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'Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw': Movie Review

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'Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw'



Hobbs & Shaw stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham returning to their Fast & Furious roles as Hobbs and Shaw. This time they are out to protect Shaw's sister, who has been injected with a virus that will wipe out humanity. They are in a race against time to remove the virus before a superhuman villain, played by Idris Elba, can get his hands on it. Along the way, the two foes butt heads, exchange insults and save humanity.

I honestly enjoyed this movie way more than I should have. I had a blast watching it! The plot is a little wacky, but the performances and tone are the selling point here. They make the plot feel like a story, not a real life event. It is just a movie to shut your brain off and enjoy.

They kept the family aspect that drives the Fast & Furious movies. I thought it might be shoehorned in the movie, but it is throughout this film with both Hobbs and Shaw. On Hobbs side, there is his culture and how he betrayed his family. With Shaw, on the other hand, there is the protection of his sister. In both scenarios, it is the idea that you always stick up for family. By the end of the movie, they must become friends to take down the bad guy. I like this idea and it is what I enjoy from the franchise. It brings a good message to the movie and gives the characters a reason to do what it is they are doing.

My real negative about the plot is it felt so long. There were many scenes that I felt they could have trimmed down. This movie is over two hours long and it could have been an hour and 30 minutes. It never felt boring to me, but it just felt like it kept going on and on. There was an action sequence where you think it's the final battle but then it just leads into another action scene. My only real complaint was the run time. As it was not boring, it could have been shorter.



The best thing about this movie is the two leads, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. They are hilarious in their roles. There is non-stop bantering between them, throwing insults in every opportunity, that it never gets dull. I want to believe that most of the dialogue in this film was improvised because it seemed like these two guys were having so much fun.

I also enjoyed Idris Elba in this movie. My biggest worry about this film is how the trailers portrayed him as a superhuman. I thought it would come off a goofy and take me out of the movie. He is half machine, with a metal spine. Also, he sees the way the terminator does, like he sees the punches coming and can calculate how to counteract. However, I think it worked for what this movie was trying to accomplish. Johnson even mentions at one point in the movie that Elba's character is the Terminator. That's what I mean by this movie does not take itself seriously. Now, if the character was played by anyone else than Elba, it may not have worked. Having a talented guys as him is what really sold me on this superhuman element of his character.

Obviously, if you have seen the trailer, this is not a very serious movie. There are jokes throughout, mainly from Johnson and Statham. However, the sister of Shaw had some pretty funny scenes. She is what really kept these two from ripping each others heads off.

I enjoyed how completely opposite they set Hobbs and Shaw to be. Hobbs is power, pure strength. He wakes up, drinks raw eggs and eats raw coffee grinds, goes to the gym the morning. While Shaw is more elegant. He wakes up in a fancy home, puts a suit on, cooks an omelet in the morning. These two live two different lifestyles. Hobbs drives a motorcycle, Shaw drives a slick sports car. Their way of fighting is also completely different. Hobbs is more of a go in and just knock some skulls. Shaw is more speed, going in and busting out some fancy moves to take the bad guys down. This is throughout the movie. They compete to see who is better? Strength or speed.

This aspect of the film made it so enjoyable to watch. The constant back and forth between them never made the movie feel dull.

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This movie is not to be taken seriously. The movie does not take itself seriously. That is what sells the action. Yes, it is way over the top and unrealistic. However, unlike the previous installments of this franchise, it does not cross the line to silly. Because it knows what it is and does not try to be a serious action movie, it is great.

This movie is more of a throwback action movie. The 90s action movies when you have a larger than life villain and some bad ass movie stars must take him down. It works! Dwayne Johnson reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger in that he is so beefed up, he looks like an action star. The stunts are wacky, and the characters survive injuries that they shouldn't even survive. But because of what this movie is, it does not get cheesy. There are some cool action sequences in this movie that remind you of those over the top action from the past.


Final Thoughts:

I thought this movie was great. I obviously loved the characters and action. However, the run time just didn't need to be over two hours long. For what it is, Hobbs and Shaw is worth a watch.

Before I end this review, I wanted to mention one aspect. That is the 'Fast & Furious Presents' in the title. This movie is a spin-off of Fast & Furious, but do not go in hoping for the same tone. As it does have a cool soundtrack, like most of the movies in this franchise, there is not street racing aspect. They have gotten away from that recently, but the previous movies still use cars in their actions sequences. This one does, but not in the same way. This movie does not feel like a spin-off. It feels like it's own movie. If you like the Fast & Furious, more than likely, you will like this movie. If you absolutely hate those movies, you still might like this movie. Where the Fast & Furious movies are serious, this is full of jokes and hilarious cameos. Other than the names of the returning characters, this is a film all in it's own. I honestly wish they would have just created new characters and not linked it to that franchise, but it is still a corny action movie that is worth a view!

By the way, stay for the post-credits scene. This movie has a couple of amazing cameos, and that post credits scene is just great!

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Michael115 on August 05, 2019:

Th action definitely sells this movie! I heard John Cena was supposed to enter the Fast franchise! Could be fun seeing Rock and Cena duke it out in some way!

Ryan Jarvis Cornelius from Hollywood, FL on August 05, 2019:

This article is just one confirming my thoughts on these films. All of the plots in this series are a bit wacky but the action sells it. I am sure this is no different. I have not been in a rush to see it because I know what to expect.

Michael115 on August 03, 2019:

I thought the film was a decent watch with funny dialogue and cool action scenes. I agree that it is worth a watch! Good review!

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