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Friday Film Fest: Christine Baranski

Ellen (Annabella Sciorra) joins sister Lucy (Christine Baranski) for lunch

Ellen (Annabella Sciorra) joins sister Lucy (Christine Baranski) for lunch

The Night We Never Met- 1993

Having never lived in New York City, I'm not sure if this is (or was) a thing, but it's a pretty good idea, when it comes to having a rent-controlled apartment.

Sam Lester (Matthew Broderick) is going through a rough patch. He's just broken up with his girlfriend Pastel (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and his roommates are a bunch of slobs. He sees an ad in the paper for a "timeshare" of an apartment and goes to see it.

As he gets there, Ellen Holder (Annabella Sciorra) skips down the stairs gleefully. She's in seventh heaven as she heads to work.

During a lunch date with her sister Lucy (Christine Baranski) she tells her that she's going to have her own place two days a week. Lucy asks why and she tells her it'll be a place to unwind and she can have time to paint.

Sam decides to take the place as well, while owner Brian McVeigh's (Kevin Anderson) secretary, Mrs. Winkler (Louise Lasser) shows him the days that are available. He doesn't hesitate and she puts his name on the schedule.

At first things are going well for the trio who've never met.

When Sam and Brian change days without informing Ellen, she starts to think that Sam is the one responsible for the wild parties and that Brian is leaving her notes along with left-over food. Since this is a rom-com, she starts to fall in love with the wrong guy.

Ellen's also upset with her husband Aaron (Michael Mantel) because he bought them a house, as a surprise, and she doesn't want to move. She tries to bring a spark to the marriage when she takes him over to the apartment one night and when he asks who's apartment is it, she tells him that it's a friend of hers.

On the nights that he's not there, Brian is living with his girlfriend Janet (Justine Bateman) and they're weeks away from getting married. She doesn't have a clue about the apartment and one night when Sam has a date, she busts in and finds out about Brian's secret party spot.

After visiting the site for the house that's being built, Ellen goes to Lucy and tells her that she thinks she needs to have an affair. Lucy wants details and wants to live through her and when she decides to go through with it, she heads to the apartment and meets Brian.

She gives him a lame excuse as to why she's there and when he asks why she's all dressed. up, she tells him that she's going to see Neil Diamond in concert. He's dressed in a tuxedo but doesn't tell her that he's getting married. Since she thinks he's the clean roommate, she seduces him.

Feeling guilty, Ellen helps Aaron at his dry cleaning business and while stuck in traffic for deliveries, he tells her to get out and he'll drive. When she gets out to trade seats, he leaves her on the side of the road and she finds her way back to the apartment.

Having been involved in a scene at a bar with Pastel, Sam also finds his way back to the apartment, but the two don't know that the other is there. Hence rom-com.

In the morning, Sam sees Ellen in a chair and wakes her up.

Of course, they're going to be mad at one another and while arguing, Brian comes in wearing a jogging suit. He finishes getting dressed and since he left an eviction notice for them, he sees their attraction and figures that he can come up with an arrangement for the now happy couple.

Cecile Caldwell (Selma Blair and her mother enjoy a get together with Kathryn

Cecile Caldwell (Selma Blair and her mother enjoy a get together with Kathryn

Cruel Intentions- 1999

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"So what did you do over summer vacation?"

"Nothing much. The usual. What about you?"

After a long pause. "I destroyed a few lives, blackmailed a couple of people, you know, typical angsty teen things."

Instead of a conversation like this on the first day of school, you have to go back to the beginning of summer when Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Phillippe) is finishing a counseling session with Dr. Greenbaum (Swoozie Kurtz). He flatters her on her appearance and she gives him an autographed copy of her book (all therapists had a book out in the late 1990's).

When he asks for a hug, she's interrupted by a phone call from her daughter Marci (Tara Reid) and after he leaves the office, Marci hysterically tells her mother that she's broken up with her boyfriend and while describing him to her, Dr. Greenbaum realizes that her boyfriend was Sebastian.

Marci's romance may be over, but it'll live on forever on the Internet, along with nude photos of her.

When Sebastian gets home, Bunny Caldwell and her daughter Cecile (Selma Blair) are meeting with Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Kathryn has agreed to take Cecile under her wing when the new school year begins.

