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Film Review: Samurai Cop


The hero of "Samurai Cop," is a cop transferred from the San Diego Police Department to the Los Angeles Police Department named Joe Marshall (Matt Hannon). Joe Marshall is no ordinary cop as he has been trained in the way of the samurai in Japan and is fluent in Japanese. He is partnered with Frank Washington (Mark Frazer) and they set out to take down the drug empire that is run by the Japanese Katana gang led by Mr. Fujiyama (Cranston Komuro) and his henchman, Yamashita (Robert Z'Dar) who despite his Japanese name is actually a white guy.

This is a film that is full of mistakes that shows that the filmmakers rushed through making the movie and were given a limited budget to work with. It is obvious that many scenes that take place in one setting were filmed at different locations and days as you can clearly see the shots not matching up when they are edited together. In many scenes you can clearly see that the main character is wearing a wig which is a result of actor Matt Hannon cutting his hair after he thought he was done filming his scenes only for him to be called back by the director to shoot more footage. The dialogue throughout the film is so incomprehensible that you can't believe that it was written down and delivered by actors. You can easily tell much of the dialogue was dubbed by the same person as you can tell that the voices are all the same. A major inconsistency in the film is that Joe Marshall is supposed to be fluent in Japanese but he has a hard time pronouncing Japanese names. The end results of the filmmaker's work make it bad but in an entertaining way.

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