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"Free Guy" Movie Review

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What would you do if someone told you that you weren't real, but rather an AI trapped inside a video game world? You can think, feel, and love just like a human but you're actually just an algorithm in a computer. Most likely, you'd think that person was crazy and keep living your life, right? What if it was said by someone you love? You might think twice about what they're saying. That's the predicament Guy finds himself in in the film Free Guy.

Guy thinks he is a normal person living a normal life. He follows the rules and is overall a nice guy. One day, he sees a girl that immediately triggers the desire to break his normal habits and pursue her. He steals a pair of sunglasses from a robber which shows him the video game world around him. As he continues to level up in order to impress the girl of his dreams, the real world begins to notice and take an interest. But when the world notices, the game designer Antwone notices as well. He will stop at nothing to terminate Guy and get his game back on track.

Okay, so the film actually has a lot more going on than one might think. Antwone, the game developer, stole a game code from people that worked for him and integrated it into his own game, Free City. Millie, one of the code writers, is determined to find proof of the code hidden within Free City. So actually there's two colliding storylines going on.

The film overall is a wonderful success with hidden cameos and easter eggs just like an actual game. Most of them are shown in the film but there's a couple that you might have to find in the credits. I loved all the references (and the surprise cameo!). Free Guy is a great example of how to properly utilize pop culture references, something Space Jam 2 did NOT do well.

Ryan Reynolds was an absolute delight, displaying his chipper, bubbly self right onto the big screen. It's hard to figure out where Ryan ends and Guy begins but sometimes the hardest character to play is yourself.

I absolutely LOVED Taika Waititi as Antwone. He had some of the funniest lines in the film and was a realistic villain that was a perfect metaphor for greedy corporate CEOs here in the real world.

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There's only two things I disliked about the film. First, I don't understand why it was necessary to insert so many GDs in the film. I'm not one to whine about swearing, but was that really necessary? It's supposed to be a film for the whole family, kids included. Second, I didn't much care for the score. It almost was a character in and of itself...a cheesy, cringy character that you really wanted to go away.

In conclusion, Free Guy is definitely worth a watch. It's hilarious and fun and has a fantastic story with ridiculous but heartfelt characters. I give the film a 3 out of 4.

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