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Foreign Horror Movies That Scare You to Death

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Horror Movie Trailers

Watching horror movie trailers is a great pastime of mine. Seeing what each director offers in terms of horrific entertainment captivates me. The editing of the movie trailers shows how much thought, effort, and time went into making the movie. More thought and action means the director and production company are proud of their film. These horror movie trailers are even more entertaining because, most likely, you haven't seen the movie yet, since they are not American-made and are in English subtitles.

"It's important to me to work in my own language now and then. I love English, but you can never learn to master a foreign language if you're not brought up with it."

— Max von Sydow - Actor


"Silencio" - Supernatural, Horror Movie

Lorena Villarreal wrote and directed Silencio in Mexico. The supernatural-horror suspense movie investigates a natural supernatural phenomenon known as Zone of Silence, Mexico, a mysterious place where difficult things happen and often referred to as the "Bermuda Triangle" of Mexico.

The filmmakers took the license to write an entertaining story, entirely fiction. They were able to maintain the essence of the Zone of Silence.

The main character is a psychiatrist, which is the best choice for the movie because it is not an exact science. The psychiatrist industry uses made-up labels to call people "mentally ill" when they are the ones who have all the social and mental problems.


"The Snarling" - Not One of the Best British Comedies

Over in the UK is an all-new rage horror movie with comedic undertones. Written and directed by Pablo Raybould, The Snarling gives a poke at An American Werewolf and Shawn of the Dead.

Raybould is quite funny as the inspector in this British horror movie. He played Frank in Me Before You starring Sam Claflin.

I recommend this movie to get a taste of British horror with a touch of comedy. The cast includes talented and rather funny Chris Simmons, Laurence Saunders, and Ben Manning kept me laughing. Simmons and Manning starred in another horror movie written and directed by Raybould called The Last Twitch.

Even with the cheesy special effects - particularly the werewolf. It's a howling, fun movie worth mentioning -- the British humor is dry and witty.


"Luz" - German Horror Movie Shot on 16mm

Luz is a horror movie from Germany. It is directed by Tilman Sinnger. It is his first feature as a writer and director. Interestingly, shot on 16mm. Sinnger immersed the film with sound and visuals similar to the 1970s Spanish horror movies. The brooding score by Simon Waskow plays a cunning role in maintaining the movie's credibility. In 2018, Luz premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The cast includes Luana Velis as Luz, Jan Bluthardt, and Julia Riedler. Bluthardt and Riedler play convincing roles as supporting actors.

The movie starts with a rainy night where a confused and emotionless young cab driver, Luz, drags herself into the fiercely lit admittance lobby of a neglected police station. From another part of town, in a nightclub, Nora flirts, making sexual advances with police psychiatrist Dr. Rossini in a banter.

Controlled by a demonic entity, Nora longs for the woman it loves - Luz. She shares a story about her old schoolmate from a girl’s school in Chile with the psychiatrist. As she tells the story of Luz’s disobedient past, Nora becomes drunker. Rossini becomes an easy victim for Nora to attack. He is sent to the police station to interview Luz.

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At the police station where his colleagues supervise his interview, the psychiatrist hypnotizes Luz causing a succession of flashbacks. Each flashback unfolds experiences leading to her appearance.

We mustn’t forget about the demonic entity controlling the psychiatrist and desires something more. Little by little, the mysterious creature creeps into Luz’s dramatizations bringing to light old and dark memories.


"Sheborg" - Australian Cult Horror Movie

Australian horror fans classify Sheborg as a cult horror film.

Written and directed by Daniel Armstrong, Sheborg Massacre, the Australian title stars Daisy Masterman, Emma-Louise Wilson, and Whitney Duff. The bold women's roles narrate a horrific story about an alien fugitive.

She crashes her ship inside a remote puppy farm and immediately transforms everyone into a mutated robot. The robots are killing machines with a preference for puppy flesh.

Dylan, played by Duff, and Eddie, played by Masterman, are self-declared political activists. Both are the only ones who can save Earth from complete domination. When they're compelled to "dare to be great," and neither one is prepared for it, the two women must battle as best they can against the cops, city officials, and cybernetic dog butchers. So, they can destroy the evil Sheborg and save Earth.

Armstrong is a screenwriter who scripted and directed some cheesy Australian movies like Fight Like a Girl and MurderDrone.

Masterman starred in Armstrong's MurderDrone and other movies in Australia. Sheborg is the first time Duff has worked with Armstrong, but she has a long list of credits in Australian films and TV series.

Melbourne Underground Film Festival gives two awards to Sheborg: Best Actress for both Masterman and Duff; Special Jury Prize for Armstrong.

I recommend watching Sheborg because the first six minutes will rock your obsession with horror movies.


Portugal's "The Lost Forest of Souls"

The Lost Forest of Souls is a Portugal psychological horror film written and directed by José Pedro Lopes. The movie follows Ricardo and Carolina, played by Jorge Mota and Daniela Love. They are total strangers and meet by chance in the “Forest of the Lost Souls.”

The forest is where many people go to commit suicide. Carolina is a young woman, and Richardo is an older man. They have come to the woods to kill themselves.

They quickly become acquainted and postpone their suicides by exploring the forest and talking to each other.

While they go further into the forest, the story gets more interesting, and a psychopath comes out from the dense forest. The movie received favorable reviews and awards. As one of the best foreign horror movies, I highly recommend The Forest of Lost Souls to anyone who enjoys watching horror movies with a fresh twist.


Twainian "The Tag-Along 2"

Twainian horror movie, The Tag-Along 2 is a sequel based on an urban legend movie called The Tag-Along is about a situation. In 1998, a home video called "The Little Girl Red" caused quite a frenzy of viral interest. The Tag-Along's first foreign movie received positive reviews and was a box-office triumph.

The sequel resumes the horrific and daunting mystery about the little girl in the red dress helmed by Wei-Hao Cheng.

The movie follows a social worker, played by Rainie Yang. Her teenage daughter is pregnant and disappeared.

Everything that happens in the story is related to the little girl in the red dress.
The movie is creepy and wicked, and that is why it did so well and is the top money-making horror movie in Taiwan.


You Won't Be Alone

Goran Stolevski wrote and directed You Won’t Be Alone. The film followed a young girl kidnapped and transformed into an ancient spirit. In the 1800s, the location was a creepy, isolated mountain village in Macedonia, Southeast Europe.

The girl grows up and kills a peasant, taking over her body, using horrific power.

Scariest Foreign Horror Movies

Foreign horror movies are unique in style and composition. I recommend viewing some of the ones I’ve listed in this article to discover a special genre of filmmaking.

Being a horror movie fan, you can appreciate the differences and similarities between each culture and what the director creates in their movie. Each culture and director’s vision is different, and thus, it is a real horrific treat to see.

© 2018 Kenna McHugh


Kenna McHugh (author) from Northern California on August 30, 2018:

Thank you for visiting, Helen. As soon as my source sends me another horror movie trailer from outside the US, I will post it here. I am glad I was able to lift your spirits on your boring afternoon.

Helen on August 30, 2018:

Thank you for the horror movie trailers. It lifted my rather boring afternoon at work. Yes. I sneaked a look. I am a horror movie fan after all. This is the first time I have heard of these horror movies. I intend to watch them. I hope you post more foreign horror movies because I agree they are not like our American horror movies.

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