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Free Filipino Movies That You Can Watch on Youtube Legally (Full Movies Inside with English Subtitles)

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Krishna is a home buddy. She likes watching series and movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and many different genres of entertainment.

Full Free Filipino/Pinoy Movies with English Subtitles!

Bored? Need something to binge-watch? Need something to help you while on quarantine? Here are some free Filipino/Pinoy movies that you could watch legally online. Full movies are in HD quality with English subtitles. Romantic, inspirational, and action movies are found below. Don't miss all these free treats, grab a popcorn, and chill at your home. Enjoy streaming!

Watch "I'm Drunk, I Love You" (Full Movie with English Subtitle)

Duration: 2hours and 20 minutes

Cast: Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino

Director: Jaime Habac Jr.

Genre: Romantic comedy

Plot: The film tells the story of two best friends, Carson (Salvador) and Dio (Avelino), and the former’s seven-year-long unrequited love for the latter.

Review: The film not only features the true heartbreak that one can experience from such situation, but also amazing music soundtrack. It is an amazing film and is worth-watching.

Watch "Bar Boys" (Full Movie with English Subtitle)

Duration: 1hour and 50 minutes

Cast: Rocco Nacino, Carlo Aquino, Enzo Pineda and Kean Cipriano

Director: Kip Oebanda

Genre: Drama-comedy

Plot: A group of friends, Christian (Enzo Pineda), Erik (Carlo Aquino), Joshua (Kean Cipriano) and Toran (Rocco Nacino), enters law school together. Their friendship is tested as they face the challenges of law school and prepares themselves for the bar examinations.

Review: Highly-inspirational. The film is well-directed. The actors gave an amazing realistic performance. The Cinema Evaluation Board gave Bar Boys an "A" rating. Even if you don't have any liking to law school, this film will give you encouragement in everything that you do.

Watch "Dito Lang Ako" (Full Movie with English Subtitle)

Duration: 1hour and 30 minutes

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Cast: Jon Lucas, Michelle Vito, Akihiro Blanco

Director: Roderick Lindayag

Genre: Drama, Romance

Plot: Everyday, Nelia waits outside a store in Timog for Delfin - a man she lost 40 years ago - to come back.

Review: This film is supposed to be just an ordinary advertisement for a product, but do not underestimate the film! The story is well-written and simply brilliant. It is an achingly compassionate story of past romance and unselfish love. It is indeed beautiful.

Watch "Neomanila" (Full Movie with English Subtitle)

Duration: 1hour and 41 minutes

Cast: Eula Valdez, Tim Mabalot

Director: Mikhail Red

Genre: Crime, thriller, action

Plot: An orphan is recruited by a death squad and quickly falls under the wing of the group's leader.

Review: Powerful film with a powerful plot. Very brave. Worth-watching.

Watch "Shift" (Full Movie with English Subtitles)

Duration: 1hour and 21 minutes

Cast: Yeng Constantino, Felix Rocco

Director: Siege Ledesma

Genre: Drama, Romance

Plot: A tomboy working in a call center falls for her openly gay co-worker.

Review: Realistic and pragmatic. It is a one of a kind film.

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