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Fifteen Two Word Song Titles Starting with Golden

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Ron Thomason and Dry Branch Fire Squad Had Two "Golden" Songs


Obviously on its way to become a Gold record, the catchy single has put indie artist JVKE on the charts for the first time. “Golden Hour,” however, will not be the first song with a title beginning with that valuable adjective, since more than six dozen “Golden” songs have appeared in the history of music.

Although the number decreases quite a bit by limiting the song titles to just two words, we are still left with a substantial list that now includes “Golden Hour” by JVKE. The popular bluegrass group Dry Branch Fire Squad, for example, has two such songs, “Golden Morning” from Fertile Ground and “Golden Ring” from Tried and True.

Here are fifteen songs with two word titles, all beginning with the word Golden. Unfortunately, the “Radar Love” and “Twilight Zone” band did not make the list, nor did the theme from the classic sitcom Golden Girls.

1. Golden Years by David Bowie

When Bowie released this single and the rest of Station To Station had been a star for a decade, but he still had many, many birthdays before he aged into his golden years.

2. Golden Age by Dan Luke and the Raid

Cage the Elephant guitarist Brad Schultz produced the critically-acclaimed Out of the Blue, the debut for the band fronted by his younger brother Dan Schultz.

3. Golden Slumbers by The Beatles

Obscured by immortal hits like “Here Comes the Sun”, “Something” and “Come Together,” you could say that this track is the sleeper on Abby Road.

4. Golden Ring by Eric Clapton

“Tulsa Time” and “Promises” propelled Backless to the Top Ten in 1978, but this Clapton-composed track is certainly a bonus.

5. Golden Ribbons by Loggins and Messina

Jim Messina wrote this gem from the self-titled sophomore album, but he shares lead vocals with Kenny Loggins and Larry Sims.

6. Golden State by Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam's vocalist teamed up with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks at the 2012 WM3 Rally, resulting in this duet with all proceeds going to the organization's Freedom Fund.

7. Golden Vanity by Peter Paul and Mary

Originally a song tilted “Flowers and Stones,” the folk trio made a new version and titled it after the ship that is the subject.

8. Golden Rainbow by Looking Glass

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Elliot Lurie wrote half the songs on the band's debut, but this opening track and all of its mates were overshadowed by the huge hit “Brandy.”

9. Golden Lights by the Smiths

No one familiar with the Morrissey-Marr collaboration could have expected this Louder Than Bombs track, which sounds like a church choir and has an all-too un-Smiths-like optimism.

10. Golden Age by the Coral

Their latest album Welcome To Coral Island offered a delightful double-disc mix of tunes, including this piece that sounds very Sixties-ish.

11. Golden Embers by Mandolin Orange

The punny use of the color in the band's name is, should we say, golden, as is the song and most of the American band's Tides of a Teardrop album from 2019.

12. Golden Brown by the Stranglers

Feline marked a huge change for the punk rock quartet and, as this single proves, it was a smooth segue into a five year decade of acoustic material.

13. Golden Boy by Natalie Merchant

In between the title track and the first single “Just Can't Last”, fans get this song to help solidify Motherland as one of Merchant's best records after leaving 10,000 Maniacs.

14. Golden Days by Panic! At The Disco

Brendon Urie reveals a side of nostalgia, which might not be surprising on a record called Death of a Bachelor.

15. Golden Eye by Tina Turner

Twenty years after appearing on screen as Tommy's Acid Queen, Turner hit the charts with this movie theme composed by Bono and the Edge of U2.

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