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Six Deep Motivational Movies

Harsh is a part-time blogger. He likes to post articles about motivational ideas, that helps people to live their life with gratitude.

Whenever we watch the movie and when the movie is ended, then it changes our mind for a short duration of time and forces us to believe that everything is possible. But in reality, it is out of our hand.

Movies have great influential power and help us to look inside ourselves and become a source of our inspiration. It teaches us some lessons that are life-changing when we apply these lessons in our life. It also helps to understand that life is not easy and we have to do struggle to become successful in life.

Now, I am not saying that every movie has a life-changing effect. I am sure that there are thousands of movies available on the internet, television etc, that misguides us and harms our mind. We don't want anyone to watch such misguiding movies. That's why we are going to share 8 top motivational movies that have a deep positive impact on your mind.

Movies can and do have a tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood

— Walt Disney

  • The Pursuit of Happyness

This is a 2006 American movie, directed by Will Smith. This movie is based on the true story of Christopher Gardner. In this movie, Gardner bought several "bone density scanner" to get profit by reselling them. But the thing does not go on according to Gardner and he is failed to resell the devices. His wife leaves him with his son and he also loses his apartment. But in this tough situation, he doesn't lose hope and continue to resell the devices. At the end of this movie, he gets the fruitful result of his hard work and patience.

This shows the genuine side of the hard work and aspiration of Chris Gardner. This movie also gives us a lesson that no matter how hard you fall, it's up to you to get up and don't lose hope. I heartily said that this movie is very motivational. So, go and watch it now.

  • Good Will Hunting

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In this movie, a young adult named, Will Hunting, has exceptional talent in the field of Mathematics, but he doesn't realise his potential and only wanted to enjoy his life. He spends his nights at the bars and batting cages with his best friends and always ignores his talent. But later he meets Sean Maguire, the Therapist, who will change his mindset and helps him to realise the destiny of his life.
Now the question arises that what lesson we gain from this movie.

See every person has different talent and it's our responsibility to realise our true potential. Many people in the present time are unsuccessful because they do have any interest to realise their true potential and prefer to spend all of their precious time enjoying the temporary happiness of their life. If you find any talent in yourself then use this talent to change the world.

  • The Shawshank Redemption

    This movie was released on 14 October 1994. In this movie an American Banker, Andy Dufresne, sent to the Shawshank Prison, for the murder of his wife and her lover. In the prison, he gains the respect of his fellow inmate, Ellis Redding. Both of them hope in the prison that one day they will out of the prison. Through the common decency in front of the police officers they successful to get out of the prison through redemption.

    This movie shares the lesson about the importance of freedom. This shows that the human being is helpless without freedom. This movie tells us that having freedom doesn't mean you always waste your time doing stupid things, instead, you can use this freedom in helping others and developing talent. This is the right use of freedom.

  • Dead Poet Society

    In this movie, there is an English teacher named, John Keating, who joined All-Boys Preparatory school which is known for its old tradition and high standards. As a teacher in school, he found that many students can be facing enormous pressure from their parents and school. As a result, he chooses to guide the students on the right path. During his period, he always tries to inspire the students to look at poetry which consists of authentic knowledge and feelings. The main goal of Keating to change the negative mindset of the students towards life.

    Through the character of the English teacher, Keating, this movie gives us the lesson that negativity is like a disease for our life. If we have a negative mindset then everything seems impossible. That's why we need to be positive in any circumstances.

  • Cinderella Man

    This movie was released on 3 June 2005, in this movies, a common-man hero named, James J. Braddock, is a boxer who fights for his family. But during the Great Depression, Braddock has had a series of defeat. As a result, he lost everything and unable to feed his family. His wife does not want Braddock to fight more but she knows how badly they need money to feed their three kids. With the help of his trainer, Braddock got a chance to fight again for his family. He accepts this opportunity and wins the championship.

    This movie tells us that whatever our life is, good or bad, don't miss the opportunities. Some opportunities are life-changing and try to not miss these opportunities. It helps to overcome challenges and make us more productive.

  • The Bucket List

    In this movie, there is a Corporate Billionaire, named Edward Cole and working class mechanic, Carter Chambers, both of them have everything different, except their there illnesses. In the hospital both of them share a room together, as a result, both are become good friends and decided to do everything together. This friendship adds real value to each other's life, which helps them a lot in their development.

    This movie tells us the importance of true and real friendship in our life. When we have a true friend then it adds value to our lives and motivates us a lot. So, find a true friend who always up to help you in any circumstances.

Every single art form is involved in film, in a way.

— Sydney Pollack

© 2021 Harsh Vardhan Pathak

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