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Friday Film Fest: Alicia Silverstone

Adrian (Alicia Silverstone) does everything in her power to get writer Nick (Cary Elwes) to fall in love with her

Adrian (Alicia Silverstone) does everything in her power to get writer Nick (Cary Elwes) to fall in love with her

The Crush- 1993

Here's some advice if you're new in town, short on cash and find a guest house to rent cheap. Run as fast as you can and take that rundown apartment since it could save your life.

After nearly hitting Adrian Forrester (Alicia Silverstone) while she's rollerblading in the street, writer Nick Eliot (Cary Elwes) sees a somewhat hidden sign advertising the rental of a guest house. Since he's been apartment hunting all day, he takes a chance and after meeting Liv Forrester (Gwynyth Walsh) decides to rent the place.

Liv likes the idea that he'll be working from home most of the time since he can kind of keep an eye on Adrian.

As he moves in, the fourteen-year-old "hides" behind a half wall writing in her diary as her friend Cheyenne (Amber Benson) comes over to check him out and report back to her. She tells her that he seems okay.

While Nick settles into his new job, he's unaware of her subtle flirting and she asks if he's going to her parent's upcoming party. He tells her that he was invited but hadn't planned on going until he becomes bored.

At the party, Adrian shows off her musical ability by playing the piano for the guests and when she's finished, she tells him that she has something to show him and the two go for a ride. While he's impressed with the nighttime view, she kisses him and also invites him to an equestrian show.

Adrian isn't too thrilled when Nick introduces her to his co-worker Amy Maddick (Jennifer Rubin) who also has a little bit of a crush on Nick, but since she's age appropriate, she and Nick do start dating.

Nick hosts a barbeque and when their boss Michael (Matthew Walker) shows up, he brings a bottle of wine and after he leaves, Nick suggests they have wine and marshmallows. Amy heads out to the orchard to find some sticks and is startled by not only Adrian, but a wasp hive.

Later that night, Amy tells Nick that Adrian has a crush on him and from her perspective, it seems to be a major one and he should tell her that even though he's flattered, he's not interested. She tells him that Adrian has been subtly seducing him, but because he's working on a big story, he's missing the signs.

While they're sleeping, Nick wakes up thinking that someone is in the bedroom with them and then hears noises coming from the main house, where Adrian is hacking away at lemons.

One day he notices that a picture of him and his grandfather is missing, and he goes looking in the main house for it, since Adrian said she wanted the picture. He goes into her bedroom and hearing a noise, he hides in her closet and watches as she gets ready to take a shower. Since she knows he's hiding in the closet, she takes a little longer getting undressed and then heads into the bathroom.

As he leaves, he runs into Cliff Forrester (Kurtwood Smith) and helps him carry supplies up into the attic where he's restoring a carousel. It was something that he had started on, but Adrian lost interest in it a few years earlier.

Nick tells her that he likes her as a friend, but that's about as far as their relationship will go and upset, she manages to sabotage his story and also causes harm to Amy. Not only does she cause harm to Amy, but when she finds out that Cheyenne wanted to see him, she manages to do harm to her.

He sees a disk under a rug and that leads him into the garage below him and a shrine devoted to him.

While he works on his story, Adrian continuously calls him and after he changes the lock on the door, he goes looking for an apartment. Even though he finds one, he asks if he can move in immediately and Mrs. Tinkerman (Sheila Paterson) tells him that he can once his check clears.

Since he doesn't show up at her equestrian match, she goes to a benefit where it was mandatory for him to attend and causes a scene, but her revenge isn't over as she has him arrested for assault.

While he manages to escape her evil clutch, things for her don't end as rosy, but she does manage to set everything into motion for her next crush.

Jennifer's babysitting job is interrupted by her boyfriend Jack (Jeremy London)

Jennifer's babysitting job is interrupted by her boyfriend Jack (Jeremy London)

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The Babysitter- 1995

If you decide to watch this movie there are two things to remember.

The first is stock up on alcohol (since this is a drinking game) and two, be prepared to be bored with a scrunched-up face questioning the whole movie.

It's Friday night and Jennifer is heading to her babysitting gig at the Tuckers (J.T. Walsh and Lee Garlington) when she's stopped by Mark (Nicky Katt) and asks where she's going. She tells him and once she gets to the house, the adults aren't ready, but Harry finds a way to flirt with her, while Dolly doesn't trust her with the baby.

Mark sees his former best friend Jack (Jeremy London) at a diner and asks him what his plans are. He tells him that he's going home to go to bed since he has practice the next morning, but Mark also has time to fantasize about the waitress (Tuesday Knight) before he chases down Jack.

And, just as the Tuckers are heading to Mark's parents' house for the party, Harry has time to fantasize about Jennifer while driving. Dolly scolds him about his driving, but she doesn't know that he's fantasizing about the babysitter.

Pretty much from here on out, everyone is busy fantasizing about the babysitter, Dolly fantasizes about Bill Holsten (George Segal) and Jennifer takes a bath for a big portion of the movie. Surprisingly, she doesn't fantasize about anyone.

After writing four pages of notes on this movie, ninety-nine percent of my notes are all about the fantasizes and there really isn't a plot to this "sizzling" fantasy thriller.

Throughout the movie, the only time the babysitter's name is mentioned is at the end and after a tragic event, you'll undoubtedly utter, "Huh?"

But, the funny thing about this movie was it came out about three months when everyone was falling in love Silverstone following Clueless.

Stacy (Krysten Ritter) scares a participant of a support group while Goody watches on in delight

Stacy (Krysten Ritter) scares a participant of a support group while Goody watches on in delight

Vamps- 2012

Being a vampire literally sucks when you think about having eternal "life" and having to suck the life out of your victim, even if you're vegan.

In 1841, Goody was bit by stem vampire Cisserus (Sigourney Weaver) and throughout the years, Goody had hoped for a friend which she gets in Stacy (Krysten Ritter) who was turned in 1992.

The two were told by Cisserus that they wouldn't have to worry too much about turning mortals into vampires since they would basically be modeling her clothes (without a mirror, someone has to let her know what she'd look like) so whenever Cisserus isn't in town, the two go to night school, work for an exterminator and go clubbing.

Their lives become complicated when Stacy meets Joey (Dan Stevens) at school and while at work, Goody sees an old boyfriend Danny (Richard Lewis) whom she really loved during the 1960's.

Joey introduces Stacy to his parents, the Van Helsing's (Wallace Shawn and Kristen Johnston) who have their doubts about her. He thinks she's a vampire and she thinks she's too pale, so they decide to invite her over for dinner at a later date.

Meanwhile, Goody tells Danny that she's actually Goody's daughter and finds out that his wife, Angela (Marilu Henner) is dying from cancer. Goody comes up with a plan to help him and confesses that she's a vampire and has Vadim (Justin Kirk) help them out.

But, Stacy is called in for jury duty and at a Vampire's Anonymous meeting, they find out that many of them have been summoned for jury duty or have tax audit meetings. They devise a plan that they can get their records deleted by going to the meetings during an upcoming solar eclipse.

When Cisserus' plan to be with singer Diego Bardem (Gael Garcia Bernal) backfires and he disappears, she gets out of control and wreaks havoc throughout the city.

Once Stacy finds out that she's pregnant, she and Goody have to decide what they want to do with their future. Stacy, while still young, can have a life, but Goody knows that she'll die once they kill Cisserus, but Stacy doesn't know just how old Goody is and doesn't know how she'll continue without her.

While the story is a little uneven at times, it's a fun feel good movie, but didn't do good at the box office. In fact, during its opening weekend, it only made $548 and has since become a cult classic.

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