After they leave, the step siblings flirt with one another and make a bet when he shows her a picture of Annette Hargrove (Reese Witherspoon) in a magazine. The virginal Annette also wrote an accompanying piece as to why she's a virgin and it just so happens that she's staying with Sebastian's Aunt Helen (Louise Fletcher) since her father is going to be the new headmaster at their school.

Sebastian heads to visit with his aunt and he meets Annette.

Since he wants to sleep with her, he calls one of his friends, Blaine (Joshua Jackson) to get information from football jock Greg (Eric Mabius) who knows Annette from Kansas. Blaine tempts Greg to his room for a midnight tryst.

Sebastian walks in on Blaine and Greg and wants Greg to worrk with him in getting Annette. He tells him that if he doesn't, his little secret will be made public knowledge.

As Cecile takes cello lessons from Ronald Clifford (Sean Patrick Thomas) she confesses to Kathryn that he's written her love letters and hid them. Knowing this is great information, she meets with Bunny and tells her about the letters and where to find them.

One part of Kathryn's plan to destroy Cecile, is to get at Bunny and once she finds out about the relationship between Ronald and Cecile, she goes ballistic.

Sebastian seduces Cecile while he's trying to bed Annette.

As the summer progresses, Sebastian is able to whisk Annette into bed and the next day, after he and Kathryn have an argument, he goes to Annette and tells her that he used her.

With tension between Kathryn and Sebastian, he leaves and drops off his journal to Annette. In a letter, he tells her everything.

Meanwhile, Kathryn calls Ronald and tells him that Sebastian has struck her and has gone wild. She tells him that Cecile may be in danger and as she hangs up with him, she leans back with a broad smile.

Her plan has been carried out and as she gloats, Sebastian is roaming the streets as Ronald passes him.

They fight and Annette comes running to break it up, only for there to be tragedy along with shattered lives.

If there's news to report, Mary Sunshine is on top of it

If there's news to report, Mary Sunshine is on top of it

Chicago- 2002


Everyone wants it- all you need is a good reporter, lawyer and prison matron.


It's 1924 and the current darling on Murderess' Row is Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who's accused of shooting her sister Veronica and husband Charlie for being in position seventeen after she comes back with some ice.

That's about to change when Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) is arrested following the murder of her lover, Fred Casely (Dominic West).

Before being arrested, Roxie's husband, Amos (John C. Reilly) takes the blame for the shooting since Roxie told him that she was being burgled. When their neighbor Mrs. Borusewicz (Jayne Eastwood) identifies the body and tells the police that Roxie's been burgled at least three times a week, Amos takes back his confession, when Roxie finds out that Fred's married and has five little Casely's.

While working in the laundry (a prison staple) Roxie delivers some towels to Matron Mama Morton (Queen Latifah) and overhears her talking with Velma. Velma isn't too happy about the bookings she's come up with and when Velma leaves the office, she asks Velma for advice.

Mama Morton tells Roxie that murder is entertainment and that she needs a good lawyer and suggests Billy Flynn (Richard Gere) who will get her off for five grand.

Amos meets with Billy, but he could only scrape up two thousand dollars and as he takes back his money, Billy stops him and comes up with an idea for fundraising the rest. Have an auction of Roxie's personables.

With Billy behind Roxie's "career" she becomes the new media darling and Velma's trial is pushed back indefinitely. Her popularity also begins to slide.

As Roxie emerges as the new media darling, thanks to reporter Miss Sunshine, Roxie starts to get flowers, candy and fan mail, while Mama Morton fields offers as the rivalry between Velma and Roxie gets bigger.

Both women's "fame" comes to a halt when socialite Kitty Baxter (Lucy Liu) is arrested for a triple homicide. With this being the bigger news, Billy looks to represent her, but Roxie feigns fainting when Velma's words come back to haunt her. She tells the press that she's pregnant.

Once again, she has the press in the palm of her hands and while her trial isn't going in the right direction, she "faints" again on the witness stand.

While Roxie is found innocent of Fred's death, she finds out that no one wants a has been murderess, since the city is crawling with them.

Following a failed audition, Velma tries to help her by telling her that she just talked with someone who has connections, and he wants to take the two of them on. Instead of having just one personality, they'd be the first double murderess' and who wouldn't want that publicity?

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