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Fascinated by the Show, "The Prisoner"

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Everything from the movie to the creator behind this invented village dumbfounds me. Quite interested in the concept of the movie, as I view the world we're nestled into as a controlled space with kings and rulers boxing us in, I had madly acquired great admiration for the film series the Prisoner.

Besides the genius that went into the entire scenography, I most admire the read-in-between-the-lines dialogue which I immensely enjoy deciphering, the great humor and fantastic acting.

In the village people's names are taken away and they're assigned a number. The main character "number 6" played by Patrick McGoohan sets out to embark on a new daily strategy in order to escape the false world he finds himself trapped in. The authorities constantly remind him there is no way out, but number 6, and occasionally some others, remain hardcore free-thinkers that were absolutely convinced there was a way out somewhere and somehow.

Sir Clough Williams-Ellis's Genius Creation Masterpiece, Portmeirion Village

Portmerion Village is located at Portmeirion near Porthmadog on the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, North Wales. The unparalleled design was created by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a genius life path 8 who's dream was to create his own village. The building was under full construction during the years of 1925 and 1975, his life-long vision being manifested over a span of fifty years and voilà his authentic Italian village was brought to life. By twist of the screw, it ended up resembling a movie set so becoming the glorious scenery to the actual film and later world-renowned tourist attraction.

Clough had a keen eye for architecture from the age of six. He was highly aware of the textures, colors, and shapes of houses. He often complained to his parents that the new houses were void of character and he spelled out why. He loved glowing color, tapestries crimson and golds, "rich vibrations" as he has stated.


Patrick McGoohan Creates A Classic British Spy Drama

Patrick was playing in Secret Agent when they shot one episode in Portmeirion. He was struck with awe and found the entire place extraordinarily and atmospherically wonderous, this was two years before the idea for the Prisoner even came to mind. Soon after, Patrick sat down and commenced to write an entire history of this incredible village. Many didn't take to his concept and bowed out filming there even took a dislike to its entirety. His philosophy of the village was that here was a place that could destroy a person by any means possible, like breaking apart the human spirit. But Number 6 was not the kind they could break. Neither was Patrick's, a character awfully becoming to that of number 6. One either rebelled or went to live on an island alone.

The Prisoner ran a full 17-episodes as a British programming television series, a mix of allegory, sci-fi and psychological dramatization. The series was first broadcast in the UK from 29 September 1967 to 1 February 1968. Patrick McGoohan, actor, starred and co-created the entire series. He says he initially started the series because he was bored with all the shows that were running at the time. Patrick wrote about 5 of the 17 episodes, one entitled "Free For All" where I love the first line; "I'd like to mind my own business...the mountain can come to Muhammad." Later, number two sits to have breakfast with number 6 and asks "Every citizen has a choice, are you going to run?" Number 6 replies, "Like blazes, the first chance I get." Number 2 replies " I meant run for office."

His intention was to get a response and rebel, to go against the grain, stick out. He went on to cause enough controversy and at one point he had to hide out in the mountains with no telephones. The last episode "Fall Out" created this controversy during its final act. And it ends up Patrick was hunted down at his own home by discombobulated fans, his children were molested coming home from school, and his house was pounded with mallets.

What I completely adore about Patrick McGoohan is the fact that he disagreed to write something or create the series considering the audience, whom was going to appreciate it; he didn't care if it appealed to everyone like most writers do. The best works he says are made by people that say, "I want to do something and not because of any particular audience, they do it because they think it's a story of importance and it's a statement they wish to make. So, they do it and whomever wants to watch, watches". I've always said the same about what I write. And the fact he has this sort of spiritual side seals it. It even occurred to me that just maybe he is number 6 because he's a life path number six.

The Ultimate Mind of Number 6

Number 6 represents the main character and is a bit more consciously evolved then let's say most of the other villagers. Such in real life where the majority of people are easily led, brainwashed or conditioned with the various methods and tools used in modern society. 6 stands out as heretic and troublemaker and archetype whom thinks for himself, questions everything and actually uses his own mind; a characteristic underdeveloped in most. Therefore he is a constant threat to the powers that be and shown to be surveilled day and night.

Clough Williams-Ellis Autobiography

I found a mint SIGNED copy of Clough Williams-Ellis Autobiography so thrilled!

I found a mint SIGNED copy of Clough Williams-Ellis Autobiography so thrilled!

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Clough Williams-Ellis Autobiography Signed


Who Is Number One?

Because of the various perceptions and conscious levels in each person the majority of the people neglected to understand the entire concept of who or more precisely who number one was or who he tended to represent. The all-seeing eye that watched everyone was not number one but a symbol of the ego in man perhaps. In one of the final scenes of the last episode 17, number 6 unmasks the supposed number one whom villagers were convinced was a physical person only to find two masks on the white hooded figure which he rips off exposing the most startling revelation of the entire series; the face staring back at him was his own.

Number one was precisely there to represent the enemy number one in all of us, which is our minds, the ego self.

Maybe the village was a depiction of us humans of our own inner world that's constantly being tested beyond all levels of possibility like in real life for the overcoming; the ultimate goal. And the fact, everyone of us are the ultimate prisoners of mind until that part is broken down and one undergoes an actual shedding of one's old self, a sort of enlightening process.

Location of Portmierion


PortMeirion is a Place Like No Other

Apparently, Williams-Ellis didn't wish to disclose its location in the credits until the last episode was released in hopes of stopping people from finding it, which didn't work. Williams-Ellis contributed extensively to architecture and the environment, for his love of esthetic beauty was vast.

As Sir Clough Williams-Ellis felt in words, "This artificial landscape is only alive and meaningful when it is being used."

Many of the quaint little houses are available for rent by tourists especially during the number 6 festival every September, best time to go. There are castles, cottages, village halls, cisterns, bridges, statues, a cement boat, a human chessboard and various boutiques all waiting for fairytale-minded explorers to arrive.


The Prisoner Episodes


A Ride Through The Village of PortMeirion

A Bit of Background on Patrick McGoohan

Patrick McGoohan was born in Astoria Queens NY, was an American citizen when his Irish parents moved back to Ireland soon after he was born. They then left for Shetfield England when he was seven where he grew up and went to school.

He was up for the role of 007 chosen over Sean Connery. Patrick played roles in both Danger Man series and the Secret Agent.

Evil Weather Balloon

Is this so-called Rover Border control? Or does this activated balloon represent something else as the human mind tries to break through finite mental borders?

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