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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Father Stu (2022)

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It was extremely apparent that this film was this Director’s first project. Not a lot of technique was used in the filmmaking, and the only camera angle used throughout the film was an extreme closeup of everyone’s faces. Rosalind Ross is capable of writing a pretty well-established story, albeit one based on true events, but needs a lot more practice and experimentation with camera angles to make the stories she attempts more engaging.

This being said, Father Stu does a fairly decent job of telling a story without being overly preachy about it. The message in the overall film may be clouded by the not-so-subtle undertones of the fearmongering, but is rather heartwarming if you are able to see past the literal story itself. Mark Wahlberg has a fairly decent performance as the real-life Stuart Long, but Mel Gibson took his role as the father figure to a new level. I was convinced of his portrayal up until the very end of the film, where several common tropes this type of movie usually goes for got in the way.

There is an almost overwhelming number of common tropes in this movie related to the depiction of people outside this particular circle, as well as some “move-the-plot-along-quickly” ones that feel forced, rushed and not at all creative. But most could easily be forgiven, given the entertaining nature of Stuart’s journey.

The soundtrack will certainly attract the majority of the audience members who go out of their way to see this movie, which is by no means a bad thing. It stays true to the time period, and sets the scenes up well, getting the viewers in the right mood for what is to come next.


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