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Fit for Christmas Movie Review

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Fit for Christmas Movie Review


Broadway star Nick Cordero’s widow, Amanda Kloots, also a Broadway star and former dancer with the famous Rockettes, began working as a co-host on the talk show, The Talk after Nick’s 2020 death from COVID-19 related complications.

Amanda Kloots has now earned a starring acting role in the CBS television Christmas season movie, Fit for Christmas.

A town named Mistletoe in FIT FOR CHRISTMAS the movie

A town named Mistletoe in FIT FOR CHRISTMAS the movie:

In Fit for Christmas the movie, Amanda Kloots stars as a movie character originally from a town named Mistletoe. She returns to the town to visit while “on a break” from her live-in boyfriend in New York because she is ready for marriage and he is not.

1. Fit for Christmas the movie : A visit to Mistletoe

During her visit to Mistletoe, the main character in Fit for Christmas the movie interacts with her Dad, her sister and others that she has known from the Mistletoe community. Her mother has passed away.

She encourages her Dad to date a woman that he has been interested in. During the movie, it is also revealed that her sister and her sister’s husband are expecting a baby.

2. Fit for Christmas the movie : Teaching exercise classes

In Fit for Christmas the movie, Amanda Kloots’ movie character teaches exercise classes at a Mistletoe town community center that is in danger of being torn down by an interested developer played by actor Paul Greene. The developer is interested in building a ski resort there, on land that includes the community center site.

3. Keeping the community center from having to shut its doors

In Fit for Christmas the movie, Amanda Kloots’ movie character leads a fundraiser (that includes dancing like Kloots’ did with the Rockettes) to raise $80,000 to save the community center and keep it from shutting its doors.

She falls just a little short, raising 70 something thousand dollars.

4. Too little, too late

Her boyfriend has missed her and he visits Mistletoe from New York to propose marriage to her and give her an engagement ring.

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It is too little, too late as she falls for the man that has come to pitch the concept of the ski resort to the Mistletoe community.

5. The Mistletoe community center stands

That man, the developer, (played by actor Paul Greene) in cooperation with his father who he is in business with, eventually allows the Mistletoe community center to stand instead of being torn down and includes it in the concept for the ski resort.

Amanda Kloots’ movie character in Fit For Christmas the movie also gets to continue to teach her exercise classes there.

6. The rivalry is settled

The brewing jealous rivalry between her boyfriend and this man is settled as she breaks up with her boyfriend for good.

She reassures Paul Greene’s movie character that she is not engaged to be married. (At one point previously, when he was trying to ask her out, he had noticed her with the engagement ring that she was trying on and he told her, “Sorry, I didn’t know that you were engaged.”)

7. The ending of Fit for Christmas the movie

A planned Christmas party at the community center was initially canceled when it had appeared that the building would be sold and have to shut its doors, but later, the party was on again.

The movie ends with Amanda Kloots’ and Paul Greene’s movie characters stating that they both plan to remain in Mistletoe for the foreseeable future. They share a kiss at the Christmas party at the community center building.

Fit for Christmas the movie has many cute, endearing and funny moments as it depicts a budding romance.

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