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Famous Love Triangles, Scorned Lovers, and Strange Murders

Travis & Jodi


Mimi Hall; The Girl Travis Pursued


Lisa Andrews, The Final Love Interest of Travis Alexander


The Deadly Love Triangle of Travis, Jodi and Lisa

In September of 2006 Jodi Arias met Travis Alexander for the first time. Although the Lifetime movie, Dirty Little Secret, based around the Arias/Alexander relationship depicts Jodi as falling for Travis at first sight, the reality, based on conversation with the Legal Shield partners who witnessed their first encounter, tell it another way. Jodi was in a rocky relationship when she met Travis. She had been dating Darryl Brewer, a man twice her age, for four years, with absolutely nothing to show for it. Jodi hoped that purchasing a house together and being kind to Darryl's son from a previous marriage would lead to a proposal of marriage and a family of her own, but Darryl was content with the status quo and refused to consider marrying Jodi. As the realization that her life was going nowhere sunk in, Jodi began trying to find herself.

She joined a highly successful multi- level marketing company called Legal Shield, and her new business partners encouraged Jodi to attend a Legal Shield event in Las Vegas. During this time, Travis was playing the field, but growing more interested in settling down with the right woman. When he saw the beautiful bond Jodi, he immediately introduced himself and began trying to impress Arias, who's heart was still with Darryl, as Travis sensed Jodi as aloof and challenging. Travis pursued Jodi during her Las Vegas trip and engaged her in conversation, and the emotionally fragile Jodi, began to feel flattered by the young entrepreneur, but was still a little uneasy in his company. She told her partners, who were delighted that Travis, a well respected speaker at Legal Shield, was taking such an interest in their new recruit, " I have a boyfriend" she stated. Later on, Travis invited Jodi to a black tie dinner that was only for the top earners at Legal shield. Jodi declined because she had not oficially broken up with Daryl, but her business partners were enthusiastic, "go on, you will learn a lot and have a good time", they told her. Whatever Jodi was thinking at the time is anyone's guess, but, after that black tie dinner with Travis, something in Jodi changed. After having a deep conversation with Travis about marriage and family Jodi was determined that she would marry Travis Alexander and have his children.

Travis was a Mormon, and therefore he spoke differently than the liberal men Jodi was used to dating. He wanted marriage and admitted it. Whereas other men she had dated would state their contentment to just live with someone for a few years. That did not suit Jodi's ambitions of having a happy, loving home with children. Travis seemed like the ultimate catch because he was the strong, old fashioned man who could build a family unit. Unfortunately for Jodi, Travis knew many women who wanted marriage and a family. She was not so unique to him as he was to her. To win Travis she needed to show him something that would stand out, however, Jodi was so taken by Travis and how much he seemed to want her, that she made no real plans in the early stages of their relationship to make herself worth pursuing. Jodi did exactly what she had done with her liberal men; she went to bed with Travis and tried to be as kinky and sexy as possible. She failed to follow the definition against insanity that goes; insane: doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. The results of Jodi's previous relationships was that men used her for convenience and did not respect her enough for a commitment. Travis began following the same pattern as Jodi's previous men. In the past, Jodi simply put up with rejection from men but this would be different.

Rejection by a man was different for Jodi this time because she knew Travis wanted marriage someday. So, if he were not committing to her, he would commit to someone else. Sure enough, Travis began dating Lisa Andrews, a girl who, rather than throw herself into bed with a man, would let him court her. Travis respected and admired Lisa, making Jodi seen cheap and pushy by comparison. As Travis was dating Lisa, Jodi knew of no other way to get Travis back with her than to come on to him and appeal to his dirtiest fantasies. It's a formula that sometimes works in winning a husband for a girl, but usually fails if the man is capable of attracting a fair amount of other women. A man will usually just split his emotions in two, so that he can have his cake in its proper place. Travis would communicate on an intellectual, and emotional level with Lisa, and then physically let off steam with Jodi, who hoped that Travis would get tired of Lisa and drop her. Instead of dropping Lisa, Jodi found that he was seeing her less and less, and that he stopped talking to her during normal hours. Travis would now only talk sex to Jodi, and it would be a late night phone call just before bed. He also did not go out of his way to see Jodi; leading her to have to make excuses to get together with him. Jodi was confused and bewildered, driving her to start reading his text messages, and hack into his email. She then followed Travis on a few dates with Lisa and was devastated to find that he went to her house after their date. In despair, Jodi rang the doorbell and ran away. When Travis and Lisa stepped out to see who was there, and found no one, they assumed it was just kids playing a game, but when Travis got into his car to go home, all of his tires were slashed.

