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French Kiss (1995) 'Review'


Romantic comedy film directed by Lawrence Kasdan, starring Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.

With Meg Ryan's typical heroine's romantic problems and Kevin Kline's humor this movie turns out to be huge success.


Kate (Meg Ryan) is history teacher living in Canada with her fiance Charlie (Timothy Hutton). Only few days later her dream of marrying Charlie and becoming Canadian officially is crashed when she discovered he has fallen in love with a French women.

With Charlie being in Paris and with another women, she decides to go there and win him over.


Kate didn't expect to run into Luc (Kevin Kline), whom she meets during her flight to Paris. It turns out Luc is successful thief who uses her to smuggle a stolen diamond necklace.

If you think that's the last time they will see each other, you are wrong!


Over the course of movie, Luc agrees to help Kate win over Charlie, but neither of them thought there is a slight possibility of falling in love. For Luc it happened way before, when he first meets her, her personality and fear of flight annoys him, but later on he seems to like all those qualities she posses, it attracts him.

Kate was too obsessed with getting back Charlie that when it happens she seems uninterested and she doesn't want him back anymore, she has fallen in love with Luc instead.

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Movie is entertaining until the very last scene that posses combination of romanticism and perfect cinematography.

Since the first scene it was clear this is going to be another romantic comedy that only Meg Ryan can get it done, with assistance of Kevin Kline with whom she has great chemistry.

For a moment it seemed as they've known each other since forever, they make great acting duo, everything was perfect.


There is something interesting about Meg Ryan acting as obsessive teenagers rather than adult, which she is. This is another example of Kline's acting abilities, his transformation into different characters over the course of his acting career.

He did amazing job, when you think there is time when this movie might make you nap, there appears Kline with his humor, he fills in nicely.


Kate's love for her fiance doesn't convince much, as well as the reason why she never visits Eiffel Tower while in Paris, she surely had free time while not spying on her ex.

Anyone who loves Meg Ryan will add this movie on their watchlist, it has everything that makes it worth re-watching once in a while: romance, humor, Paris!

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