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Film Review: The Wicker Man (2006)


"The Wicker Man," the 2006 remake of 1973 horror classic features Nicolas Cage as Edward Malus, a cop who goes to an island in the Pudget Sound to locate a missing girl. We are first introduced to Nicolas Cage's character while he is out on patrol rescuing a doll that was thrown on a highway by a child from a moving car. He then returns the doll to the child only for the car she and her mother is in to be hit by a semi-truck which kills them both. Shaken by the incident, Edward later hears from his ex-fiancee (Kate Beahan) that her daughter has gone missing on an island in the Pudget Sound begging him to go there to find her. Upon his arrival on the island, he discovers that it is inhabited by pagan women who make annual sacrifices to their "goddess." His search for his ex-fiancee's daughter puts him in the crosshairs of these women.

Nicolas Cage delivers an over the top performance in the film which results in it being unintentionally funny. Scenes that are meant to be taken seriously in the film end up being bizzare. In one memorable scene in the film, Nicolas Cage is holding up a burned doll and freaks out by asking someone how it got burned. The film also features a scene where Nicolas Cage wearing a bear suit runs up and punches a woman in the face. Another scene involves bees being poured on Nicolas Cage's face screaming "no, not the bees." If you enjoy a good laugh then this film is for you.

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