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First 48 Episode Street Law


First 48 Episode “Street Law and Standing Up” 2/17/11

So! Let’s start with the Miami case: two victims shot in their car with only one witness. One victim was dead on arrival to the hospital and the other was listed in critical condition.

The witness heard gun shots while he was waiting for the bus, looked around the corner (being nosey in my opinion, I would have broke out running) and saw a dark Malibu drive off. Upon closer looks he saw what appeared to be two people shot.

Now this lead detective on the case was a “fashionista” in my opinion, you could tell this by his hot, stylish sun shades he was sporting (too cute). He said he had been working with the gang unit for the past few years, and this was his first case since he’d been back. To me he seemed to have a good command of his team and they all respected him, and laughed at his corny jokes.

One of the detectives found out the one victim was the co-founder of the gang YLo - I was like oh snap! Because sometimes when a gang member dies, there are more dead bodies to follow. Luckily the family member of the vic (vic = victim) said he didn’t think it was gang related because the vic called him shortly before his death. The family member said the vic told him he had just gotten into a fight and had beaten a fat dude’s butt, from the strip club. See this why people need to stay away from the strip club, there’s always mischief lurking around those clubs.

So the lead detective and crew go by the strip joint to check surveillance videos and it did capture a glimpse of the fat dude, but it didn’t show him fighting or anything. The club owner said members of the YLo gang kept calling to see if they knew who the fat dude was or his whereabouts. I was like oh snap! That fat dude better slim down because YLo gang is hot on his trail - plus the cops. At this point, I thought for sure the fat dude was the trigger man, and he needed be caught and questioned immediately.

Then! An informant called the station saying the trigger man was this cat named Pepito and that Pepito is always hanging with a fat dude, and drives a dark car. Per the informant, Pepito and the fat dude are a part of the 3OP gang, and the YLo gang members are ready to blast both of them. Time is of essence now before all the shootings begin. So the lead detective started working more with the gang unit, and also gets media together for the vic’s family to ask the public for help. Plus! The other vic in the hospital, who was in critical condition, had passed away. Now it’s a double homicide! (so sad)

The victim’s family at the press conference spoke about how they lost a great family man, and a good person. Really? The vic was the co-founder of the gang! And he was hanging out at the strip club, whipping behind! But who am I to judge, so I will leave that topic alone.

Jose Martinez was Pepito’s real name, and it doesn’t sound too malicious, I’m big on the culprits name, some names sound like murderous people if you will, but his sounds normal. The lead detective got this info from the gang unit’s help. He also got the license plate info on the Malibu and the address of Pepito’s girlfriend, a huge break in the case. Still no word on the fat dude though.

They ride over to get Pepito, and I must say the lead detective was rather badly dressed, but you can tell he was trying to look cute in his multi shades of brown, striped shirt, and walnut brown slacks. I guess maybe if he wore a tie with it he would’ve looked more professional, because he looked like he was going on a date. (not cute)

Shot guns out and all, they move in on the property, but Pepito was not there! Dang, and his girlfriend came out sobbing and very emotional because she was 9 months pregnant! I was like oh snap! She was set up to have the baby tomorrow! Now this how the fatherless children cycle continues, because I will speculate that Pepito does not have a good father figure in his life, and here he is about to be charged with murder, and unable to be his new baby’s life.

I must say, Pepito is one of the worst liars I have listened to in a long time. At the station, in the interview room, he kept giving terrible excuses that made absolutely no sense. Stating: “Oh I was asleep at my girl’s crib, and my boys took my car. I know for a fact I wasn’t in the car. And some dorky dude brought my car back to me, I always let any my friends take my car. Nah I don’t know who brought my car back.” Really Pepito? He may as well confess and save the tax payers some money by not going to trial, because the screen later read he plead not guilty.

Moving on to the infamous fat dude, he called the station, but he had a lawyer and said he was going to exercise his 5th amendment and not say anything. Fat dude is forever known as fat dude since they did not say his name, and he was never charged for anything as of yet. I wonder if he was the actual shooter? Pepito better go ahead and snitch if he’s found guilty and gets life. He can’t let big dude get off! Well fat dude has to watch his back anyhow, since YLo gang is still out there seeking vengeance.

