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Famous Zombies in the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season one promotional poster.

The Walking Dead season one promotional poster.

The Walking Dead is a huge television hit series that follows a rag-tag band of survivors through all of their trials and tribulations. It is on the AMC channel, and can usually be seen on Sunday nights when it's not the off season.

Filming for this show is extensive, and takes place in Georgia. There are a lot of people who want to participate in the show, and there is an on-site zombie boot camp style training program to teach extras and other actors how to be awesome walkers.

It makes sense that, with the popularity of the show and the genre in particular that many people would want to become walkers for the program. What is surprising is how many famous people want to put on the makeup and shamble around trying to eat as many living humans as they can.

Between the actual show and the webisodes, small short-film style movies that show some of the backstory and other useful tidbits, there have been some pretty famous people under all that walker gear, and many more celebrities are volunteering for their time in the undead spotlight!

Famous Walkers, Wannabes and Honorable Mentions

  • Scott Ian, the guitar player from the band Anthrax (one of the world's premier thrash metal bands) starred in a webisode as a walker. The cool thing for him was that he got to keep his famous goatee.
  • Christina Hendricks, the busty redheaded star of AMC's Mad Men reportedly wanted to be a walker. She might have been the most top-heavy zombie ever!
  • Greg Nicotero, who is in charge of all of the special effects and makeup for the show, has played two different walkers in the series.
  • Another makeup artist on the show, Brian Keith Hillard, played 'the walker in the well' in season two.
  • Accordint to comic series creator Robert Kirkman, comic book legend Stan Lee has asked to be a walker.
  • There was a rumor that Charlie Sheen wanted to be a walker, but apparently that was just a rumor!
  • Though she didn't ask to play a walker on the show, when actress Hillary Duff was pregnant, she tweeted that she felt like a Walking Dead zombie.
  • Thomas Jane, the star of the HBO show Hung, has said that he was originally supposed to star in TWD when it was possible that it would be picked up by HBO. He still says he'd love to be a part of the show, though he doesn't really want to be a walker. He says that the makeup is just too much of an ordeal.
  • Fans of the Resident Evil video game series have an online petition to have one of the game's voice actors appear on the show. The guy's name is DC Douglas, and he is also an actor that has appeared in the television shows Castle and Hot in Cleveland.

Greg Nicotero, the special effects wizard on TWD, has said that even his own father wanted to be a walker. He discouraged his dad, because becoming a zombie isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's literally hours in a makeup chair and, combined with the summer heat in Georgia makes for one sweaty and uncomfortable zombie!

Robert Kirkman has alluded in interviews to the fact that several high-profile celebrities have expressed the desire to get in on the walker game, but he isn't naming names.

The Top Ten Celebrities I'd Like to See As Walkers

Anybody can dream, can't they? Here's my list of dream walkers.

  • Bruce Campbell - He wouldn't be doing much genre hopping, Army of Darkness ranks as one of the best horror movies of all time.
  • Kim Kardashian - Only if she dies the most horrible walker death EVER. (Butt implant implosion, anyone?)
  • Ice-T - He'd be the most badass walker EVER. Bonus points if they hire Coco to be a walker too.
  • Christopher Walken - Because walkers need more cool, and cowbell.
  • Samuel L Jackson - 'Uhhhnnnnn' translates to 'BRAINS, MOTHER F*&$%R.'
  • Bill Gates - Just once, I'd like to see this stuffed shirt get loose and grungy.
  • Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow the Walker - Needs no justification.
  • Celine Dion - She just seems so... proper. She could take one for the team.
  • Emmanuel Lewis - The Bloodhound Gang already thinks he's the anti-Christ.
  • Ashton Kutcher - After all the punking he's done, this guy has it coming.

Also, I would pay mad money to see a walker shuffling around in a full-on Big Bird costume!

Who would you like to see as a walker on The Walking Dead?

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Paris on February 07, 2015:

Hines ward was on walking dead!!

jonweng on March 05, 2014:

Michael Jackson would be the best but now impossible.

Angelo Casa on February 17, 2013:


Mesofunny from Oregon on December 31, 2012:

Honey Boo Boo!!

Mitch Alan from South Jersey on October 27, 2012:

Meatloaf, William Shatner and the entire cast of FarScape...

GH Price (author) from North Florida on June 23, 2012:


Kirkman won't say who is playing the walkers this year. I guess he wants to keep us in suspense. I have heard rumors that some pretty big names might show up in some of the episodes.

I definitely agree with Sarah Jessica Parker, though!

Thank you for the comment!

TommyGuns from Blakeslee, PA on June 23, 2012:

Sarah Jessica Parker, ozzy, George w bush,, Hillary Clinton and Justin Berber to name a few. Walken and Jackson would be great choices too. I'm kinda upset at the current list of celebrities. It's pretty lame. I think CSI has a better dead people cast

GH Price (author) from North Florida on June 14, 2012:


That's a lot of tiger blood!

Modok from VA on June 14, 2012:

Charlie Sheen IS a walker. That guy has more powder in his system than Tony Montana...

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