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My Freddie Mercury Is Mine.

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Freddie Mercury Of Queen

Farrokh Bulsara also known as Freddie Mercury of the famous rock band Queen was born on 5th September 1946. He is a British singer, songwriter, record producer and vocalist of a rock band.

Freddie Mercury won the hearts of people with his mind-blowing songs like "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Somebody to Love", "We Are the Champions", "Don't Stop Me Now", and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.

Freddie Mercury Queen

Freddie Mercury Queen

People Went Gaga When Mercury Took The Stage In Wembley Stadium On 13th July 1985.

It was the historic moment when Mercury sat by the piano and played its most famous song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It was a breathtaking scene with 72000 audiences singing in sync and the Queen band playing the majestic song along with them.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Enjoy The Difference.

It is at this moment that everything changed for Queen and Mercury. He took the concert to the next level. Bohemian Rhapsody still remains one of the best songs in the history of rock bands. Freddie’s success started with his album “A Night at the Opera” in 1975. They'd amassed a string of hits in a wide range of styles, from baroque pop to hard rock, disco, rockabilly, and funk.

Queen's band

Queen's band

Mercury studied graphic design at the School of the Arts and also designed Queen's logo, the Queen Crest, shortly before the band's first album was released. This logo is a combination of the four-membered zodiac signs: two lions for Leo (Deacon and Taylor), the crab for Cancer (May) and two fairies for Virgo (Mercury). Lions hug a letter Q, the crab is above the letter and flames rise just above it, and both fairies take refuge under a lion. There is also a Q crown and the entire logo is heavily overshadowed by a large phoenix. The whole symbol bears a fleeting resemblance to the British royal emblem, especially for followers of the lion. The main logo that was on the back of the band's first album was a simple graphic line. The back sleeves had more sophisticated versions of the logo.

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Queen logo without the crest

Queen logo without the crest

I'm Only Here For The Freddie Mercury .

Farrokh Bulsara was born to a Parsee family who practised Zoroastrianism, one of the world's earliest monotheistic religions in the British colony of Zanzibar, off the east coast of Africa. Farrokh's father, Bomi, worked for the British government as a high-court cashier, which meant that he, his wife, Jer, and Farrokh – and later Farrokh's sister, Kashmira – were culturally privileged in comparison to the majority of the island's people.

Farrokh was sent to St. Peter's Church of England School in Panchgani, India when he was eight years old. St. Peter's, located 150 miles from Bombay (now Mumbai), has long been recognised as the finest boys residential school in the region. Farrokh arrived as a bashful young man, self-conscious of his big top teeth, which earned him the moniker "Bucky" right away. (For the rest of his life, he'd be self-conscious about his teeth, covering his mouth with his palm whenever he smiled.) Simultaneously, he recognised that his significant overbite, caused by four additional teeth in the rear of his mouth, may have been his greatest blessing, giving his voice its distinctive resonant embouchure).

A Tribute To The Legend Of Music

Mercury was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2003, and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2004 after his death as a member of Queen. He and the other Queen members received the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music in 1990, and Mercury received it one year after his death. The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors gave Queen an Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Song Collection in 2005. Mercury was ranked 58th in the BBC's poll of the 100 Greatest Britons in 2002. The 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody chronicled his time with Queen.

Queen: Nobody Does It Like Freddie Mercury .

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