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Friday Film Fest: Damon Wayans

C.D. Bales (Steve Martin) senses a fire as the incompetent Nelson volunteer firefighters (John Kapelos, Matt Lattanzi, Damon Wayans, Steve Mittleman, Fred Willard, Max Alexander and Michael J. Pollard) wait on his call

C.D. Bales (Steve Martin) senses a fire as the incompetent Nelson volunteer firefighters (John Kapelos, Matt Lattanzi, Damon Wayans, Steve Mittleman, Fred Willard, Max Alexander and Michael J. Pollard) wait on his call

Roxanne- 6-19-1987


It's a wicked little word that causes a lot of trouble but can sometimes pay off for the right people. Especially if you're good looking.

When Charlie "C.D." Bales (Steve Martin) enters a room or interacts with people the first thing people see is his large nose. He's always been ashamed of it, but what he lacks in looks, he makes up for it with his intelligence, athleticism and humor, something Roxanne Kowalski (Daryl Hannah) an astronomy PhD will soon come to love about him.

Even though her time in the town of Nelson will be short lived, she manages to become quite popular with the residents and falls in love when she sees new firefighter in town Chris (Rick Rossovich) buy a book by Sarte for a friend. In her star driven world, she thinks she's found the perfect guy. Well, he is good looking and the women in town would like to get to know him.

He's been recruited to help the inept volunteer firefighters come together as a team and he and C.D. have a lot of work ahead of them.

Chris also likes Roxanne and whenever he's near her, he becomes a bumbling idiot and asks C.D. for his help in wooing her by sending her letters, which C.D. writes for him. Thinking that he's writing from his heart, he and Roxanne have a date and when he shows up to her rental house, he doesn't come off as the guy she thought he was.

Unbeknownst to her, he's wearing an earpiece and C.D. feeds him the proper words to say while hiding in the bushes.

As the summer goes by, the two-start dating and things heat up in their relationship, but C.D. can't help feeling betrayed by Chris since he, too, is in love with Roxanne, but on a more emotional level.

Roxanne goes out of town for a week and C.D. continues to send her letters to the hotel and while writing a letter at his god-sister Dixie's (Shelley Duvall) diner, she tells him that Roxanne has come back to town and he tracks Chris down to her house to warn him about the letters, in case she brings it up.

Dixie takes the last letter and slides it under her door and reveals that C.D. has been the author of the letters.

Roxanne calls him over and is furious with him, while Chris is at the bar talking with Sandy (Shandra Beri). The two make plans to leave for Tahoe the next day and he tells her that he'll send a letter to Roxanne.

On his way back to the firehouse, he starts to smell smoke and calls in the others and even though Chris was in town for a short while, the crew comes together after putting out a barn fire which could have burned down the town.

Following a celebration, C.D. is on his roof and hears Roxanne below reading one of her letters to him and they kiss and make up.

Percy hopes to be discovered while telling jokes at the Gas Station

Percy hopes to be discovered while telling jokes at the Gas Station

Punchline- 10-7-1988

This is one of those movies that I've always wanted to like, but I can never really get into it.

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Up and coming comic Steven Gold (Tom Hanks) has flunked out of medical school and is trying to keep the news from his father. He spends every night entertaining the customers of the Gas Station earning $15 a set.

Lilah Krystick (Sally Field) is a bored housewife and wants to become a comedienne, but she really doesn't have what it takes to keep the customers laughing. Even jokes that she bought failed.

One night a talent scout Madeline (Kim Greist) is in the audience and is interested in Steven and when the other comics (George Michael McGrath; Taylor Negron; Pam Matteson; Damon Wayons; Angel Salazar; Joycee Katz; Max Alexander; Marty Pollio; Paul Kozlowski; Barry Neikrug and Mac Robbins) get wind of it, they turn on him since they should have been told about a scout being in the audience and they get in touch with their respective agents.

Lilah's husband John (John Goodman) isn't happy with her doing stand up and asks her to quit, but she doesn't want to. Nothing has become of it in the last thirteen weeks that she's been there, and he wants her to be a stay-at-home wife.

When she goes back into the city to sell back jokes to Arnold (Paul Mazursky) she sees Steven and he invites her for lunch after being stood up by Arnold.

