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First Impression of Attack on Titan Season 4

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My, how the tables have turned.

My, how the tables have turned.


So I was first exposed to the final season of Attack On Titan when it premiered January 9th on Toonami. And after how season 3 ended, I was eager to see how Attack On Titan would end... But how it started, I wasn't expecting. But we'll get into that.

Hey look guys, fresh meat.

Hey look guys, fresh meat.


So Attack On Titan Season 4 was off to an exciting start. Dropping us in the middle of the reignited Eldian and Marlin conflict. I honestly thought with the titans haven’t not attacked Wall Maria in a year that Eren and crew would adventures beyond the walls. But instead we cut to an Eldian and Marlin conflict in a new town. And just when I thought there were no titans involved, before the new Jaws Titan protected a young girl from oncoming firepower. And then Zeke and Reiner showed up. Zeke caused titans to rain from the sky, after he destroyed several missiles with a scream.
What also got me is how advanced this society’s weapons were. They had bomb vests, tanks, missiles, trains, and planes. I had thought that Eren’s home town had made quite the technological leap in the past year. That drew me in actually, because I wasn’t expecting it. And honestly had not been for youtube spoilers, and season 3, I would’ve been lost as to why Eldians were in service to Marlians. Especially when the conflict is derided from Marlians being prejudiced towards Eldians.
And honestly I’m curious to see how Eren and crew get involved in this larger conflict if at all.

There were also child soldiers as we're introduced to Gabi and few other kids. There's also talk of these kids being Armored Titan candidates. For anyone reading this who doesn't know by now, titans eat people instinctively to ingest the spinal fluid of a titan shifter so they return to being human. The draw back is afterwards their life-span is shortened to eight years. So I'm curious to see who of these kids ends up with Reiner's powers.

The Conclusion...

In conclusion, I liked episode 1 of season 4, and look forward to see where this goes. And unfortunately after this first episode my standards are really darn high. But things should be fine, it’s the final season after all. And how amazing season 3 was, there’s nowhere else to go but up.

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