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Friday Film Fest: Charlie Sheen

Skip (Chad Lowe) and Ken (Charlie Sheen) share the ups and downs of being best friends and life in the mid-80's

Skip (Chad Lowe) and Ken (Charlie Sheen) share the ups and downs of being best friends and life in the mid-80's

Silence of the Heart- 1984

Growing up is hard for everyone and for some reason, it seems like teen suicide movies kept popping up on television every so often.

Skip Lewis (Chad Lowe) comes from the "perfect" family and is somewhat popular. Academically, he's not the best student (after receiving low SAT scores) and he has a crush on the most popular girl in school, Andrea (Alexandra Powers) but she likes him as a friend only.

However, Penny (Elizabeth Berridge) does like him, and he's put her in the friend zone, even though the two worked together and could have spent more time with each other outside of school.

After a crushing day at school, Ken (Charlie Sheen) invites him to a swimming party later that night and he tells him that he can't come since his parents (Mariette Hartley and Howard Hesseman) are having a barbeque and he and his sister Cindy (Dana Hill) are expected to be there.

Although the signs are subtle, he gives Cindy his records and tries to talk to both of his parents but they're too busy with their own "problems" of the day. He manages to get out of the dinner by telling his mother that he has to work and goes over to Andrea's house.

His purpose is to apologize for a remark he made to her earlier and shortly thereafter, her date shows up.

Rejected once more, he goes to where he used to work and unloads some of his problems on her during her break and tells her that he'll come by later and pick her up for the party. She has a little bit of a spark in her heart that maybe he's going to come around and they can be a couple.

After leaving the pizza parlor, he goes to the party and tries to talk to Ken. Ken gives him some advice and after being asked about suicide, he thinks that Skip's just playing around with him.

Skip leaves and drives off a cliff into the surf below.

At the funeral, Cindy overhears some gossip and while everyone is saying it was an accident, she starts to confront people and finds out that he had problems. Andrea tells her that he left a book on her porch after she went on her date.

While her parents won't admit it, Cindy tries to tell them that Skip was depressed and even went to the scene where one of the workers (Jim Boyle) tells her it wasn't an accident.

In the meantime, Ken struggles with his emotions and following a speech Cindy made in class, she tells her mother that Ken has been acting weird. She suggests that she have a talk with his mother, just so they can keep an eye on him.

But Ken's world also starts to crumble when he goes to work one day and finds out that his favorite patient, Hanry (Jaleel White) has died. Hanry told him days before that he wouldn't see him again.

With the book Skip had, Ken reads it and puts it on the back of Cindy's bike along with a note.

Cindy tells her parents, and they head to the scene while she goes in to call 911.

While trying to calm Ken down, they all realize that they have have survivor's guilt, but understand that there was nothing any of them could have done to prevent Skip's death.

If you're contemplating suicide, call 988 or the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK twenty-four hours a day. Remember that help is available.

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Led by Jed (Patrick Swayze) Robert (C. Thomas Howell) and Matt, store clerk Alicia (Elan Oberon) brings them up to date on WWIII and that they're being hunted

Led by Jed (Patrick Swayze) Robert (C. Thomas Howell) and Matt, store clerk Alicia (Elan Oberon) brings them up to date on WWIII and that they're being hunted

Red Dawn- 1984

A week following the above made for television movie, this movie was released, and World War III hit the theaters as the town of Calumet, Colorado seemed to be ground zero while a rouge group of teenagers fought to defend the town and country.

Following a football game loss to the Titan's, Jed (Patrick Swayze) drops off brother Matt and his friend Aardvark (Doug Toby) at school. He tells them that he can't pick them up after school, but school will be closing in a little less than an hour.

During his history lecture, Mr. Teasdale (Frank McRae) notices paratroopers landing on the football field and goes out to see what's happening but is gunned down and a missile is shot through the doors. Some students are killed and those that make it outside panic as they try to leave the campus.

Jed flies through the lot and Matt and some of his friends hop into the back of the truck and make their way out of town.

Before they make it out of town, they stop at Robert's (C. Thomas Howell) father's gas station and load up with whatever supplies they can get their hands on, along with weapons. As they head toward the mountains, they avoid a roadblock and are shot at.

They seek refuge in the woods and try to come up with a plan, since Jed is the adult, he tells them that they should listen to what he has to say since their actions could get them killed.