Now the other murder took place in Louisville, and it was sad but boring. The victim was with his friends, hanging out and came across a dude and a girl and got into some sort of argument. They were driving a tan Pontiac or something and ended up shooting the vic, and he was left dead on the side of the road and pronounced dead upon arrival.

The lead detective did not seem like the lead detective, she was very passive and glum in my opinion; the other detectives seemed to be running the show. They tried to make the case interesting, but it was pretty straight forward. They got the name of the vic, talked to the friends around him at the time of the shooting, ran descriptions in computer, got Boonie’s real name Keith McCain (another regular name) and head out to find him. They were initially unsuccessful, but Boonie and the girl Sharletta (her name sounds dubious) eventually turn themselves in, but they were lawyered up so no statements for the detective.

Both cases were sad stories, but the Miami case with Pepito and the infamous fat dude was the most interesting. I’m glad there were arrests in both cases. Tune in next Thursday 9pm on A& E! My favorite tv station.

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diciple4Jesus on March 23, 2016:

If the Good News we preach is hidden behind a veil, it is hidden only from people who are perishing. 4Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

kim clarke on October 02, 2015:

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Pepito knows everything that went down.and still lieing to his teeth have his girlfriend pregnant and is with a other girl ehh.he is handsome but sry to say he get what he deserves

your name on September 21, 2015:


God on May 17, 2015:

ANYONE representing a gang or gang violence is simply stupid and immature. Grow up!

(Ex Hialeah kid) on December 10, 2014:

Growing up in the 90s in Hialeah wasn't easy. These YLO's and other gang members were nothing but a bunch of bullies thinking they were so hard jumping people and hitting people by surprise. I remember being 15 and getting threatened by 18 and 20 something year olds all the time and I lost count how many times I got jumped and in fights. You had to fight even if you didn't want to. Now I look back and say wow. Guys that were older and stronger than me thought they were so tuff beating up 15 year old kids and the cops at the time were all a bunch of bad people. They were also bullies slapping around teenagers. The cops didn't mess with the old cuban/colombian coke dealers but they were so brave to harrass teenagers just walking around they would stop you all the time, take pictures of you and curse at you and slap you, they were not good people, they probably shouldn't have even been cops in the first place. I have a very strong conscience but I was pushed to the limit more than once to the point that I wanted to seek revenge but thank God I never took revenge on no one because I would have became a slave to Floridas prison system. Unfortunately that guy Pepito didn't have a strong conscience and he probably got fed up with these bullies and decided to start shooting. Its a shame that people that kill in the military or cops that kill teenagers get rewarded but people that grow up in the hood and are almost forced to kill go to prison. This is a hypocrite world where only some people have the right to kill and others don't. Im so glad I left Hialeah and was able to see how life is in other cities. I miss the cuban food but I don't miss that neighborhood mentality and I don't miss the old cubans and cuban cops being racist against central americans. Bye Bye Hialeah!

I am sad for Kako's family and I am also sad for Pepito its a shame that Kako lost his life and Pepito lost his freedom. I am also sad for all my dawgs that got deported, sent to prison, had bad physical injuries from car accidents and fights, got addicted to drugs, ended up living on the streets and got killed. I hope the teenagers now get smarter and realise that a lot of adults in Hialeah do not want you to do good because they are a bunch of haters. They want to have something bad to say about you and they like drama so the best thing to do is do good in school, get educated, protect your freedom by not doing things that would get you locked up, don't follow the example of all these gang members because the gang life takes away your freedom and sometimes your life.

305 4 life on December 07, 2014:

The morral of the story is. Don't use guns to solve your problems. I guess papito was afraid of a head up fade.

fuck 30p on June 13, 2014:

I knew pepe that guy was a dork soft punk ass nga my dawg slapped them lil golds he use to wear out his mouth....

DisN199AKnoU on April 25, 2014:


Aka killer carlito on July 02, 2012:

La pandilla apenas esta empesando antes eran pokos ahoaahora son muchos pero pepito siempre fue el mas flakito .3.0.P son chamakos rivales segidores del mal ambiente y losdelincuentes nadie se imajina q los malos son ijos del maltrato al igual q los q funden algo y despues se arrepienten la pandilla pandilla se funde pero n tiene fin siempre sige pq...preguntale a pepito.