Another night he went to Lisa's home after the couple had enjoyed a date, and again, the same mysterious doorbell ring. This time both Travis and Lisa's tires were slashed. Lisa also received a strange email from, "John Doe". It called her a "shameful whore" for having "that man" in her home and urged her to stop seeing him. Lisa had had enough of the strange relationship between Jodi and Travis, and their relationship fizzled, but Travis did not run to Jodi, instead he pursued Mimi Hall, a highly educated girl, who led her life with definite goals in mind. Jodi continued to search for weaknesses in Travis and make herself available to him when the girls he was chasing were turning away from him. For two years Jodi's only goal was to lure Travis into a serious relationship, but for reasons only known to him, Travis had decided within six months of courting Jodi Arias that Jodi was not ever going to be Mrs. Travis Alexander. When he tried to move on without her, Jodi would call him up and talk about how much she missed him in bed. This usually would lead to she paying him a late night visit. The vicious circle would continue until Jodi discovered that Travis had invited Mimi on a trip to Cancun.

Then in June 2008, the night before he was scheduled to go to Cancun, Travis Alexander's body was discovered decomposing in his shower. The body had been stabbed repeatedly, shot twice and there was a huge gash across the neck, almost decapitating the victim. It was total overkill. Coroners stated that at least three of the injuries would have been fatal. When questioned by police all of Travis' friends pointed to Jodi as a "crazy stalker ex-girlfriend" who was obsessed with him. Jodi had no solid alibi because she had been driving in her car to visit her new boyfriend at the time the murder would have taken place. Then a bombshell hit! Detectives who had been searching Alexander's home discovered his new camera that had been put through the washer. The camera was ruined, but detectives were still able to retrieve deleted photos on the memory card. What they discovered tied Jodi to the scene of the crime.

There were nude sexual photos of Jodi and Travis and then the final photos of Travis in the last moments of his life. Somehow Jodi was inadvertently still taking photos while stabbing Travis. Her pant leg can be seen in one of the photos with Travis lying on the bathroom floor bleeding. The crime was so horrendous that Jodi would most certainly never see the light of day again. The viciousness of her assault put her in a category with the most brutal murderers of all time. Though we know that Jodi would probably never commit such an act of violence ever again if set free, the violence, and cruelty in which she murdered has kept her from being regarded with any sympathy. She was so consumed by a bitter jealousy, believing that her lover would take Mimi Hall to Cancun, and possibly propose to her, that she was motivated to be certain that if Travis wouldn't marry her he would not marry anyone, and no romantic trip to Cancun would ever happen. With the passing of time, the Jodi/Travis saga becomes more difficult to grasp, as Jodi naturally has lost her obsession with him and could have moved on and married someone else, the whole thing seems so senseless, but in 2008 Jodi would not think of anything besides following through with a plan to end her jealous torment.

Donald Trump and Ivana


Donald, Ivana, and Marla

In the 1970s Donald Trump was keeping a low profile as far as media goes. His image was nothing as it is today. The Trump name was connected to wealth, but Donald himself was not known to the general public. He lived his life in much the same manner as the majority of men who achieve great riches; he was organized, well educated, and did not drink or overindulge in life's pleasures. He was a man on a mission; to achieve all he could, and be the absolute best he could be. Donald was considered rich and successful by the age of 25, and went on to marry a beautiful model, Ivana Marie Zelnickova. The young couple had three children and life, to the general public, seemed charmed for the beautiful wealthy couple and their gorgeous three kids.

The Trumps were noted only by those who read the society columns, and paid attention to who's name was behind the new high rise set for construction, or which generous family was donating so much money to the local charities. Although Donald had achieved admirable feats in business, the general public was not inerested in him, they were interested in celebrities; then, suddenly, the picture perfect image was shattered, and the public was became very interested in Donald Trump. Ivana had stepped back from managing the Trump Enterprises in order to focus more on her family, and this gave The Donald unsupervised time in which to get tangled up with some money hungry starlet. Even though Trump was no dummy, he had accumulated so much money by the 1980s, that he was a huge target for the most manipulative and cleaver gold diggers. Even a man of Trump's intellect could not be immune to the creative wrangling of Marla Maples, a Georgia born model, who would stop at nothing to take Ivana's position of socialite.

