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Favorite Foods of the United States Presidents

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All people probably have a favorite food they eat more often than other foods. Our favorite food doesn't end up in the news or on Wikipedia. However, throughout the years, the favorite foods of the United States Presidents have been part of their profiles.

Some of the foods are the same as what might be our favorites; however, some of them are pretty weird. Since the leaders of the country have their own personal chefs, they can eat and drink whatever they want and whenever they want it, even if it is midnight.

Here is a list of the presidents' favorite food starting with the most recent presidents and ending up with George Washington and his favorite food.


Donald Trump

We know that the current president Donald Trump loves drinking Diet Cokes. He does not drink alcoholic beverages. It has been reported that he drinks up to 12 cans of the beverage every day. He is not health conscious like the presidents who came before him. He has many guilty pleasures. He skips breakfast, and his favorite meal is dinner. For lunch, he enjoys a Cobb salad drenched in ranch dressing, cheese, egg, and bacon.

The 45th president loves greasy foods. He eats from McDonald's. His personal chef prepares meatloaf sandwiches for him when he has an urge for one.

He loves two scoops of cherry vanilla ice cream along with his chocolate cake after a hearty dinner.


Barack Obama

Barack Obama has several personal favorites. He loves making and eating a big bowl of his own chili. He also favors Michelle's shrimp linguine. When he was on the campaign trail he loved eating Granny Smith's apples. Other favorite foods include cobbler and broccoli.

Even today, he enjoys Fran’s Smoked Salt Caramels as seen in the photo above. When he was a teenager, he worked in an ice cream parlor. To this day, he cannot stand ice cream. He is not a coffee drinker and very seldom does he take an alcoholic drink.


George W. Bush

George W. Bush's favorite food seems to be two foods in one. He loves a cheeseburger and pizza together. Instead of eating the two foods separately, he eats a cheeseburger pizza.

While in the White House, he had many decisions to make. Choosing between a cheeseburger and a pizza was not one of them. He simply had both.


Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, a Democrat, and George W. Bush, a Republican had something in common when it came to foods. While Bush loved cheeseburger pizza, Clinton's favorite food used to be jalapeño cheeseburgers.

Bill Clinton ate a lot of greasy jalapeño cheeseburgers with mayonnaise, lettuce, pickles, and onions at one time. After surgeries for his heart in 2004 and 2010, he gave up greasy foods and announced that he was going vegan.


George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush once reported to TIME magazine that his guilty pleasure was eating fried pork rinds and Tabasco sauce. Port rind sales increased 11 percent after that magazine was released in 1988. Pork rind manufacturers honored Bush with the title "Skin Man of the Year." Up until then, folks didn't know about that combination.

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans, especially the black licorice ones. Three tons of blueberry flavor of jelly beans were ordered for him and his guests at his auguration.

He always kept jelly beans on his desk in the Oval Office.


Richard Nixon

Most people wouldn't think of eating cottage cheese with ketchup, but Richard Nixon loved that combination. He ate it for breakfast.

Sometimes he used other toppings such as peppers or fruit in place of ketchup. The president ate cottage cheese with the toppings for health reasons.


Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson loved Fresca sodas so much that he had a button installed on his desk in the Oval Office so he could order citrus beverage whenever he was thirsty.


John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy loved Boston clam chowder. It was his way of staying true to his New England upbringing. Boston's Union Oyster House always had table 18 available for him to enjoy a bowl of hearty clam chowder. He ate there regularly when he wanted his fill of the creamy soup.


Harry S. Truman

Unlike most people, Harry S. Truman loved his steaks well done. When asked why he liked them cooked that way, he said only coyotes and predatory animals eat raw beef.


Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt's favorite food was grilled cheese sandwiches, according to Henrietta Nesbitt, the White House housekeeper during his administration. She said he loved his sandwiches with the cheese oozing out of it.


Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt loved chicken, but he loved it that in a way that most people don't. He favored fried chicken smothered in white gravy. It was a consistent part of his diet. Ir was reported that he wouldn't eat chicken any other way.


Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson loved cheese so much that dairy farmer Colonel Thomas S. Meacham sent him a chunk of cheese that weighed nearly 1,400 pounds. It measured four feet in diameter and two feet thick.

Ten thousand guests were invited to a reception. They devoured the massive wheel of cheese in only two hours. If they hadn't eaten all of it, it would have been fine with Jackson because it would have been more for him to eat.


Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson preferred drinking his calories. He loved his wines so much that he would drink one to four glasses of the finest wines every day. He ordered wines by the barrels from Europe.

His wine bill totaled $10,855.90 over his eight-year time in the White House. The cost of that much wine would be so much more today.


John Adams

John Adams loved cider so much that he would gulp down some as soon as he got out of bed in the morning. He also drank cider throughout the day.


George Washington

George Washington, the first president of the United States, loved nuts of any kind. Even though he ended up with only one natural tooth, he thought nuts were nature's edible gifts, and he ate them every chance he got.


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