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Favorite Grogu Moments From "The Mandalorian"

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Baby Yoda, or Grogu, from The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda, or Grogu, from The Mandalorian.

Everybody loves Baby Yoda. Why? Well, he's cute. And the geniuses behind "The Mandalorian" have made him out to be like a real baby. Complete with shenanigans, bratty behavior and voracious appetite for frog eggs (like all babies).

I have my favorite moments. Grogu is a cute little guy, and powerful. Everybody wonders about his incredible and mysterious capacity to utilize The Force, just like his predecessor Yoda, the Grandmaster Jedi of Star Wars lore.

Here are some of the best moments with Grogu from "The Mandalorian".

Excited About Mando's Badassery and Spitting Up

Grogu knows how to get into the excitement of Din Djarin's swashbuckling and his capacity to actually kick some butt. During a fire-fight in space, Baby Yoda gets quite excited about Mando's skills battling the bad guys but, as a baby will do, spits up in the middle of the action. Mando, the perpetual father that he is, switched to Dad mode to clean off his son's chin.

Can't Stop Messing With Things

He likes to play with switches. He likes the knob on the gear shift. He can't stop playing around with things and he gets himself into trouble. What a typical little baby. They love to explore!


This scene is comical genius on more than one level. It's kind of a combination of two jokes: The Dad (badly) taking care of the son and the hilarity of a toddler getting into mischief. Both Mando's reaction and Grogu's innocence make this scene gut-busting funny.

His Love for Frogs and Frog Eggs

It seems Grogu will eat anything but he seems to have a penchant for eating meat, and reptiles. He likes catching frogs and sneaking frog eggs too. It's cute, though it might gross a few people out. But he's a baby, babies are always cute!

Baby Friend

In spite of the fact that Grogu couldn't seem to stop eating the Frog Lady's eggs, he ended up making friends with one of her babies. Mando even has to pull him away from his new friend because he was having so much fun!

Bowl of Soup

Everything Grogu does is cute. Even when he's drinking his bone broth in the middle of his friends ferociously fighting each other. Grogu loves food and he loves action!

Steals a Cookie

When a selfish kid refuses to share his snack with the perpetually hungry Grogu, Grogu, having control of the Force, decides to take matters into his own hands: Which ends up having some hilarious and adorable results. This again shows the mischievous toddler nature of Grogu.

Grogu Saves the Day

On more than one occasion Grogu saves Mando.

He saves Mando from the monstrous Mudhorn beast. Grogu watches his adopted Dad nearly get killed which prompts him to action. We learn at that point how powerful he actually is. It is both a heart-warming and shocking scene, in which we see Grogu's love for Mando bring out his deeper powers.

The juxtaposition of Grogu's diminutive size but sizable power touches on something within us that wants those who are vulnerable, who face seemingly insurmountable odds, win against those odds. It is like the Ewoks being the crucial element that defeats the Empire. We love the possibility that the good guy, supposedly less powerful, just might be able to overpower the cruel and oppressive. Grogu goes to bat against Moff Gideon and the Empire and we soon find his deep connection to one of the most important Jedi's in the Star Wars story. But I will let you, if you haven't already, find out who that is.

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