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First Impression of Fena Pirate Princess

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Even with the short hair, those flowers are a nice touch.

Even with the short hair, those flowers are a nice touch.


Ever since Fena Pirate Princess was announced. I didn’t know what to expect, so my expectations weren’t high. As a result I like what I’ve seen so far, but let’s save the criticisms until after the assessment…

This will make for good desktop wallpaper

This will make for good desktop wallpaper

The assessment...

Fena Pirate Princess takes place in an alternate fantasy version of the 18th century Earth, as Fena was orphaned and raised in a brothel after drifting out at sea as a kid. After a flashback of Fena being rescued by a small boy from a ship under siege, we’re shown that Fena is being prostituted to a nobleman. This is where Fena makes her escape with the aid of Otto and Salman who served her family. After they’re pursued by British soldiers, Fena and Otto are saved by a team of mysterious warriors. One of of these warriors has black eyes like the boy who rescued her all those years ago.

Heading into episode 2, Fena, Otto, and Salman escaped to Goblin Island, which is home for a small Japanese community led by Sanada Yukihisa, who was a friend of her father. It was on this island where Fena learned that she had to uncover the mystery of a clear stone her father owned, and something called “Eden.” After learning of this task set before her, Eden began training with the denizens of the island on archery and swordsmanship, before she sets out to uncover the secrets of her past.

Wait, Fena was announced before 2021? Man, I missed a lot.

Wait, Fena was announced before 2021? Man, I missed a lot.

Critiques and conclusion...

Getting the negatives out of the way, I feel what I find endearing like her spunk and chattiness, some might find annoying. The secondary cast aside from Yukimaru, Otto, and Salman have underwhelming introduction, which puts them at risk of being forgettable. And some might not like the slow pacing.

The positives for me anyway was Fen’s spunky personality, as it did help move the plot along. I also enjoyed the pacing, as it allows for breathing room for character development and relationship building. As a result for me at least Fena Pirate Princess has a decent start, and I hope it gets better from here.

Fena Pirate Princess Toonami Trailer

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