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Friday Film Fest: Alec Baldwin

Barbara (Geena Davis) and Adam (Alec Baldwin) inadvertently summon Beetlejuice while trying to haunt their house

Barbara (Geena Davis) and Adam (Alec Baldwin) inadvertently summon Beetlejuice while trying to haunt their house

Beetlejuice- 1988 (March 30)

Instead of going away for their vacation, Barbara and Adam Maitland (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) decide to stay home and putz around their country home. They decide to take a quick trip to their store and on their way home meet death.

Barbara swerves to avoid hitting a dog at a covered bridge and crashes through the wall where they hang over the side. After looking at one another, the little dog jumps off the board that was balancing them, and the car falls into the river where they drown.

When they get back to their house wet, they don't remember getting back to the house and they don't remember having a roaring fire in the fireplace. While stunned, they look around the house and then realize that they don't have reflections and they find a book called, Handbook for the Recently Departed.

Once they figure out that they've been killed in the accident, they don't like the fact that real estate agent Jane Butterfield (Annie McEnroe) has sold the house so fast to New York couple Charles and Delia Deetz (Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O'Hara) and their daughter Lydia (Winona Ryder).

Delia, a self-proclaimed sculptor, hates the house and with the help of her interior designer Otho (Glenn Shadix) they turn it into a work of "modern art."

Not having read the handbook, Adam takes a page and makes a door which the two go through and find themselves in a waiting room with other deceased people. They find out that they have a caseworker, Juno (Sylvia Sidney) who tells them that they have to stay in the house for the next 125 years and if they want the Deetzes out of the house, they have to get rid of them themselves.

They mention Betelgeuse and Juno warns them not to get involved with him since he was once her assistant and has gone rogue. Nothing good comes from him.

Back at the house, they try to scare the couple, by putting on designer sheets and moaning, but Lydia sees them and becomes a believer.

She tries to convince Delia but she's too busy preparing for a dinner party and can't be bothered.

The Maitland's get more frustrated with trying to scare the Deetzes at the dinner party and hope that after their antics everyone would run out of the house in fright, but when it doesn't happen, they accidently summon Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) and are repulsed by him.

Following the party, Charles calls his friend Maxie (Robert Goulet) and tells him that the residents of Winter River, Connecticut are all backwards and that they should buy up land and turn it into a tourist trap for the paranormal. He invites Maxie and his wife Sarah (Maree Cheatham) to dinner, along with Otho.

Otho has taken the handbook and with no paranormal activity, they conduct a reverse seance using the Maitland's wedding clothes.

As the seance begins, Beetlejuice gets wind of it and as the Maitland's are summoned and begin to "die" in front of the guests, Lydia pleads with them to stop as Beetlejuice plans on marrying Lydia so that his powers can remain strong.

The self-proclaimed bio exorcist is defeated, and everyone lives happily ever after in the small town.

But what about the rumored sequel? We'll have to wait and see.

With an unhappy marriage, Frank tries to tell Angela (Michelle Pfeiffer) that everything he does isn't illegal

With an unhappy marriage, Frank tries to tell Angela (Michelle Pfeiffer) that everything he does isn't illegal

Married to the Mob- 1988 (August 19)

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After getting married, how long does it take before your husband starts to stay out late, engage in illegal activities and have an affair? I'm not sure, but Frank "The Cucumber" DeMarco probably never stopped.

However, his wife Angela (Michelle Pfeiffer) isn't happy with her life and tries to get out of the mob lifestyle. She makes up excuses as to why she can't hang out with "the family" and when Frank learns of her excuses from Tommy (Paul Lazar) he wants to get to the bottom of it.

Frank's lifestyle just doesn't affect Angela, but their son Joey (Anthony J Nici) and his best friend Tony, Jr. (Jason Allen) are scamming local kids in the neighborhood much to Angela's dislike.

Later that night, Tony, Sr. (Dean Stockwell) calls a meeting and with all of his "employees" present, FBI agents Mike Downey and Ed Benitez (Matthew Modine and Oliver Platt) stake them out at the restaurant.

Following the meeting, waitress Karen Lutnick (Nancy Travis) gives Tony a key to a motel. After Tony leaves, Karen gets ready to see Frank, but is stunned when it's Tony and he kills her. Frank pleads with Tony, and he kills him.

With Frank out of the picture, Tony sets his sights on Angela, and she doesn't want anything to do with him. His wife, Connie (Mercedes Ruhl) thinks the two are having an affair and she vows to make it known to Angela that she owns Tony.

