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Film Review: Battlefield Earth


"Battlefield Earth," is an adaptation of the science fiction novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard which takes place in the year 3000 where a group of aliens with dreadlocks known as Psychlos have taken over Earth leaving humans as an endangered species. Some of the few remaining humans live in tribes which includes Jonnie (Barry Pepper) who leaves the tribe to take a journey where he meets a member of another tribe Carlo (Kim Coates). They are later captured by Psychlos and become slaves to the aliens along with other humans that they are holding captive. We are then introduced to two Psychlos: the head of security Terl (John Travolta) who speaks like a Shakespearean actor and his deputy Ker (Forest Whitaker) with Terl making the stupid decision of giving Jonnie a weapon after he tried to escape leading him to kill another Psychlo. This event begins a series of events which leads to Terl giving Jonnie the knowledge to destroy the Psychlos by hooking him up to a learning machine.

This movie is truly an incompetent mess that shows the filmmakers put little thought in making something that audiences can enjoy. The talents of actors John Travolta and Forest Whitaker are completely wasted by putting them in heavy makeup and giving them a script with ridiculous dialogue. The most absurd part of the film is the stupidity of characters such as Terl who keeps making one dumb decision after another such as allowing humans to escape to see what they like to eat instead of just asking them to the scene where Terl hooks Jonnie up to a machine that gives him the knowledge on how to destroy the Psychlos. The film includes scenes which completely skips over important actions that characters make that doesn't really give us any explanation on how they carried out these actions. Whoever thought it was a good to adapt the novel into a film ought to have taken a good look at the script and scrapped the idea.

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