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Friday Film Fest: Dan Aykroyd

Diavolo (T.K. Carter) and Cliff (Dan Aykroyd) race through campus to stop Thelma from going to jail

Diavolo (T.K. Carter) and Cliff (Dan Aykroyd) race through campus to stop Thelma from going to jail

Doctor Detroit- 1983

Like everything in the early 1980's no one had yet found their "footing" so to speak and with the households getting hooked up with cable (imagine having movies delivered to your home without leaving!) and the growing popularity of VCR's, Hollywood was targeting young boys with horror and wacky sex comedies, in an effort to fill the theater seats.

Although the movie placed second when it was released (behind Flashdance which had been number one for the last month) it began to fall with each successive week, and while not the blockbuster that it was hoped to be, it did find life on cable and at the soon to be video rental stores.

Comparative Literature professor Clifford Skridlow (Dan Aykroyd) is very precise in his life at the financially strapped Monroe College where his father Arthur (George Furth) is the head master.

On his morning power walk while stopped at a red light, a limo pulls up next to him and the occupants make fun of him and once the light turns green, everyone goes their separate way until they all run into each other later that night.

But before they meet at an Indian restaurant, the main focus is on pimp Smooth Walker (Howard Hesseman) and his driver, Diavolo Washington (T.K. Carter) as their car is boxed in and are forced to meet with rival pimp Mom (Kate Murtagh).

The tough as nails Mom tells Smooth that he had better come up with the money he owes her or there will be consequences. Thinking on his feet, he comes up with the fictitious Doctor Detroit, a ruthless pimp from Detroit who's trying to take over his turf. Mom requests a meeting with the pimp and later that night tries to figure out what he can do.

After a hard day of teaching, Clifford goes to his favorite restaurant and Smooth recognizes him and tells the waiter that he wants to buy him dinner. He has the girls Monica (Donna Dixon) Jasmine (Lydia Lei) Thelma (Lynn Whitfield) and Karen (Fran Drescher) smile at him, so he joins the group.

Smooth feels that he's met his patsy and takes him out on the town, something that Clifford's never done before and they manage to get him higher than a kite. He also entices Cliff into the prostitution business, but as straight laced as he is, he doesn't think it would be a good fit.

The next morning, Diavolo drops him off at school and Smooth has him beat him up before he heads to a meeting with Mom (and leaves the country).

While lecturing, Cliff gets a call from the girls begging him to help Thelma, who's been arrested. He buys a suit from another attorney and gets Thelma out of jail. Later the girls plead with him again about them as Mom and her goons bust into Smooth's penthouse.

Cliff leaps into action and thwarts any attempt of harm to the girls and Mom demands a meeting with the doctor. He sets something up for midnight in a junkyard.

After raiding the schools theater costume department, he and creates the ruthless, flashy pimp. But, he has another problem since he has to pick up Harmon Rousehorn (Andrew Duggan) the CEO of Rousehorn Consolidated Industries who has agreed to large endow to the college.

Rousehorn is kidnapped moments before Cliff and the girls pick him up and the next morning arrives at the Skridlow house in his underwear. Mrs. Skridlow (Nan Martin) wants to hear all of the dangerous details of the kidnapping.

Thinking that he's taken care of Mom, Cliff forgets that he's in charge of a reception for Rousehorn and the girls take over the planning and also help him with his work as he gets some much needed sleep.

On the Chicago streets, Diavolo has been spreading the word about the doctor and rumor has it that the doctor is going to be named the new King of the Pimps at the Players Ball. It just so happens that the night of the ball its the night of the faculty dinner, and he's told that he has to appear at the ball.

To make matters easy for him, he manages to get the ball into the Excelsior Hotel so that he can be at both places at the same time, but it doesn't always seem to work out that way as his dual lifestyle is exposed.

But, the movie ends on a happy note as the girls get what they want and the promise of a sequel which never materialized.

When Ed (Jeff Goldblum) tells Herb that he can't sleep, Herb suggests he hop a flight to Las Vegas for the night

When Ed (Jeff Goldblum) tells Herb that he can't sleep, Herb suggests he hop a flight to Las Vegas for the night

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Into the Night- 1985

At the time, I didn't realize that Aykroyd would be in another sleep deprived movie, only this time, Ed Okin (Jeff Goldblum) is having problems with the zzz's.

For the last few nights, he tells co-worker Herb on their way into work about not being able to sleep and can't put his finger on why he can't get the sleep he needs. In his orbit, life seems to be okay and following a meeting when he does nod off and at lunch, Herb suggests that he catch a Red Eye to Las Vegas, gamble and blow off some steam before flying back to work the next morning.

Ed doesn't think it's feasible and tells Herb that he's going to go home and try to take a nap. He asks if he can a ride home in case he's not back later in the day.

When Ed gets home, he notices a car parked out front and rather than go inside, he walks over to his bedroom window and sees his wife (Stacey Pickren) is having a mid-day tryst with her boss.

Later that night, Ed gets out of bed, dresses and heads to the airport.

After getting his parking ticket, he pulls into a space and sits there for a moment before he's shaken back to reality when Diana (Michelle Pfeiffer) hops onto the hood of his car and then jumps into the passenger's seat. She tells him to hurry and leave.

Stunned by the events, they make it out of the parking garage, and she vaguely tells him what's happening. She asks if he'll take her to a friend's houseboat and once there is denied access.

