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Film Review: Troll 2

My name is Nathan and I am a very big film buff who loves the art of cinema


Despite its title "Troll 2," doesn't feature any trolls but instead features vegetarian goblins who turn people into vegetables in order to eat them. The film begins with Joshua Waits (Michael Stephenson) being told a story by his Grandpa Seth (Robert Ormsby) about a guy wearing a ridiculous costume escaping from the vegetarian goblins only to be tricked into eating green goop by a goblin disguised as as a beautiful woman that turns him into a vegetable. The story is then interrupted by Joshua's mother Diana (Margo Prey) revealing that his grandfather died and dismisses his interaction with his grandfather as a figment of his imagination. We later find out that the Wait's family are exchanging homes with a family from Nilbog which is goblin spelled backwards. As the family arrives, they discover the inhabitants of Nilbog are not who they seem to be.

"Troll 2," is so bad in an entertaining way that one of the stars of the film, Michael Stephenson who played Joshua Waits as a child made a documentary about the making of the film "Best Worse Movie." The film is filled with several production problems and incomprehensible dialogue which is the result of a language barrier between the Italian film crew and the American cast. The costumes the actors who play the goblins wear look like they are cheaply made and the story told in the movie where vegetarian goblins turn people into vegetables is absurd because many vegetarians choose that kind of lifestyle based on ethical concerns. The cast consisted mostly of actors who had no experience which leads to less than stellar performances on their part along with the abomination of a script.

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