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Former First Lady Michelle Obama Has Advice for Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

Margaret Minnicks is an online writer who writes about the royal family.


There have been lots of rumors since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became romantically involved in 2016. The rumors did not stop after their marriage when she became the Duchess of Sussex. Even though she is used to rumors, she doesn't deserve them. However, she cannot personally address them. Only Buckingham Palace can speak out about them on rare occasions.

The Duchess of Sussex has had plenty of advice from inside the palace about how to be a royal, but her latest piece of advice comes from someone outside the palace who knows first hand how to handle rumors because she has had plenty of them herself.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama Talks about Rumors

According to CNN, former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has something to say about the rumors that are in the media against Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex almost on a daily basis. Obama tells Good Housekeeping, the British magazine that she has been the subject of many rumors and attacked while she was in the White House.

The former first lady is married to former President Barack Obama. They spent eight years in the White House. Mrs. Obama said she never dreamed of having the life she eventually had. She said Meghan probably didn't foresee her life the way it is today. She said she felt a lot of pressure from the public. Because of that, she can relate to and empathize with what the Duchess of Sussex is going through. Therefore, she has some advice for Meghan Markle.

Michelle Obama's Advice

According to interview excerpts, Obama pointed out her biggest piece of advice to Markle. She advised the newest member of the royal family to take some time to do things rather than being in a hurry to get things done.

Obama added that she spent her first several months in the White House overseeing her family before she launched into significant work herself. While being in the public eye was similar for both women, their roles have been quite different. They both had to deal with the personal attacks in different ways.


Obama documented her life in the White House and has written a book where she talks about being in the public eye. She was on tour promoting her bestselling book Becoming when she offered advice to the Duchess of Sussex.

Because Meghan is a royal, she does not have the freedom to address any of the rumors herself. Obama encouraged the Duchess of Sussex to continue pursuing issues that she is passionate about in spite of the rumors. The wife of the former president added that Meghan could use her platform to do good for others which will bring happiness to herself.

The Duchess of Sussex has been in the public and carrying out many assignments in the royal family even before her marriage to Prince Harry on May 19, 2018. With those royal responsibilities, the 37-year old duchess has endured added pressure.


The Latest Rumors

When Meghan was with her husband on their 16-day royal tour to four countries in October, most of the news was positive. Since their return, there have rumors about the Duchess of Sussex feuding with the Duchess of Cambridge and that Prince Harry and Prince William are separating. The press is saying that Prince Harry and Meghan are leaving Kensington Palace and moving to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor because of tension between the couples.

Buckingham Palace rarely makes a public statement about rumors. However, the palace did deny the rumors by saying, "It never happened." The couple is moving to Windsor for more privacy when their baby is born in the Spring of 2019. Besides, they will need more room for Meghan's mother Doria Ragland who reportedly will live with them.

Gossip columnist, magazine editor, talk show host, and author Rob Shuter appeared in an interview on the Wendy Williams' show on Monday, December 3, 2018. Everything that came out of his mouth about the royals was a rumor.

He reported that the Duke and Duchess had already moved into Frogmore Cottage. That's certainly not true because the residence needs major work before they can move in next year before the royal baby is born.

Another blatant lie Shuter shared is that the brothers can't stand working together any longer. He said Meghan has caused the rift between Prince William and Prince Harry. Shuter said they once shared offices and worked closely together, but that relationship is coming to an end.

It is evident that Prince William and Prince Harry are still very close as they have already been. They plan to continue sharing offices at Kensington Palace which is a 30-minute commute from Frogmore Cottage.

Wendy Williams has always been critical of the Duchess of Cambridge. Therefore, she liked Shuter's interview that was filled with false information. See the video above to hear how Shuter and Williams carried on about the disturbing rumors as if they were true.

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Joan on December 09, 2018:

Who will be paying for Megan Markle’s mother living in the UK. I hope it’s not the tax payer and any police protection should be paid by Ms Markle and any expenses. We have enough UK citizens on the bread line and having to use food banks so any monies should be channeled in that direction, not on outsiders. I HOPE ALL OUR MP’S TAKE NOTE.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 05, 2018:

Thanks, Margaret, I'll remember that one. It's a really good saying.

I think those brothers' blood is thicker than any rumor and they want to be able to have their children grow together and love each other.

Wonderful article. Always written well, always based on facts, and always with a clarity many sources lack.

Much respect and admiration,


Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on December 05, 2018:

Tim and Khadijah, Yes, there are rumors about Prince William and Prince Harry separating. I don't believe the rumors.

Tim, I know you like sayings. Here is one for you.

"A RUMOR can make its way around the world before the TRUTH can tie up its shoes."

Khadijah on December 04, 2018:

I believe it's extremely important for Prince Harry to have separate offices and staff so Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will feel and be independent! If, this doesn't happen Prince Harry will always be Codependent on his brother Prince William!! THE TIME IS NOW! PRINCE HARRY HAS A WIFE AND A FUTURE BABY ON THE WAY!! I BELIEVE THESE TWO BROTHERS TRULY LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND THIS WILL ONLY ALLOW THEM TO BECOME CLOSER!! FOREVER & ALWAYS LOVE TO THE WORLD!!!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 04, 2018:

Hello, Margaret,

Great piece and you hit on an important point: Meghan and Harry should enjoy hearing positive advice from people like Mrs. Obama. After all those brothers have been through with the death of their mother and being in the public eye for so long, I don't think these brothers would stay ill with each other for long periods of time, even if the rumors were true. I remember an old song said: "I bet their will be rumors floating around on Judgment Day."

Great job. I really enjoyed your thorough coverage of the topic.

Much respect and admiration,


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