They head into Hollywood to her brother Charlie's (Bruce McGill) apartment. As Diana cleans herself up, Ed looks around the place and learns that Charlie's an Elvis impersonator and devotes his life to him.

When Charlie comes home, he and Diana argue and she and Ed leave, only to find the guys from the airport arriving at the apartment building and Ed's car having been towed. Diana tells him not to worry and they take Charlie's car.

They manage to get past the thugs and she has him drive to a studio where her actress friend, Christie (Kathryn Harrold) is working on a television show. She also enlists the help of producer Bud (Paul Mazursky) to make arrangements for Ed.

Before Diana tells him about smuggling jewels into the country, she gives them to Christie to hold to and since she doesn't know what they are, puts them into a secret pocket in her coat.

As Diana and Ed get to know one another, their adventure is far from over as they have to dodge various bad guys and the next morning the two go to Bud's house so that she can get the jewels.

She asks where Christie is but doesn't know that she's been murdered, and she and Ed manage to get away scot free and head to her lover Jack's (Richard Farnsworth) mansion. Since she has the jewels, she doesn't know who to trust and knows that he can help her, even though they haven't spoken in months.

When Diana and Ed sneak into the house, she finds out that his wife (Vera Miles) has moved back into the house, and she was the one who put a stop to Diana's lifestyle.

Jack tells Diana that he'll help her, and a plan is set in place to get the jewels to the proper authorities which has the two planting the jewels throughout the city in the early morning hours.

Just when they think they're free of the previous two nights, Diana is taken hostage at the airport and a standoff ensues between the various agencies.

Once the standoff is over, they're whisked away to a motel and told they can't leave for twenty-four hours, and Ed finally falls asleep only to find that Diana has left him.

This is a fun movie, especially if you like nighttime movies and it's loaded with a ton of celebrity cameos all playing bad guys.

Dr. Cyril Kipp honors the first ever graduating class of St. Albert's Hospital

Dr. Cyril Kipp honors the first ever graduating class of St. Albert's Hospital

White Coats- 2004 (aka Intern Academy)

In a way, this movie had the feeling of Young Doctors in Love (1982) but this doesn't spoof soap operas, but it is about a small group of interns studying at St. Albert's teaching hospital, which is the worst in Canada.

On the first day, all of the students receive an F from Dr. Omar Olson (Dave Thomas) because they don't give him the right answer, or he just doesn't like them. He's already told them that no one has ever graduated.

But things might change with this class.

On the second day, Dale Dodd (Pat Kelly) hooks up with fellow student Mitzi Cole (Christine Chatelain) and during class is humiliated running out of room. What the students don't know is that Mitzi is stripping by night in order to put herself through school.

For Mike Bonnert (Peter Oldring) he's there because his successful physician parents (Saul Rubenik and Sue Huff) forced him to go to medical school, but due to his grades he winds up here. And with him being a major dork, he doesn't seem to fit in with the others.

Rounding out the class are Mira Towers (Ingrid Kavelaars) who claims to be a great surgeon; Marlon Thomas (Viv Leacock) who pranks his fellow students and promising, yet introverted Christine Lee (Jane McLean).

While they have high hopes of graduating, the odds are stacked against them as Dr. Cyril Kipp keeps selling off hospital equipment on the black market hoping to keep the hospital running for another month.

During their second month, they're placed in pairs and assigned to different departments, but they don't have a teaching doctor, so they're told to grade themselves on the honor system.

In the ICU Department, Dale tries to get nurse Sarah (Carly Pope) to go on a date with him, but she tells him that it can only be at the hospital during their shift. He finds it odd and agrees to it, and she tells him that for the past four Fridays, a patient has died in the same bed, so they turn their date into a ghost hunting adventure.

Mira, who idolizes famed cardiologist Dr. Whiteside (Dave Foley) wants to work with him, but he hates her and puts her down whenever possible. One day, Marlon decides to tell him off in the cafeteria, but only raises his voice at certain times while praising the doctor.

After being humiliated by Dr. Olson, Mike and the gang go to a strip bar and find Mitzi on stage. She of course runs off the stage thinking that they're going to make fun of her for doing this, but Mike tells her they didn't know and to prove it, he strips and then the two go back to her apartment, where she discovers one of his best kept secrets.

Halfway through the semester at the Christmas party, Christine gets drunk and loosens up, which causes her to become embarrassed.

With the hospital always in the red, Marlon, Mike and Dale go into the area where body old body parts are kept, and Marlon lets it slip about Dale and Mitzi. Mike didn't know that the two had been intimate and they start fighting with different body parts.

The three are summoned up to Dr. Kipp's office and are expelled, but Mike's father is there after giving him a large "donation" in order to keep Mike in school. He threatens Dale and Marlon and when Mike hears this, he tells Dr. Kipp and his father that he's quitting and never wanted to be a doctor.

As the three get ready to leave the hospital, a report that a 76-car pile-up has happened, and all of the victims are being brought to St. Albert's. With not that many doctors, the students are forced to help with the victims, and everyone shows that they can work under pressure and as a team.

The students manage to graduate, and the hospital is able to stay open, thanks to a large donation from one of the accident victims (who happens to be a billionaire) and as they celebrate their success, a new group of students arrive under the watchful eye of Dr. Olson.

Actually, this isn't that bad of a movie, it does tend to get slow in spots, but it's not really laugh out loud funny. There are some good scenes, and the plot is okay.

It may not be the best movie I've seen, but it'll do.

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