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Friday Film Fest: David Arquette

John (David Arquette) gets the corner gossip before he too finds a corner to work from

John (David Arquette) gets the corner gossip before he too finds a corner to work from

Johns- 1996

It's Christmas Eve day and also the day before street hooker John's (David Arquette) twenty-first birthday and he's not in the holiday spirit.

After waking up on the lawn of a park, his shoes are stolen and when he realizes it sets off chasing the culprit down the street where he accuses street Santa (Tony Epper) of taking them. When he denies taking them, John decides to take his cap and heads off down the street in search of his shoes.

Not only is he upset about the theft of his shoes, but inside them, he's been stashing his money since he plans on checking into a high-end hotel for his birthday. For one night, he dreams of being able to sleep in a real bed, eating and enjoying life.

With those dreams crashed, he turns a trick with studio executive Danny Cohen (John C. McGinley) behind a building and ends up with his golf shoes. He's also overheard a project that's being discussed and as an actor, he tells the executive that he can play the role.

Following his "date" with Cohen, he's told that Jimmy the Warlock (Terence Howard) is looking for him because he has the drug dealer's money. John tells them that he doesn't have it and that he didn't steal it, as is the word on the street.

He leaves and head to a motel where his friend Donner (Lukas Haas) has a room and he tell's John about the date he had the night before. John agrees with him that there are some strange people on the boulevard and after Donner gets dressed, the two go out onto the street.

While they hang around waiting for their next date, a family pulls up next to them and the mother (Ruth Silver) asks if they're prostitutes. Donner recites the information told to him by John and the family takes pictures with the two of them.

John asks Donner if he'd call his parents and ask for money so that he can pay cash at the hotel and Donner says that they probably wouldn't send him any money since his father kicked him out of the house seven weeks earlier.

The two split up and agree to meet in an hour and John is picked up by Mr. Popper (Richard Timothy Jones) who's high on poppers as he's driving. When John won't honor Mr. Popper's request, he stabs John in the thigh and the two are in an accident. John leaves the scene and looks for Donner.

Donner tells him that he talked to his mother, and they won't send him any money, but they have a job at a resort in Missouri if they want it. His cousin can get them in, and they'd have a roof over their heads. John thinks the idea is lame and then gets into an argument with his girlfriend Nikki (Alana Ubach).

He and Donner go to the hotel, and he meets with the Paul (Richard Kind) the desk clerk. Paul won't take his money but puts it in an envelope for safe keeping.

Since he's not making enough money, John goes to see his usual client Manny (Elliott Gould) and asks him for the money. Manny tells him that he can't give him the money and is embarrassed that he came to his house, but he's relieved in a way because he has a Christmas present for him.

The two are about to get down to business when they're interrupted by Christmas Carolers and while Manny's at the front door, John steals some jewelry and leaves. Manny has a sinking feeling that he knows he's just been robbed and John heads off to the pawn shop.

With some money in his pocket, he's confronted by Jimmy the Warlock and the money he had is taken.

Defeated by the street, John decides that he and Donner should take the job in Missouri, and they decide to leave that night. He goes back to the hotel and gets the money back from Paul and Donner gets the two bus tickets.

Before they leave, John tells Donner that he'll get them some more money and hits the street again only to find it's meaner on Christmas Eve.

Justin (Ken Baumann) can't help himself from looking into Robert's window when he was drawn to it

Justin (Ken Baumann) can't help himself from looking into Robert's window when he was drawn to it

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The Cottage- 2012 (aka The Tenant)

With the Halloween season fast approaching, everyone's looking for a little suspense and this little movie is the perfect movie. It's a little slow, a little weird, but the suspense is off the chart.

Vanessa Clay (Lorraine Nicholson) comes by the Carpenter household on the day her sister is to move into the cottage behind the main house. She tells them that her sister was involved in a hit and run accident and isn't expected to live.

Realizing that this puts a damper on the Carpenter's plans to rent the house, she asks if she can have the deposit back.

Chloe (Kristen Dalton) and Michael (Victor Browne) aren't sure what to do with the house and Michael's daughter Rose (Alana O'Mara) puts an ad online and finds a tenant for them.

Michael's other daughter Danielle (Morissa O'Mara) doesn't want anything to do with Chloe and spends much of her time away from the house since they spend most of their time tending to the newborn and she blames Chloe (her teacher) for the death of her mother.

Rose, on the other hand is always online and is pretty oblivious as to what's going on in the house but is always there whenever Chloe needs her.

