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For the Sake of Vicious (2020) Movie Review

My Cat Persephone Wrote this Review on her Smartphone. It was better than Mine. .

At least they've got proper headgear.

At least they've got proper headgear.

MPAA Rating


Running Time

80 minutes


Gabriel Carrer and Reese Eveneshen


Reese Eveneshen and Gabriel Carrer(story by)

It’s the first weekend of the new year. All your presents have been opened. All your resolutions have been broken. You’ve spent more money than you can count watching Spider-Man No Way Home over and over again. You tried sitting through The Matrix Re-zzz- urrections but you just couldn’t stay awake because it’s so f*cking boring.

The holidays are finally over. Just stay at your house for a couple of days, watch the home invasion horror hybrid (or HIHH for short or home invasion horror hybrid for long or if you just want to pad the word count) For The Sake of Vicious and let the relentless violence come to you for once. It’s better than wasting gas to see something in the theater until the new Scream comes out.

Probably. But if it’s not, you’ve only wasted 80 minutes of your life. That’s about a third of the Matrix’s running time and without all the insipid dialogue.

They've got to get the bikes back to their parents by 10 pm.

For the Sake of This Synopsis

For The Sake Of Vicious opens with a man in a kitchen hitting another man with a blunt object while he’s tied to a chair…

You’d think so, but not this time. You see it’s Halloween night, and a lot more than candy will be served up before the trick or treating is done.

The movie opens again in a hospital with a nurse named Romina (Lora Burke, looking like Emily Watson’s American cousin) just getting off a long shift and looking forward to spending Halloween with her young son James Bond. She’s a bit punchy, but it’s all worth it just so she and James can dress up like priests and take advantage of all the altar---


He's got some bones to pick with you.

He's got some bones to pick with you.

Romina gets to her house and, you guessed it, there’s a guy with another guy tied to a chair in her kitchen.

Romina was not expecting this. But she does recognize the man tied to a chair. His name is Alan (Colin Paradine, looking like Emily Watson’s Paraguayan au pair) and he just happens to be Romina’s landlord. It’s not often you see your landlord tied to a chair in your kitchen.

Romina recognizes the man holding Alan hostage. His name is Chris (Nick Smyth, looking like Emily Watson’s Nicaraguan sous chef), and Romina nursed Chris’ daughter years ago after a tragedy.

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Why did Chris bring Alan to Romina’s kitchen to beat him up?

Yes, and because Chris thinks Alan violated his daughter years ago but got off on a technicality and decided to kidnap Alan and bring him to his daughter’s nurse’s house on Halloween night because…


Chris wants Alan to confess to the crime. Alan says he didn’t do anything. Romina realizes she’s not going to be spending Halloween with James Bond dressed up like priests. Chris wants Romina to keep Alan alive until he confesses.

Romina wants no part of this. She has no reason to believe Alan did any of the things Chris is accusing him of. While Chris is conveniently out of the room, Romina allows Alan to go free.

Alan then makes a phone call. Since we’re only 20 minutes into the movie we know that phone call will lead to an even longer, more violent Halloween night before all is said and done. Good thing Romina wanted to do a deep clean on her floors and carpets within the next couple of weeks because by the time the night is over the will be blood and guts all over them, making sure she gets her money’s worth from the cleaning service.

That is, if she’s still alive.

You better only take one piece of candy.

You better only take one piece of candy.

What Works With For The Sake of Vicious

  • It’s only 80 minutes long and directors Gabriel “Long Distance” Carrer and Reese “Odd or” Eveneshen know why you paid your money to see/stream this. There’s little fat in the movie and no real dead spots once the violence gets going.
  • You’d be hard pressed not to say one of the most famous lyrics from the 1991 MC Hammer song ‘U Can’t Touch This’. Once you see it, you’ll know.

What Doesn’t Work With For The Sake Of Vicious

  • Nick Smyth gives the most annoying performance in the movie as he just yells all his lines like he was Nicolas Cage. There’s nothing behind any of the histrionics and you wish that ONE of the two directors told him to tone it down. When you start off at an eleven, there’s just nowhere else to go.
  • Halloween Kills- If you’re into the relentless violence, then you’ll like Vicious more than you won’t. But there comes a point when everything becomes rote and numbing. It’s only after the credits rolls that you realize the movie would be 40 minutes long if the characters didn’t act like they were in a mediocre horror movie.
"Is that a gun in the previous picture or are you just happy to see me?"

"Is that a gun in the previous picture or are you just happy to see me?"


If you like repetitive carnage and nothing else, then there are worse ways to spend 80 minutes of your precious life. But after reaching that exceptionally low bar, For The Sake Of Vicious is as empty as Halloween candy. Barely passable and marginally entertaining, see if you’ve exhausted all other entertainment options.

Really 2.5


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