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Screw Cinemark Tinseltown


The Cinemark Tinseltown in Southern Colorado Springs Sucks

They have a stupid policy about bags if you have important documents, or an expensive computer, or life-saving medicine that need to live well too bad because they want you to lose your essential documents expensive computer or have you die. The security and management are thugs who corner you and threaten you with weapons and groups of people or rather fascist tyrannical thugs, crooks, and jerks.

They also have an idiotic policy about alcohol; they’ll serve it to you but won’t let you take it outside and take the cap or cork, too, so you can’t seal your beverage, and you have to worry about spilling it because of their stupid policy. If you stay there too long, they’ll threaten you with violence and imprisonment even if you’re just minding your own business.

Cinemark Tinseltown has more annoying and invasive security than airport security; they’ll even rape your butt for free like most airports. If I wanted to be abused by thugs, have my belongings stolen, get molested, or killed, I’d go to a maximum-security prison instead; at least they have free cable and food. The security looks like they were hired straight from juvenile hall prison, the presidency, the grand jury, a used car dealership, the senate, the House of Representatives, the CIA, NSA, FBI, the DMV, theirs, the post office, or any other sect of government, including crooked police departments who love to choke and shoot people, and the army, the part of the military reserved for thugs too stupid to fly jets or airplanes, or become a doctor, or drive tanks, or get a high school diploma or GED.

And From what I’ve seen online, they also pay their staff poorly and won’t let them watch movies, and are required to treat everyone like jerks. At least they’re better than AMC; those theaters have terrible seats, lousy popcorn, and annoying blabbermouths who won’t shut up during the entire running length of the film or movie.

But back to Cinemark now when people think of Cinemark Tinseltown, they think of mass shootings, but more importantly, now how they think of poor service invasive, intrusive disgusting management/security jerks ganging up on people like they were prison gangs or hate groups, or a group of pedophiles trying to seduce, molest, and kill children, serial killers, sociopaths, psychopaths, the mafia, criminal gangs with stupid names dumb handshakes and gaudy colors, or criminal biker gangs. So, in conclusion, please don’t go to Cinemark Tinseltown unless you’re a masochist and want to be abused, molested, threatened, bullied, and attacked.

We can threaten beat and humiliate you and there's nothing you can do about it.

We can threaten beat and humiliate you and there's nothing you can do about it.

The Kind of Hired Goons Tinseltown in Colorado Springs Employs

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