A few weeks into the war, he, Matt and Robert make it into town and talk with store clerk Alicia (Elan Oberon). She tells them that people are looking for them and gives them a quick rundown of what's happening and that some people were taken to the drive-in, which is now a re-education camp.

Jed and Matt are able to get in touch with their father (Harry Dean Stanton) but he can't give him any information regarding Robert's parents.

They go to The Mason's (Ben Johnson and Lois Kimbrell) and he tells Robert that his father was killed and they tell them that they can help them if they help them. Jed's reluctant at first, but agrees to take their granddaughters Erica (Lea Thompson) and Toni (Jennifer Grey) with them.

As the war continues, Jed teaches them how to hunt and hide in the woods.

They begin to walk freely around the outskirts of town and begin to use their newfound skills to disrupt operations after they kill Yuri (Sam Slovik) and mark their victories with WOLVERINES.

After Andy (Powers Boothe) is shot down, Erica develops a crush on him and wants to be with him. He helps them bring down the re-education camp and takes them to the frontline, telling them that they have to get through the battle zone and then they'll be in Free America.

Daryl (Darren Dalton) is set up after he snuck into town to visit his father (Lane Smith) and now a traitor the group has to decide what to do with him. For some, it isn't a hard decision, but for the others it is.

Mr. Mason tells Jed that more parents want him to take their children, but he can't since he's finding it hard to keep the group together and their resources are dwindling, and they want to disband the group.

Jed sends Erica and Danny (Brad Savage) to freedom as he and Matt head into town for one final showdown, which has taken its toll on the troops.

On the last day of school, Roy (Maxwell Caulfield) and Bo pull one more prank before the pressures of life set in

On the last day of school, Roy (Maxwell Caulfield) and Bo pull one more prank before the pressures of life set in

The Boys Next Door- 1985

Bo and his best friend Roy Alston (Maxwell Caufield) can't wait to get out of high school and since it's the last day they play another prank on their fellow students by drawing a chalk outline on the school's property.

Of course, the students are intrigued, and they've come up with a story behind the outline.

As it's the last day of school, Bo overhears his classmates talk about Joe's (Grant Heslov) party and they decide to crash it. When they're asked to leave, they take along Joe's mother's dog, Bob-Bon (whom they later rename Boner the Barbarian).

Since Bo's grandparents sent him two hundred dollars for graduation, the two decide to go to Los Angeles for the weekend before they start work at a factory on Monday. Bo, being realistic, can't fathom the thought of being in the factory for years on end, doing the same thing day in and day out.

On the drive, Roy tells him that he has something inside of him that he can't get rid of and asks Bo if he feels the same way. Bo tells him that he thinks he does but isn't certain.

Once they get into town, they stop for gas and Roy attacks the clerk and they steal the money from the till.

They later get a motel room and head for the beach where Roy tosses an empty beer bottle in the air, and it hits an elderly woman. As they try to flee, they're surrounded by a group of women and with one hanging onto the hood, they manage to make their escape after she falls off.

Their antics have interested the police and Detectives Mark Woods and Ed Hanley (Christopher McDonald and Hank Garrett) begin to worry that their antics will cause more harm to innocent people.

As they cruise Hollywood Boulevard looking for sex, they pull up in front of a bar and meet Chris (Paul C. Dancer) and they go in with him. Bo tells him that they're underage, but he tells them not to worry about it.

After a few minutes, they realize that they're in a gay bar and Chris invites them back to his apartment. Before Bo realizes it, Roy starts to attack Chris and he finds a gun and shoots him. The two make their escape and hang out at an arcade where Roy flirts with a girl (Lesa Lee) and her boyfriend (Richard Pachorek) gives him dirty looks.

Later, they find the couple parked in a driveway and Roy kills them.

They go to another bar and meet Angie (Patti D'Arbanville) and she takes them back to her apartment and reads their tarot cards. Roy's not interested in his future and starts to have sex with her in front of Bo, who's uncomfortable.

The sex becomes rough and Roy kills her.

Since they were within walking distance of the bar, they walk back and see the police checking out the car, so Roy carjacks a motorist which leads into a high-speed chase that ends in the parking garage at a mall.

They manage to make it into the mall and in need of weapons force a female security guard (Judie David) into one of the stores so that they can get a gun. She's yet another victim in the trail of bodies caused by Roy.

Since neither was looking forward to starting the factory job, they do get their wish since neither will be going to work on Monday morning.

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