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French Performer Shiler Pierrimas Leads His Dance Troupe to Global Success

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Shiler Pierrimas - Photography by TELECINCO

Shiler Pierrimas - Photography by TELECINCO

Judging from the success of artists like One Direction and Adam Lambert, it’s fair to say that appearing on a reality talent show really can be the catalyst to overnight stardom. Thanks to the rapid demand of online streaming platforms such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix, the chance to be viewed by millions at any given moment quite literally sits at the click of a button, which is exactly what happened to French entertainer Shiler Pierrimas.

There’s no doubt that Pierrimas was born to perform, in fact it’s practically in his DNA to share his multitude of talents as a dancer and acrobat to an international audience. Well in truth, he’s been performing for more than two decades, it was one standout performance in particular on Spain’s Got Talent in 2020 that fundamentally landed him over the edge.

“I really enjoy being on stage from start to finish,” he says. “My favorite parts on stage depend on the public’s reaction, that is to say when they laugh and when they take pleasure in the performance, that is when I tell myself that I have achieved my goal.”

Over the years he’s performed in countless high profile stage shows and international tours, including French comedian Anne Roumanoff’s 2011 show “La Carte Blanche,” which was staged at the famous Parisian L'Olympia Theatre and went on to air on the #1 French television network, TF1, which averages over 25 million daily views. Pierrimas is also known for taking to the stage with his dance troupe, “Drôle de Mecs,” in comedian Kev Adams’s European stage show, which toured the continent in 2014 and 2015.

Drawing inspiration from 80s films, television shows and cartoons, Pierrimas started the popular dance troupe “Enjoy” in 2017 as a way to connect to a widespread audience of all ages.. As the director of “Enjoy,” which he describes as a multifaceted show for every generation, Pierrimas creates the perfect balance between dance and stunt work, with the end result being one hell of a lively performance.

Hitting the road with their upbeat routines, the troupe have performed at the 2019 Festival Off d'Avignon, France, at the famous Parisian Apollo Theatre throughout 2018-2019 and the 2018 French Royal Comedy Tour.

He shares, “I hope this spectacle brings good humor for young and old alike. May the public have a great time with their family. Full of smiles and full of memories!”

Over the past four decades, reality talent shows have propelled the careers of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Grammy Award winning artists Kelly Clarkson, who shot to fame upon winning 2002’s American Idol, as well as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Alanis Morisette, who all appeared on the popular 1980’s hit show “Star Search” hosted by the late television icon Ed McMahon.

Created by British record executive Simon Cowell, who’s known for helping catapult pop sensations such as Leona Lewis and Fifth Harmony to stardom, the hit series “Got Talent” is undoubtedly one of the front running reality talent shows to date. In fact, the series, which started in 2005, has been adapted in over 100 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle-East, Africa and the Americas.

Known for inviting some of the world’s best talents onto their stage, it’s not at all surprising that Pierrimas was called early on in his career to perform as a dancer on “Turkey’s Got Talent.”

Undoubtedly one of the show’s most thrilling moments is when an act is honored with the famous “Golden Buzzer,” which automatically grants them a spot in the semi-finals. Considering that each judge can press their Golden Buzzer only once during the entire season, it’s quite extraordinary to be rewarded with one; and Pierrimas is among the few who have had the honor.

Last year, Pierrimas took the “Got Talent” stage once again, this time from Spain. Appearing on the sixth season of “Spain’s Got Talent,” he acted as both the director and lead performer in the five-piece dance troupe “Enjoy,” which performed the brilliant dance comedy routine “Enjoy Yourself” in front of series judges Risto Mejide, a well-known Spanish music producer and media personality, award-winning singer Edurne and comedian Dani Martínez.

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(L-R) Enjoy: Zac, Kévin, Shiler, Azedine, Hervé. Photography by TELECINCO

(L-R) Enjoy: Zac, Kévin, Shiler, Azedine, Hervé. Photography by TELECINCO

Appealing to the entire studio audience and the judges, the highly energetic four minute routine featured sleek choreography, sharp breakdancing, a human ten-pin bowling act and even a hilarious impression of Queen’s Freddie Mercury and his beloved moustache.

In this day and age, with an incredible amount of talent out in the world, it’s quite remarkable to be able to hold an entire crowd in the palm of your hand, something that, for Pierrimas, comes as second nature.

In what became one of the most memorable parts of the act, Pierrimas shared a cheeky on-stage performance with judge Martínez, who did not hold back from engaging with the talented French star as they teased the crowd during Enjoy’s rendition of the famous Moulin Rouge track, “Lady Marmalade.”

The performance was brilliantly matched with a diverse soundtrack featuring a mash-up of hit songs across numerous eras, including those from Beyonce, Queen and Shakira, with snippets of the socio-political song “Bella Ciao” and even the “The Lion King” theme song.

Thanks to his unique ability to blend dance, music and stunt performances into one striking cohesive performance, the routine catered to all ages and backgrounds, which prompted the group to stand out from the hundreds of other contestants waiting in line.

Upon finishing, the group received a standing ovation from the loving crowd, who were chanting “el pase de oro," which translates to “golden buzzer,” as they roared with applause–– which only grew louder as judge Dani Martínez awarded Pierrimas and his group with their well-deserved “Golden Buzzer.”

“It was crazy, it rewarded our work. We got a rare unanimous decision from the three judges, of which one of them is considered to be the most severe, and they’re the one that awarded us with the Golden Buzzer,” he shares.

“Their compliments really touched me. What is incredible is that my group and I managed to transmit our different talents to an audience abroad.”

The video, which captured the attention of millions from around the world, has received a whopping 3.4 million YouTube views since January, including the casting directors from “Germany’s Got Talent” who invited the group to join their next series.

After the incredible global recognition that “Enjoy” gained through their time on “Spain’s Got Talent,” and with a long list of successful performances under their belt, it’s fair to say that as the group’s director, Shiler Pierrimas has made a formidable name for himself within the entertainment industry, and we can’t wait for their next show!

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