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Film Review: Superman III


"Superman III," marks the third film of the Superman franchise to star Christopher Reeve as the title character with this entry having a comedic tone compared to the previous two films more serious tone. While Superman is out protecting the citizens of Metropolis, unemployed Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) discovers he has a talent for computer programming and gets hired by Webscoe which brings him to the attention of CEO Ross Webster (Robert Vaughn) after Gus is caught embezzling from the company. Ross Webster along with his sister Vera (Annie Ross) and nutritionist Lorelei Ambrosia (Pamela Stephenson) blackmails Gus into causing a tornado in Columbia with the company's weather satellite after the country refused to do business with the company. Meanwhile Superman's alter-ego Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve) leaves Metropolis to go to his home town of Smallvile, Kansas to attend his high school reunion catching up with high school sweethart Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole) as Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) leaves for vacation. Superman then gets in contact with Red Kryptonite which was created by Gus that causes him to have a complete change in his personality.

The third entry of the Christopher Reeve's Superman films lacks a convincing story that made the last two films great. There is no doubt that Richard Pryor is a great comedian but his inclusion in the film made it more annoying and completely wastes his talent. The villain portrayed by Robert Vaughn in the film is poorly set up and seems only became evil because Gus Gorman came into his life by working for his company. The only enjoyable moment in the film is the part involving Red Kryptonite which showed off the skills of Christopher Reeve to show that he can play both an evil and good version of Superman.

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