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Five Best Sequels From Hollywood

5. Jurassic World


The previous two sequels get a load of hate. I don't agree with the sentiment but it's justified. Now after a gap of 14 years, there really needed to be something fresh to make us believe the franchise was being revitalized. There wasn't. What we got was a larger scale of the same story from the first film. But did it work? You're damn right it did. We finally got to see what John Hammond's dream would be like, and it was beautiful. The film also raises questions of the responsibility we have with increasing technology and genetic mutation possibilities. Dr. Malcolm told us that "Life finds a way", and we got a brutal reminder here. Chris Pratt brought in a much needed comedic element that just works so well and the basic storyline was exactly what was required. The Indominous Rex was a worthy antagonist that put the Spinosauraus to its deserved shame. The connection that Owen has with the Raptors and the beloved Rexy's return just highlight how much we adore the dinosaurs that inhabit the island. I must mention the glorious environmental sights to see, you just want to get lost in Jurassic Park yourself. It just really goes to show that sometimes simplicity goes a long way.

4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day


As if Terminator wasn't good enough, the story took an even better turn when the sequel came out. Featuring a complete role reversal, the most exciting scene has to be when you find out good ole Arnie's not here to kill Sarah Connor, but to help her. His bonding moments with young John Connor are absolutely charming and hilarious. There is also the completely terrifying antagonist who just doesn't know when to quit. Each confrontation was a sight to behold, and a heart-racing experience. It wouldn't be an Arnie movie without many one liners for you to take back home. The film succeeded in making us shed a tear at the demise of a robot devoid of feelings. Hasta la vista indeed.

3. Toy Story 3


Yes, Toy Story 2 was something else. It deserves a mention of its own. But Toy Story 3 achieved something even more remarkable. Very rarely do we ever see a second sequel reach the heights that this film scaled. It reminds us that while we grow up eventually, it's important to remember what your childhood meant and to never forget it. The story itself is played out beautifully. While the toys try desperately to reach Andy, they learn just how much they mean to each other. The film showcases the strength of friendship, the importance of camaraderie, and most importantly, the moral that we all move on in life. Who didn't tear up when the toys thought they had met their end? Being a Pixar film, we all knew that would never happen. The fact that the movie plays with our emotions so effortlessly is a testimony to its brilliance.

2. The Godfather Part II


Was there any doubt this wasn't going to be mentioned? As far as sequels go, The Godfather Part II has to be the ultimate example of a high quality follow up. While Marlon Brando stole the show in the original, we get to see Michael Corleone descend into a ruthless crime boss, leading to his own downfall. Al Pacino showed why he was the true protagonist of the series with a particularly nuanced performance. "You Broke my heart, Fredo" is one of the most quoted lines ever. But Vito Corleone has to be the most beloved character of the franchise, and we get the birthing of Robert De Niro as a superstar with his Oscar-winning performance. Not only do we witness the present events showcasing the pit the Corleone family seems to be digging itself in, we also delve into Vito's earlier days and how he brought his empire to where it was. It's a fascinating parallel which is executed to perfection.

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1. The Dark Knight


On the surface, this is a superhero movie. Delve a little deeper, and you'll see it is so much more than that. The Dark Knight makes a strong commentary on our world, how crime and corruption influences our lives in such a way that we easily give them a pass. It is not until someone who just wants to watch the world burn swoops in and upsets the system does society break. You never know just who the real villain is. Of course, here it's the Joker. But the Clown Prince of Crime is so effective and charming in his crazed role that it's hard not to be enamoured by him. Heath Ledger produces a masterclass performance, and there's still not one time that I've felt bored revisiting The Dark Knight. Batman, to his credit, is a perfect contrast to the lunatic Joker. He never once wavers in his benevolence, he is truly incorruptible. The film is so seamlessly paced that moving in from one scene to another doesn't falter our interest one bit. Add in the particularly heart-racing finale, and it's filmmaking at its best. Christopher Nolan produced a flawless film that is as entertaining as it is thrilling.

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