Anyway, romance novelist Robert Mars comes by, and they show him around the house. He decides to take it and Michael likes the idea of having another guy around.

One day while Rose is out walking (and looking at her phone) one of her classmates, Patrick (Kyle Slabotsky) comes up to her and asks her out to a party that night. He tells her that he's always liked her, and she tells him that she'll go to the party with him.

After asking her for a kiss, she stands there, and he gives her a quick kiss and heads off to his friends where she finds out that it was all a joke.

Later that night, Chloe's single friend Annie (Bellamy Young) is over for dinner and Chloe is telling her about Robert. Annie thinks she'll test the waters after she finds out that he's coming over for dinner.

Dinner turns out to be a disaster and later that night, Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night to find Robert swimming in the pool. He knows that she's watching, and he takes his time when he gets out to dry himself off.

Chloe tells Annie about this and since she's watching the baby for her, Robert comes to the house and tells her that Chloe had something for him. They flirt a little and he tells her that he's shy and asks her out. After hearing what Chloe said, she's not so sure and he starts to get aggressive.

The tables are turned on Chloe when he tells her that she should really watch what Danielle wears since she's a tease and something could happen to her.

Taking it as a threat, she tells Michael, and they ask him to leave.

Robert leaves in the middle of the night but before he leaves, he tells him that he thinks he's falling in love with his daughter.

The next morning, Chloe can't find Michael or Danielle and fears that something may have happened to them since the keys to the truck are also missing. Since there's no evidence of foul play, the police tell her that they really can't do anything and that's when the rollercoaster ride begins.

Happy Face Killer Keith Jesperson, upset that he's not getting the proper credit for his killings writes a note on the bathroom wall in the men's room

Happy Face Killer Keith Jesperson, upset that he's not getting the proper credit for his killings writes a note on the bathroom wall in the men's room

Happy Face Killer- 2014

After being chased by serial killers in the Scream franchise, it's hard to believe Arquette as serial killer Keith Jesperson (January 1990 to March 1996) but here he does an excellent job.

Of course, true life crime stories are often changed for dramatic, or name protection purposes this made for television movie is pretty fast paced and holds your attention.

With his marriage collapsing, Keith has dreamt of becoming Mountie, but when an old injury sidelines him, his dreams are shattered. In order to earn a living, he sticks with being a truck driver.

After his wife Cora (Jody Thompson) leaves him taking their children, Keith meets Sissy Peyton (Emily Haine) in a bar and brings her home with him. They have an argument, and he kills her dumping her body near the Washington-Oregon border.

The FBI is called in and the investigation is led by Melinda Gand (Gloria Reuben) much to the dismay of local Sheriff Cotton (Daryl Shuttleworth). He tells her that he and his team can solve the murder.

Having put the murder behind him, Keith starts to get closer to local waitress Diane Loftin (Stephanie von Pfetten) and the two eventually get engaged and she moves in with him.

While packing up some stuff, she finds a bracelet and he tells her that it's Cora's and she must have forgotten it.

Following his second murder, Keith gets angry when the media reports that Delores Parnicke (Kelly-Ruth Mercier) and Bud Skinner (Darren Moore) have claimed to have killed Sissy following a sexual encounter gone wrong.

Keith sends a letter to the authorities, but it's ignored since Skinner failed a polygraph test.

Candy (Jordana Largy) a frequent visitor to the truck stop hitches a ride with Keith because she needs some baby formula and since she has the baby with her, he assaults her after teasing him. He gives her money for the formula and tells her to get out of the truck, but he does have plans for Taffy (Vanessa Walsh) after she made fun of him earlier.

Still not getting the press he wants, he writes his "confession" on a bathroom wall and again he doesn't get credit for the murders and while his anger intensifies, he's also growing tired of Diane because she thinks that she can quit her job at the diner and travel with him full time, plus the wedding plans are getting to him.

Candy meets with Agent Gand and tells her about the assault and gives her Keith's name, who has sent a letter to her.

She brings him in for questioning, but he dances around her interrogation and is set free. Gand continues to focus on him by talking with Cora and his brother John (Peter Flemming) who tells her of the abuse when they were younger.

When Diane goes missing, they set up a sting for Keith through the trucking company's dispatcher Dez (David Allan Pearson) telling him to tell Keith that he has a pickup for a simple run.

When Keith arrives, he's arrested and in real life, he's serving life imprisonment with no parole.

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