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4 Hidden Gems Among Reality TV on Netflix

Travel, food, and nature are some of the most interesting means to learn and be inspired. JM tries to experience the beauty of these ways.

Staying in With Great Wonders to Explore

Are you missing the excitement you get from planning your next dream adventure? Fret not as you can still enjoy a massive view of the wonders the world has to offer. You can do this from the comfort of your home.

As we survive our current global struggle, we can find little joys in the simple activities, and even in the quiet moments we share with the people around us. Here are four interesting reality TV shows streaming on Netflix to help you take a glimpse back to the beauty of traveling. Be wary, however, that their availability may differ per region.

1. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

It is fascinating to see a massive home that you could never have imagined was architecturally possible to make. In this original British Broadcasting Corporation Two (BBC Two) documentary miniseries, The World's Most Extraordinary Homes, we can witness surprising creations from different parts of the globe.

Netflix picked this series up and made it available for numerous people to enjoy. Award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin host this miniseries. They both share a delightful experience with the audience as they explore a variety of architect-designed homes with distinct features and even challenging construction processes. With this kind of treatment, you are sure to have an informative yet entertaining engagement with the show. You may even find inspiration in the creative processes that the creators had while planning and constructing these homes. This type of moment is a sure relief to get you feeling warm again by these locations.

2. Amazing Interiors

After soaking in the houses' architectural beauty featured in the first show, perhaps you could take another trip to learn about unusual home interior designs. You can watch Amazing Interiors, which showcases homes with seemingly ordinary facades but have unique and custom-made interiors that can take your breath away.

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This show is an American reality TV series that, interestingly, has no host or even a narrator. Instead of listening to introductions and insights from a host, you will hear directly from the owners. This format is a refreshing take on this type of show as you will have a better understanding of the motivations and inspirations that led the owners to pick these distinct designs for their homes. Perhaps you can give this a try and even see what you wish to have in your own house when you finally decide to make some changes.

3. Stay Here

Moving away from the appreciation of homes and interior designs, let us check on some tips to improve your space. Take tips that you can also apply should you want to convert your area to a short-term rental home from this TV show, Stay Here. Get direct insights and helpful reminders from hosts Genevieve Gorder, an interior designer, and Peter Lorimer, a real estate broker.

The show presents the different aspects of opening your home for short-term rental, the decisions you have to make to keep the money flowing, and the various elements you have to consider to keep your guests comfortable and happy during their stay. If you are fond of traveling and visiting different guest houses or shared spaces, you may enjoy seeing familiar features and may even add some to your list for your next trip.

4. Restaurants on the Edge

It is a heartbreaking scene to witness some once-flourishing restaurants take a drastic fall to failure. This is why it is good to see how Restaurants on the Edge help revive different restaurant owners' failing businesses from various parts of the world. Watch how the hosts, Nick Liberato, Dennis Prescott, and Karin Bohn reach far off places to share their expertise in bringing life back to the businesses.

Enjoy a glimpse into each location's rich culture and fascinating landscapes. Learn a thing or two about each country's distinct traditions that the hosts try to incorporate in their designs, dishes, and other plans. With this show's format, you are not merely learning about the different strategical techniques restaurateurs must keep in mind. Still, you are also given a chance to view each destination's local beauty.

Get Organized

This one is a bonus reality TV show from Netflix that you may be interested in watching. It is high time that you also get your hands working after witnessing all the grandeur various interior designers, architects, and professional real estate brokers presented in the four shows on our list. With this show, Get Organized, you will see how professionals work to create a clean and well-maintained space. Here is also an added treat, you can also see some celebrity homes as they are The Home Edit clients featured in the show. Learn from the experts, Clea and Joanna, and perhaps put those new techniques in action at your home.

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