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Film Fest Friday: Jim Carrey

Wiploc (Jim Carrey) discovers that Earth Girls Are Easy

Wiploc (Jim Carrey) discovers that Earth Girls Are Easy

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

It's just days before Valerie (Geena Davis) and Ted (Charles Rocket) are set to get married and feeling a little frisky, Valerie plans a special surprise for him, but he surprises her when he brings home someone else.

Upset, Valerie kicks Ted out of their house and while heartbroken, she soaks up some sunshine by the pool.

Somewhere in outer space, Mac (Jeff Goldblum) and his crew Zeebo (Damon Wayans) and Wiploc (Jim Carrey) are on a crash course to earth, more specifically Valerie's pool.

When Valerie recovers following the accident, she calls her friend Candy (Julie Brown) and takes the three to the beauty salon where they work and after Candy works her magic, the three aliens are transformed into the hunks that have been hiding under their fur.

Valerie is immediately attracted to Mac and while at a nightclub, Candy becomes attracted (along with a couple of other girls) to Wiploc, while Zeebo shows off his dance skills.

Later that night, Valerie sleeps with Mac and then has a nightmare regarding the one-night stand. She begins to think that she's changed the course of earth because in her dream, humans and aliens are procreating and it's not a pleasant sight.

Ted re-enters the picture after Valerie tells him that she won a band in an MTV contest and the guys are from Finland. He just wants to apologize and get married, but he thinks there's something wrong with the trio.

Zeebo and Wiploc go one their own journey and at the hospital, Ted realizes that something isn't quite right and he figures out that Mac is an alien, which gets his mind going with thoughts of fame and fortune.

Once the spacecraft is fixed, Valerie has to make a decision as to go with Mac,or forgive Ted and his infidelity.

This is a fun little movie that combines monster movies of the 1950's, musicals and just plain B movie madness.

Mark and Robin (Karen Kopins) arrive at the Halloween dance where things get a little wild

Mark and Robin (Karen Kopins) arrive at the Halloween dance where things get a little wild

Once Bitten (1985)

Mark Kendall is your typical horny teenager and wants to go all the way with his girlfriend Robin (Karem Kopins) but she wants to wait. She tells Mark that she wants to, but isn't comfortable about losing their virginity in a drive-in.

Frustrated, Mark and his friends Jamie (Thomas Ballatore) and Russ (Skip Lackey) secure some fake I.D.'s and head to a Hollywood nightspot where they know that they can find some action.

The bar (which is the coolest thing ever) is raided shortly after Mark meets The Countess (Lauren Hutton) a 400-year-old vampire. She takes him to her mansion and while under her spell, she bites him in his inner thigh and sends him on his way.

Her goal was to find a virgin so that she could continue being young and she's found him in Mark, which causes her to start stalking him.

As she starts to pop up in unexpected places, Robin becomes concerned due to the change in Mark. He would prefer to sleep during the day and his wardrobe goes from colorful to all black.

At the Halloween dance, Robin gets mas when The Countess shows up for yet another feeding and the two dance it out for Mark's affection.

Robin also launches her own investigation into his changes by enlisting Jamie and Russ to check out Mark's inner thigh. Her research has shown that a female vampire prefers to feed from the victim's thigh and the two have to check out his thigh in the shower following gym.

Fearing that they'll be labeled as gay, the boys try to figure out what to do and shortly thereafter, Robin is spotted coming to the concession stand where they work and disappears.

Led by Mark, they head to The Countess' mansion to rescue her and in the process have to fight off the advances of two female vampires while The Countess pulls Mark deeper into her clutches.

He's able to get away from under her spell and with minutes remaining before the end of Halloween, a chase throughout the mansion ensues.

This is also a fun little comedy (although dated) and still holds up.

Class clown Walter Getz hasn't changed in twenty-five years.

Class clown Walter Getz hasn't changed in twenty-five years.

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

Since a lot of people don't go to their high school reunions, this is one movie that might show why, but not in a bad way.

Peggy Sue Kelcher-Bodell (Kathleen Turner) goes back to her twenty fifth class reunion and all of her friends are there. She's on edge though because she and her high school sweetheart, Charlie (Nicolas Cage) are going through a divorce, and she doesn't want to run into him. Plus, not too many people know about it and she's afraid of what people will think.

Since people are being reconnected once again, class clown Walter Getz hasn't changed too much, but he's now a dentist and can get the best cocaine around. This of course interests former girlfriend Carol (Catherine Hicks).

Once Peggy Sue passes out at the reunion and travels back in time, there aren't too many Walter sightings, but he's part of the group and is also a part of Charlie's singing group. Even though he's not around too much, he's still there to provide some laughs.

While Carrey was just a supporting player in this movie, I think it showed Hollywood that he could be put into any situation and after Once Bitten he could carry a movie but really didn't gain fame until the 1990's with In Living Color and then the leads in many movies, including The Truman Show, which put him into the rumors of maybe receiving an Academy Award Nomination.

He continues to work between movies and television.

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