to get over it, he asks June to go to Mexico with him for the weekend, but while at the airport, he sees Det. DeLongpre and the two head out to a remote getaway in the desert. Originally, he and Bonnie were going to go.

Griffin's attorney, Sam Mellen (Sydney Pollack) calls him and tells him that he has to get to the police station within four hours since they have a witness for the night of David's murder. He has four fours to get there or he's going to be arrested.

The witness (Margery Bond) has trouble placing the suspect and Griffin's released, much to Det. Avery's dismay. She knows that he's just gotten away with murder.

A year later, a movie that was filmed is being shown in the screening room for the executives and before his promotion, Griffin assigned it to Larry to produce.

Griffin didn't like the idea and had hoped that this would show Larry's weakness, but on his way home, Griffin gets a phone call from a writer who wants to pitch him a story.

It's something Griffin can identify with.

Cristal Connors raises her glass while at lunch with Nomi, putting their differences behind them

Cristal Connors raises her glass while at lunch with Nomi, putting their differences behind them

Showgirls- 1995

Having a short fuse and a bad temper won't get you far in life, but for some reason Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley) manages to get away with having both.

Hitchhiking to Las Vegas, she's picked up by Jeff (Dewey Weber) and in a heated moment regarding the radio, she pulls out her blade. He finds out that she's going to Vegas to become a dancer.

When they pull into Vegas, he tells her that his uncle works at the Riviera and can get her a job. He gives her a few dollars so that she can gamble, wins and then loses it all. With no money left, she goes searching for him and finds out that he's left her without any money or her suitcase.

Angry, she starts to beat up on a car when the owner of the car, Molly (Gina Ravera) comes running up to her. Nomi throws a few punches her way and feeling sorry for the girl, Molly takes her back into the resort where after being asked the wrong question, throws a basket of French fries onto the table. What did those fries do to her? Absolutely nothing.

Molly invites her to live with her until she can find a job and six weeks later, Nomi is dancing at Cheetah's.

After painting her nails, Molly tells her about the new star of Goddess at the hotel. Nomi decides to blow of a night of stripping and goes with Molly to see the show.

Nomi's adrenaline is pumping as she gets caught up in the backstage drama and just before showtime, Molly tells her to go into the audience where she can see the show much better.

Out in the house, Nomi begins to mimic star Cristal Connors' moves and following the show, they go to a press conference/party for Cristal. Molly introduces the two and immediately hate each other.

Since Nomi isn't going to the club, she and Molly go out dancing, where she meets James (Glenn Plummer) a bouncer at The Cave Club. He dances with her and tells her that she can't dance, so she throws a tantrum and is thrown out and then thrown into jail.

James bails her out and wants to dance with her, but she hops into Molly's car and then later that night, she has to hear it from the owner, Al (Robert Davi) about not showing up at work. He orders her onstage and while dancing, she sees Cristal in the audience with entertainment director Zack Carey (Kyle MacLachlan).

She's approached by Phil Newkirk (Greg Travis) and is invited to audition for an open spot in Goddess. Of course she gets the job and leaves stripping behind, because being nude in a hotel show is much better.

While a dance prodigy, she manages to learn the routines, but is lacking in some skills, so she's told to come in the next day for additional rehearsal. She doesn't know it, but Cristal is going to help her.

Instead, they go to lunch and bond over the fact that they both ate dog food at some point in their lives.

Nomi thinks that maybe the two can become friends, but after Cristal makes a move on her, she flies off the handle and soon into the arms of Zack.

The next morning, Zack tells her that Cristal needs an understudy since Annie's (Ungela Brockman) unfortunate tumble on stage.

Again, Nomi gets the job and with being harassed by Cristal, she pushes her down the stairs. The only person to have seen it was Julie (Melissa Williams) but she's not saying anything, because Nomi saw Julie throw beads on the stage under Annie.

Nomi becomes the toast of the town (for a night) as she's the star of Goddess but after she finds out that Molly was brutality raped by singing sensation Andrew Carver (William Shockley) and his bodyguards (Matt Battaglia and Teo) she goes after him.

But before she goes to so some street justice, her past comes back to haunt her and she's hitchhiking to Los Angeles, where Jeff picks her up once again and her blade comes out as well.

If I were in charge of publicity for the show, I would have demanded that she repay every cent since that billboard cost money, along with the fireworks and party.

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