The two get to know each other and he takes her to an afternoon gig that he booked, and she gets to know him even better. On the subway back, she tells him a couple of jokes and then changes them to where they're funny.

Running out of time, Lilah makes it home to start getting things ready for a dinner party for two of John's clients. The dinner is a disaster, and she leaves the house and goes to the club.

Later that night, she and Steven go to different comedy clubs, and she works on her material. At the end of the night, he tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her.

As the days pass, he also becomes obsessive in wanting to know when Madeline's sending people to see him perform and she tells him that she came up with a brilliant idea and that all of the comics will have their chance on a pilot for a weekly comedy show. Steven isn't happy with this news since she told him that he was to get top billing and get discovered.

On the day of the contest, the comics prepare, and Lilah decides to compete, even though she told John that she wouldn't.

He asks if he can go with her and when he sees her perform, he's really proud of her and wasn't expecting her to be so funny.

As the comics wait, one will be crowned the king (or queen) of the club for the night.

Could Dr. Steven Hamel be Charlene's (Meg Tilly) future husband?

Could Dr. Steven Hamel be Charlene's (Meg Tilly) future husband?

Goosed- 9-28-1999

It's no secret that I think a lot of movies that were made in the 1990's are terrible but every so often, a little gem of a comedy might pop up and this one is a good example.

Charlene (Danielle Harris and Meg Tilly) comes from flashy showbiz parents (Robert Klein and Joan Rivers) and she's also the oldest of three other siblings.

Following a huge inheritance, the family moves into a tacky mansion where the kids are forced to do the housework since the hired help keeps quitting. Only one person, Lawrence (Steve White) is brave enough to stay with the family for life

As a teenager, Charlene is pretty rebellious and when at Camp Shalom for the summer, she loses her virginity to Todd Dewitt (Daniel Joseph) and her parents can't stand him and she's constantly grounded.

After graduation, she decides that she wants to become a writer and heads off to college where she meets Ray (Nick Paonessa) falls in love and marries him. Again, her parents aren't too thrilled, but they are thrilled when her sister Louise (Sara Ballantine) announces her engagement immediately following the "I Do's."

Charlene and Ray's marriage doesn't last a year and Louise has invited Charlene out to Los Angeles where she gives her a makeover and the two see a psychic (Lisa Jane Persky). The psychic tells Charlene that she'll meet a doctor named Steven and that sets Charlene into motion.

She first meets Steven Hamel in the emergency room following her mother's collapse at Louise's wedding.

Following the psychic's advice, she flirts with Dr, Hamel and the two eventually date for a little while, that is until the two are at a play and she becomes attracted to actor Steffon Stevens (David Dukes) who's playing Dr. Frankenstein. From the audience she feels an attraction and manages to get backstage to pitch a story idea to him.

The screenplay that she writes sells and Steffon becomes a big star and after the relationship ends, she goes back to Dr. Hamel, but he's dating a princess (Toukie Smith) so she goes to a video computer dating service.

Her request is simple- all doctors named Steven and she meets Dr. Steven Stevenson (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) who demands that she change her image for him. She changes her image, but of course leaves her for someone else.

After getting fired for sexual harassment, she writes a show about her former boss and lover, and it becomes a hit. She has enough money now and buys a house where she meets her neighbor, Steve Binder (Vincent Spano) the lead singer in the band Medicine Man.

Charlene becomes pregnant and then loses the baby, but then gets pregnant again with twins. Steve can't take any more of her and leaves just as she's ready to give birth.

She makes it as a single mother and occasionally sees Steve but has gotten back together with Steven Stevenson and realizes that he's not the one for her, even though he's good with her sons.

As she continues to find her "Steve", she dates Steven Troy (Thomas Haden Church) and tells him that she sets up Steve Binder on dates because that way she knows the boys won't have a stepmother with a record.

The final Steve she meets is Steve Steven (D.B. Sweeney) a podiatrist who works in her building and after finding out that he's recently separated, she walks away which is unusual for her.

As she gets ready for her birthday party, she realizes that all of the Steven's in her life have contributed something and she's content as to who she is and will just enjoy their company, no matter what Steve it is.

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