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5 Reasons Why Trish 'Patsy' Walker Is the Real Villain in 'Jessica Jones' Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

Here's Why Trish Walker May Be the True Face of Villainy This Season

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead! (t)read carefully)

Season 1 ended on a strong note as far as the sister bond was concerned with Jessica professing her unwavering love for Trish Walker before breaking Killgrave's neck in one swift motion. With that, it was established Trish Walker is the exception to Jessica Jones's "not a murderer" anti-hero code. If so much as a fly would buzz too loud around Patsy, Jessica is here to swat it away.

However, every good girl has her unraveling. In Jessica Jones Season 2, we witness Trish Walker shedding her Patsy skin and emerging anew. We knew she had an affinity for the mysterious and the dangerous, but this season Trish loses sight of the thin line between good and evil.


Nursing the Hero Syndrome

Trish believes she could save the world, or at least a few dozen lives, had she been the one with super powers instead of Jessica. Knowing how head strong Trish's character is, she continuously seeks danger and creates circumstances which ultimately lead to many lost lives. Had Trish not pursued her goose hunt to bring down IGH (with or without Jessica), eventually leading to Karl Malus, the man responsible for engineering super beings and giving Jessica's powers, Alisa would not have gone on a rampant killing spree to protect him and her daughter.

Jessica constantly refuses to be brought in to the limelight for her powers but Trish uses her radio show Trish Talk to bring attention to IGH therefore causing alarms to be raised. Jessica could have investigated the matter on her own without Trish's needless interference. In most episodes, Trish is seen going rogue, being secretive and manipulating people to her best interest. There is absolutely nothing she wasn't willing to risk - her fiance, her sister, and even her own life to be the super hero she desires to be.

Her desperation to become a hero becomes evident when she tries to blackmail Maximilian Tatum, the director responsible for engaging in a sexual relationship with her as part of a child casting gig, without fearing for her reputation.

Trish Walker takes great lengths to somehow possess super powers which becomes the driving factor to her resilience and betrayal to Jessica.


Good Sister Bad Sister

The good sister bad sister equation reversed this time around. We see a reckless, unrestrained side of Trish reveling in the peak of her Patsy days. However, it seems Trish Walker can't seem to isolate Patsy entirely. Her past was shown in a noisy blur of drugs, promiscuity, and abuse which is repeated in the present. Trish justifies using Simpsons performance enhancer as a way to improve her efficiency in investigating IGH.

Though Jessica is made out to be the alcoholic bad sister with a broken life, Trish seems to be the one in need of constant saving with Jessica conveniently present to do so. Not only does Jessica repeatedly help Trish fight her drug addiction, she overlooks the deliberate difficulties Trish creates in her life.

For every step Trish takes to be a savior to Jessica, she reverses the chances. Somewhere along the way she loses focus of the objective to unveil IGH and find closure for Jessica, instead making it a hunt for power and control. It can be said Trish nurses an inferiority complex with Jessica and secretly competes to be better than her.

Trish ultimately becomes the sole reason for ruining the one chance at family Jessica has. It seems like Trish needs to be Jessica's top priority otherwise she loses her shit.

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A Killer Instinct

Whether it is the performance enhancer, or the underlying paranoia, Trish is always ready for a fight. She had purchased a gun in season 1 for self protection, but this season we see her holding on to Simpsons gear and keeping it at hand in case she needs the pull of a trigger to sedate her fears. Gradually the gun's self defense purpose is lost and is used to threaten potential suspects in her case hunt.

Trish Walker does not think twice before holding the gun to someone's face this season. In a scene with Jessica, she presents an intimidating heavy machine gun of sorts to assist in their investigation to which Jessica puts off by making a characteristic sarcastic comment.

She proceeds to threaten and intimidate a number of people including Malcolm, Malus, and others. Under her personal vigilante code, Trish does not seem to find the idea of killing unimaginable but a way of justice if the crime committed is too heinous in her eyes. As strongly as she believes Alisa Jones of being a murderer and a monster, Trish abandons the hospital bed in a state of grave injuries to seek out Alisa and eventually kill her.


You Reap What You Sow

As mentioned earlier, if Trish had not picked and picked at the IGH case, Jessica would not have lost the people she valued most. It is hard not to make comparisons between Killgrave and Trish Walker considering they both possessed the power to manipulate Jessica in their own way. Trish repeatedly coaxes Jessica deeper in to a past she wished to bury. She publicly calls out to IGH and proceeds to go against any plan she and Jessica previously agree on.

Trish is hungry for power this season, and she uses Jessica to find Malus only to have him experiment on her willingly leading to his eventual death. From being responsible for Simpsons and Alisa's deaths, to becoming a regressive addict and manipulating Malcolm, there is nothing she did not do without deliberate thought.

She accuses Jessica of being weak for her mother or pushing people away, but only to double standards. Trish reconnects with her mother regardless of the past abuse and breaks up with her boyfriend cum fiance realizing her love was not for him but for his position as a renowned reporter.

Trish was well aware of her actions and their subsequent repercussions but still decided her need for power and control surpassed all. In the end, she got what she wanted at the cost of losing Jessica, her career, and her relationship.

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Headache on April 16, 2018:

Huh. Really narw? She was so unbearably annoying the whole season that it got on my nerves. Made me stopped the show and cursed at her maybe three times per episode lol. Js many on forums agree with me. I just hope they do not keep dragging scenes with her in this hopeless kick unless they kill off the character. I do feel like she was the villain this season, (spoiler alert)... causing tons of problems for everyone for her own selfish wants.

Narwhal on March 23, 2018:

So I did enjoy what they did with Tish this season because she annoyed the heck out of me in a good way. Her deeply flawed character was engaging. I just hope they keep her on this hopelessy failing kick & don't turn it into a binary villain vs supervillan slant.

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