When Angela comes home from grocery shopping (and a run in with Connie) she's greeted by Joey who tells her about all of the cool things "Uncle Tony" bought for them. She doesn't want anything to do with him or his gifts and donates everything (including the house and car) to Goodwill.

She and Joey move into a rundown apartment in the city and Tony tracks her down after she's spent a day of job searching with no success and runs into Mike in the elevator.

He tells her that he lives in the building and later that night asks him out on a date since Joey's going to spend the night at a new friend's house.

The two go out with Angela's new boss, hairstylist Rita ("Sister" Carol East) and once back at the apartment, Angela makes a move on him, but he spills soda water on him and while in the bathroom, Connie barges in, thinking Tony is with her.

Once she accuses Angela of being with another woman's husband, she threatens her and leaves. Mike feels guilty about bugging the apartment and disables the bugs, which causes Angela to find out who he is when she and Rita are taken in for questioning.

In order to clear her name, Angela agrees to work with the FBI and finds out that Tony is planning a meeting in Miami with a rival family.

She reluctantly goes with him to Miami and along the way, sees Mike dressed in various costumes and Tony recognizes him in the lobby. He has two of his guys keep an eye on him, but he doesn't know that Angela is working against him.

Connie plans a surprise visit to Tony, but when she's talking to the reservation desk, she discovers that he's already booked the honeymoon suite and hops a plane since she knows that he's with Angela.

Mike is brought up to the suite and is introduced to Angela while Tony takes delight in watching the two squirm. He tells Tony that other agents are on the way and when there's a knock at the door, everyone is stunned to see Connie.

She threatens Tony and oblivious of everyone else in the room, since she's laser focused on him and Angela.

After popping off a shot at him, everyone gets gun happy and starts to shoot blindly at one another until the real agents arrive.

Tony's arrested and Mike tries to pursue a relationship with Angela, but she doesn't want anything to do with him since he used her, but he needs a haircut and thinks the staff at Hello Gorgeous will make him irresistible to one staff member inparticular.

Mick stops reading his magazine so that he can admire the birthday present that he bought his girlfriend, Tess.

Mick stops reading his magazine so that he can admire the birthday present that he bought his girlfriend, Tess.

Working Girl- 1988 (December 21)

It was a Tuesday in March of 1989 when my best friend at the time and I decided to go to the show, and we chose this movie. Other than the two of us, there was one other person in the theater.

When the movie was over, I was disappointed.

Since everyone had a VCR at the time (and cable, which I had canceled) I asked him to record two movies for me (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Housekeeping) plus this one. I picked up the tape on his birthday (August 12) and then went to my mom's to do laundry.

While I was doing laundry, I thought I'd throw the tape in the VCR and I watched the first two movies and a funny thing happened. I fell in love with this movie.

Strange, I know.

Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) is an unhappy secretary who wants to move up the corporate ladder but finds roadblocks along the way. She's always trying to find different ways to improve herself and her best friend Cyn (Joan Cusack) lets it slip about her surprise birthday party.

She plays along and when she gets home finds all of her friends hiding in the bathroom and after the party, she's trying on lingerie that her boyfriend Mick has gotten her. If she had it her way, she would rather have something that she could wear outside the bedroom.

After a "meeting" and finding out that she's been set up yet again, she's transferred to another department and begins working for Katherine Parker (Sigourney Weaver) who "has it all," in Tess's eyes. Katherine agrees to help her with her career goals.

When Katherine goes on a ski trip and injures herself, Tess discovers that a project she was working on has been stolen by her and she takes it upon herself to work on it while Katherine's in the hospital.

Depressed after finding out about Katherine's backstabbing, she goes home and finds Mick in bed with another woman. Tess leaves and presumably heads back to Katherine's townhouse.

With the help of Cyn, Tess gives herself a makeover and attends a reception where she knows Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford) will be. He's immediately smitten with her and doesn't tell her who he is, even though he knows that they have a meeting the next day.

Following the meeting, he agrees to come on board with the project and soon the two are working together and eventually fall in love, but there's one problem.


He's been dating her for years and has been wanting to break up with her and now that he's met Tess, he wants to do it as soon as possible.

When Katherine's released from the hospital and home, she finds out about a meeting that Tess and Jack will be at and breaks into the meeting where she tells the players that Tess is her secretary and stole her idea.

With everyone confused, Tess is fired and a few days later when she goes to get her things from the office, Katherine is put on the spot with how she came up with the idea and gets her comeuppance.

In the end, Tess attains her dream of becoming a businesswoman and having the perfect relationship.

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