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Forgotten Heavy Metal Albums: "Dragon's Secrets" by Italian Power Metal Band Skylark

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A Little Information About the Band Skylark and the First Song "The Temple"

"Dragon’s Secrets" is the 1997 studio album by Italian power metal band Skylark and I consider this another album that fans may forget because of the great compositions by guitarist Eddy Antonini and the powerful vocals of Fabio Dozzo. The Temple is the first song in this musically creative album and it does have a harpsichord solo in it. The song is about a person that feels like they are in a land where they are lost.

What are Skylark's Lyrical Themes and Musical Style?

Lyrically, Skylark is similar to bands such as Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian, and Dark Moor. However, unlike Rhapsody of Fire, Skylark’s guitar tone is more light and little bit muddy at times and the drumming is not so thundering with that heaviness that you hear with other power metal bands.

The Song Called "The Temple"

Why is The Answers the Best Song in This Album?

The best song in the album is the one called The Answers. This song has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. The song starts with bass guitar, synth, and then the guitars speed up as we hear one of the best songs in the history of power metal. The song is about a person that is searching for answers to the mystery of what he has to accomplish in his life. But he is trapped in a cycle of agony and he does not know what to do. He feels like he is trapped in a dark room with no lights or windows. There is this dread, this feeling that the answers will not come.

Waiting for the Princess Is An Underrated Song

Waiting for the Princess starts with some piano play and it is a song about a person that is walking in the land where the princess was born. He has the ability to run to the north of this large land because of his speed and agility. There is a phantom that is coming so the princess is not safe. The song is a ballad and it is done well.

How is the Long Song Light?

There is a song on this album called Light which is almost 24 minutes long and it has three “acts” in it. It is almost designed like a play but only with musicality in it. The first act is called The Mission. As the prophecy has it according to the song, there will be a time that the world will be surrounded by darkness. However, there will be a brave man that will come and extinguish this hatred and bring back the light of love in the world. They have to raise their hands and call upon the forces of good in order to keep the forces of evil in check. This song is LONG so patience is especially important to have. It is still not as great as the song The Ivory Gate of Dreams though. In the second act called “The Journey” there is a journey to fight until all the evil forces have been vanquished from the land.

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"The Answers"

How Does Dragon's Secrets End? Is it Memorable?

The song called Princess of the Snow is about a goblin and a troll having a dispute because one of them is accusing the other of breaking down their evil chains to send them to the world of snow where the princess resides. Although the princess ends up getting killed by the witch and ogre, the oracle says that she will never truly die. Her spirit lives on forever as she asks for the power of the world in order to bless others. Dragon’s Secrets is a mostly instrumental song but has some spoken narration in the start. The creature that these people were fighting is now dead and there is a call never to allow the darkness to obscure the light that shines in this world. Overall, Dragon’s Secrets is a very good album but it still is not as good as any of the Dark Moor albums.

Is it a memorable album to have? In a word yes. The instrumentation is complex and good enough for avid music fans to see that even 20 years later this album is an example of Italy’s thriving heavy metal scene. The strongest songs are The Answers, Dragon’s Secrets, and Waiting for the Princess.

"Dragon's Secrets"

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