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Five Times Doug Wasn’t so Great to Carrie on the King of Queens

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I have been a fan of tv since I was a child. I will watch anything from reality shows, to comedies and dramas. There is greatness in it all.


I watched the show The King of Queens when it first came on back in the late 90’s. The show ran until 2007 and has since been back in syndication through the years on various channels. I got the boxed set of DVDs’ of the shows, and it has now come back to TV Land, and I have been enjoying seeing it back on the tv screen again.

The show always reminded me of the classic series The Honeymooners starring Jackie Gleason, Audrey Meadows, Joyce Randolph and Art Carney. The main character Ralph was married to Alice and he worked for a bus company. He was a blue-collar guy and he loved his wife and he enjoyed bowling and playing pool with his best friend Norton. Doug is also a blue-collar guy who loves his wife and loves his best friend Deacon. It is good to see the creators of the show borrowing from the best of sitcom comedy.

It is a given that Doug loves his wife Carrie, and she loves him, but in the series, there were times you saw a glimmer of dissatisfaction. Reviewing the series here are the five episodes that Doug wasn’t so great to Carrie.


“Fat City”

This episode appeared in Season 1 Episode 2 September 28, 1998. Arthur, Carrie’s dad, has just moved in with the Doug and Carrie and is unloading his belongings. He finds a bunch of photo albums and wants to reminisce with someone. Carries ditches Arthur on Doug and Doug is treated to photos hopelessly out of order which makes for a funny scene between Arthur and Doug. Then Arthur shows Doug a picture of an obese lady which turns out the be Carrie’s mother. Doug is alarmed especially when Arthur states she was skinny like Carrie when we got married, but then she got bigger.

Doug gets obsessive thinking about it and brings it up to his friend Deacon. Deacon states that Doug is fat, and Doug agrees but says he has plateaued. Deacon tries to warn him that picking at the weight issue wasn’t wise and that he did the same thing to Kelly, his wife, and 7 months later things weren’t the same.

Doug not being very wise decides to suggest that he and Carrie should go on a diet together even though Carrie looks like a twig. No woman needs to be told they are gaining weight and things get a bit frosty between Doug and Carrie.

Carrie starts looking at her wedding pictures and gets depressed when she realizes she can’t fit in her wedding dress anymore. Doug finally realizes how callous he was jokes with her and tells her to come in under a metric ton.

Doug and Carrie, especially in the later episodes, could spar with the best of them and knew how to give an insult. Doug though was smart enough to realize that he didn’t want to hurt his wife’s feelings, and that he wanted her to be happy with him. He joked her out of hurt feelings, and all was forgiven.


“Female Problems”

This show aired in Season 2 Episode 1 September 27, 1999. Doug’s friends come in one night to invite him to go to a Met’s game. Doug and Carrie had agreed that they have a friend night on Friday, so he ends up going and then Carrie tries to find a friend of her own to hang out with. Doug remembers a girl that moved in a few houses down and fixes Carrie up with her.

Doug is pleased that Carrie and the girl Jessica hit it off at first, but when she turns up to dinner with all of them Doug feels left out when Carrie and the new friend have conversations and ignore him. It is fine when Doug is hanging out with his friends and ignoring her, but Doug can’t handle it when the shoe is on the other foot.

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Doug and Carrie go dress shopping and none of them are enjoying the time together. Doug pouts when Carrie calls Jessica to come and help her decide on a dress. He overeats and Carrie comes home to witness it. She said that he shouldn’t be threatened by her friends because she isn’t threatened by his friends. It ends with Carrie admitting she went a little nuts because she hadn’t had a friend in a while. You never know if she remains friends with Jessica because she never appears on the show after that episode.


“Fatty McButter Pants”

This episode came from Season 3 Episode 3 October 16, 2000. Doug gets upset when Carrie gets him a shirt from the Big and Tall Shop. Dough is in denial that he needs to lose some weight until he discovers where the shirt came from. He didn’t like it when Carrie said she would love him no matter what. When he asks her how much he should lose and she says 50 pounds Doug gets upset. Doug then must find a way to take a dig at Carrie and tells her she wears too much make-up.

Carrie decides to stop wearing make-up and can’t believe all the compliments she has been getting. Doug is mad because he was working out and he didn’t like the exercise. Doug takes a jab at her saying her laugh is jarring and her accent is a bit rough. When she asks if her forehead is large Doug doesn’t disagree, and Carrie becomes self-conscious of herself. Deacon and Kelly wonders what has happened to Carrie when she laughs differently and starts wearing bangs to cover her forehead.

When Doug tells Deacon what he was up to he said I don’t mentally abuse my wife. Doug knows he is wrong and gets angry with himself. He admits what he has been up to with Carrie. Telling her he lied to her about her needing to change her accent, her laugh and her forehead. Doug then tells her to say something that is hard for him to fix, and Carrie zings back with Doug has thinning hair in front and in back.

The show ends with Arthur and his safety dummy to lighten the mood.


This episode aired Season 4 Episode 20. Carrie came home one night after going out for drinks with the girls from the office. Doug was happy to see Carrie being so jovial, so he gets the idea of having her a drink ready when she gets home from work.

Arthur sees what is happening and joins in on the fun. Carrie then starts doing things she doesn’t remember the next day. Doug wants to quit getting her drunk after she wants to go ice skating and passes out afterwards. Arthur convinces him to stay the course and Doug decides they need more vodka.

Lou Ferrigno spots a box of empty bottles at the trash can and gets concerned when he finds out what Arthur and Doug are up to. He spills the beans and Carrie ends their Gatsby party night escapades. What makes matters worse is that Doug wasn’t even drinking with her he was drinking Gatorade. Doug says how about they decide not to change each other, but Carrie states how about you change everything about yourself and I don’t change anything. Doug agrees because he knows he messed up.


"The China Syndrome"

This episode aired Season 8 Episode 12 and 13. This is the finale shows of The King of Queens. Doug and Carrie are going through a rough patch when an apartment in Manhattan becomes available after years of being on a waiting list. Carrie wants to move there, and Doug wants to stay in Queens in the suburbs. Arthur has found a singer who wants him to move in with her and everyone is divided.

Doug and Carrie go to a priest for counseling and decide they want to try to adopt a child. Doug agrees to find a better job and Carrie agrees to let go of her apartment. Later Spence tells Doug what Carrie has been up to and he gets upset with Carrie. He decides he wants to separate from her. Later Kelly reminds Carrie of all the things Doug had done to Carrie through the years that she forgave him for, and she tells him that. When they are both on the flight to China, they realize they still love each other and decide to go get the baby together from China. Carrie discovers she is pregnant, and suddenly, Carrie and Doug become parents to 2 children. Leaping to a year later Doug and Carrie have 2 kids a messy house, and Arthur returning stating his relationship with Spence’s mother didn’t work out.

The King of Queens is a funny series and a comedy that takes laughter from not only zany things, but also from real life getting laughs from situations that you might not think should be funny. Doug might be insensitive at times, but Carrie knows how to keep him in check. They balance each other out, and near the series end they veer on the edgy side, but still have the humor. It is the humor that will keep this couple together for the long haul, and to the delight of the fans of the show.

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