MONEY on April 05, 2012:


1 on February 03, 2012:

Miami Dade Case Number:

Case Number: F11006404

48 watcher on February 02, 2012:

Pepe's trial is in March.

Sean on February 02, 2012:

Thank You. Broke it down so well even though there was abit cr of fashionable critism... Lol

Roger on January 24, 2012:

Lesson don't be starting shit y'all can't finish

Dave on December 09, 2011:

Love the First 48 cracking show.

hope someone updates when this goes to trial and the out come ( thanks )

andyles1324 on November 07, 2011:

I new Pepito from 6th grade to 8th I had him for ALL my classes for Palm Springs Middle.Except no one called him Pepito it was Pepe. He was the biggest asshole there was a short little wannabe gangster. I cant tell you the countless times he stole money from me and made other people feel like crap. I even think I know who the fat kid is suppose to be. From the way he was back in school I knew he would end up in Jail someday. So I'm sorry to say that I was actually happy when I saw him that on 48 Hrs. I wasn't even shocked. Hes not a good person and deserves what's coming to him. Sorry Dude Karma's A bitch.

MissP on August 21, 2011:

Well Karma acts upon evil wishes also. Therefore one should be careful what you wish for.Pepito did sports as a child. He cared for his baby brother. Was a loving son. However lacked of many escentials of a loving and nourishing family as im sure the same goes for the victims of this tragic case. My deepest sympathy to all victims of this case. Including Pepito. It is always easy to sit here and judge... But no one ever gives a hand to these kids when there is still time to keep them away from the streets. No one shall be guilty till proven guilty. Therefore

Angie on August 12, 2011:

All I have to say if fk Pepito and anyone else surrounding Kako's murder. I am good friends with Michelle, Kako's wife and his 5 children. I have personally seen them suffer as a result of his death. Gangs are not as active in Miami as they were back in the day. Pretty much all of the Ylo's and other gang members have grown up, had families, and are living life right. Going to the strip club with a friend is not a crime and fights happen all the time at the strip club. Everyone is drunk and that happens often anywhere a bunch of people get drunk together. Pepito or whoever really killed Kako had no right to do this no matter who Kako was. Children have lost a loving and dedicated father and Michelle lost a very loving husband. Kako's mother lost her child and his sister her brother. This episode was hard for me to watch and hit close to home as I saw the car where Kako died and blood of my friend and watched my friend Michelle mourn his lose for her children. I would like to say it serves Pepito right to not even have the possibility to see his child's birth or be part of his child's life. Its called karma. You took a father away from his children and you won't be able to be a father to your child. Some other man will probably father your child because your girlfriend probably won't stick by your sorry ass for what you did. If she's anything like the other chicks from Hialeah the kid probably isn't even yours anyway. I hope Pepito and whoever the fat guy is rot in hell for what they have robbed from not only one family but two. This episode did not relay much information on the other murder but there were two. Rest In Peace Kako.

48 watcher on August 04, 2011:

He grew up in Hialeah, near North Twin Lakes park

:Liza on June 14, 2011:

Where was this Pepito from?

whthadhappen (author) from New York on March 30, 2011:

Wow word?! Yea they don't play in them jails

48 watcher on March 29, 2011:

Pepito killed a founder of a big gang down here in Miami. Chances are he won't survive jail. He's at a pre trial jail right now. Once he goes out west, he's done.

Plop Plop on March 29, 2011:

Pepito will be freed. No way do you put a man in jail cause his car was there. Wait this is America, yea he's done and going to jail.

ash on March 29, 2011:

Crap boonie used to live down the rd from me. Omg I tried fighting him lol shows how big of a man he is killing a 17 yr old kid.

whthadhappen (author) from New York on March 08, 2011:

Whaaat! Wow it's such a small world, I hope he ends up turning things around for himself.

48 Watcher on March 08, 2011:

I knew Pepito back in the day. I used to coach him at a local park. He was around 10. Crazy how the world turns.

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