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Five Manga/Manhwa like Solo-Leveling

Good literature is always a pleasure to read, whether it be curled up on the couch or nabbing a few chapters in the subway. This goes doubly so for that of the graphic kind, which provides colorful, well-drawn artwork to draw out the essence of the story and convey emotion. However, sometimes the hunt for such prize pieces is not always easy, and in some cases, downright cruel and unusual for the hunter. Therefore, I shall endeavor to provide some choice volumes that might be overlooked or missed by the ardent reader, using one of the more popular manga as a reference, Solo Leveling.

1. A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

Desir Arman was a veteran of the Shadow Labyrinth, an unprecedented cataclysm causing the end of the world, leaving himself and five other survivors. the six attempted to clear the Labyrinth but failed. However, just as he was supposed to die, he was given a second chance and returned to the past; 13 years ago.

Now reunited with his loved ones and friends, he must gather powerful allies to confront the biggest disaster humanity has faced!

Three years before the arrival of the Shadow Labyrinth!

Why would you wish to read it?

In this story, rather than the MC growing stronger himself, Desir places a greater priority in cultivating his teammates, and helping them realize their true potentials. However, he is not omnipotent, and changing the past may have unforeseen implications for the future.

2. Tomb Raider King

Tombs have suddenly appeared all over the world, mysterious structures housing relics, items that confer supernatural powers and abilities to the wielder. Our protagonist, Soo Jeo-Heon, was a skilled Tomb Raider tasked with plundering these relics. However, he worked under the heel of a ruthless dictator, who eventually decided him to be too dangerous, backstabbing him by sending him off on a suicidal mission.

"It would be a pity to have that talent die off."

A mysterious Relic, aiding him in his time of need. "Let us see if you can claim the king's throne this time."

Fifteen years in the past. No money, no friends. Alone in the world. With all the experience of his fifteen years of relic handling.

"All the relics are mine alone!"

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Why would you wish to read it?

Other than the similarities, there are also interesting differences. While in Solo Leveling, the MC largely eschewed contact with the other characters, the opposite is true here. The MC relies upon building connections and "recruiting" subordinates in order to augment his personal abilities and cover for the areas he lacks.

3. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Cha Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. The first item linked to his brother that came back was his pocket watch, containing a secret diary which starts by, "By the time you hear this, I suppose I will already be dead..." It goes on to detail his exploits in the Tower, a mystical construct that possesses numerous wondrous artifacts. His brother had hoped to use one of them to save their ailing mother. Unfortunately, he had been betrayed by everyone he held dear, and so passed his will upon his brother.

Why would you wish to read this?

There are obvious parallels between the two, as they both have someone they care about that they are fighting for, their powers are measured by a mystifying System, and both eschew most contact, although they each have a few people they consider allies.

4. The Beginning After the End

King Grey is unsurpassed in terms of wealth, power, and fame in a world ruled solely by martial might. However, underneath the golden exterior of an unrivaled king lies the decaying husk of a man, who regrets everything. Thus he passed away.

".....Where am I?"

Reborn into a loving family, he makes his way through a new world with new rules, with the advantage of his past experience behind him.

Why would you wish to read it?

Both stories involve the MCs using advanced knowledge to achieve unprecedented power, although, in Solo Leveling, it was mainly a bid to grow stronger. This MC is more concerned with enjoying the life he never had to its fullest, using his power to achieve that.

5. Bug Player

Our protagonist Shin Tae-Pung died at the age of 34 due to overwork and the fanatical devotion he had for his VR game, Paradisio. However, he ended up in the body of Jared, an obese noble owning a crumbling tiny territory in Paradisio, the same game he spent his life playing.

"If I succeed its fine to use bugs or anything else!"

Why would you wish to read this?

It has the same underlying theme of Solo Leveling, in which the MC is allowed to categorize a world that was never categorized, resulting in the incredible progression of the MC. However, Jared exercises hidden knowledge from the game, refining it into tangible worldly benefits. The story is also more focused around the territory's growth, with him as its head, a rejuvenated lord that genuinely cares for his people.

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