Marla and Donald

Marla had been a not very successful actress, doing low budget movies and a few commercials since her late teens, and now, in 1984, she was desperate, and as luck would have it, she met Donald Trump. It is not clear just when they became intimate, but Marla has stated that they began having long telephone conversations to become acquainted, and were not seen in public. Trump was not easily impressed, and could have had affairs with numerous women, but what set Marla Maples apart from the rest was her quiet, and more reserved attitude. Trump showed his attraction to Marla, but he also acted reserved and stated that a relationship between the two of them would be inappropriate. Maples kept in contact with Trump and did not pressure him. This gave Donald a feeling of security. He was attracted to the girl, saw her as more than just a floozy, and believed that the two of them shared a mutual respect. Eventually, the two became more brazen, and gossip was leaking out all over the country. Some said that it was Marla herself who started to rumors to get Donald to divorce Ivana. Marla states that she had no idea what was happening, and then one day saw a story about herself in a tabloid newspaper.

Either way, the Trump family was soon in shambles, and Donald was trying to patch things up. At this point, as the majority of papers stated, Maples did what any smart home wrecker would do, she began doing what was necessary to make Donald jealous; talking about other men, other opportunities, ect. With that, Donald did what he could to simmer Marla and Ivana both. He took his family on a skiing vacation in Colorado, and when Marla expressed anger with this arrangement, Donald had Marla take a trip to Colorado too. She would be staying in a chalet close by the Trump's, and Donald would make every effort to see her.

Unfortunately, Ivana and Marla met each other, while Donald was nowhere in site, on the ski slopes. It is unknown to this day if it was truly an accidental meeting or if it was planned by Marla, who claims that when the two women exchanged words, she herself had discovered that she was a victim of Donald's tricks. She claimed that Trump had, all along, told her that he was planning a divorce. Marla has stated that she loved Donald, and she probably truly did at the time. It was that desperate love that aches to conquer a forbidden love, not to mention, she would instantly be rich and famous, and never have to worry about her career again. The dream of designer clothes, and lifestyle beyond belief could actually become true. Donald was in the predicament of going home to an angry and upset wife,and then being called by his adoring mistress. It was just a matter of time before the mistress would win.

Ivana went public with Donald's affair and soon the couple were tangling in a very public divorce.

Trump and Maples; The New Society Couple

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Donald and Marla Separate

Donald and Marla finally married in 1993, and soon after, Marla gave birth to a daughter, Tiffany Trump, but the union would be short lived. Marla had been the adoring ornament from 1984- 1993, and now she wanted a career. She wanted notoriety besides being the bimbo who hit the jackpot, and her love of acting was stirred when she began receiving offers from producers. Marla finally caved in when she was offered a role in Will Rogers Follies and she accepted.

This was the turning point of her relationship with Donald Trump. The media had a field day with Marla and began linking her name with every man she had contact with. She was stunned to find how dishonest the mainstream media could be, but she was not willing to let it interfere with her career.

Bill Clinton and His Mistress; Monica


Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and Gennifer Flowers. Oh, & Hilary

Monica Lewinsky was just 21 years old when she was invited to the White House as an aide. She was paid absolutely nothing for her work as an intern to the high profile democrat, and office Chief of Staff, Leon Panetta. Lewinsky was hired June 1995, and it soon became common knowledge to the male democrats that she was intimately involved with president Clinton. Monica was young, naïve, and highly emotional about her relationship with the president and confided to her friend, Linda Tripp, the details of her tortured romance.

Once it became known that Monica and Bill were seeking too much of each other, it was arranged for Monica to stay away from her lover. This angered and depressed Monica enough to seek out counsel. The only problem for Monica was that to one not emotionally involved, an affair with the president is nothing to ignore, and Tripp eventually recorded conversations between Clinton and Lewinsky that became public. Tripp was disgusted by the actions of president Bill Clinton, and out of a feeling of doing the right thing by the country, she believed that Clinton should not be allowed to trick and manipulate girls, and use his presidency as a tool to 'work women.' It was the 1990s and there was still a belief that America should be civilized and therefore honest and moral towards woman as well as men. She was further repulsed by the attitude of the democratic party that stated, "a man doesn't have to be moral when he is president", and "Just because a man cheats on his family, doesn't mean that he s a cheat as a politician."

The democratic party had manipulated women for decades into believing that they were the party for women,and now, here was the truth; it was a matter of, are American women smart enough to even care?

President Clinton had done what other big name democrats before him had done, such as the Kennedys', but, now, in the 1990s, women were trying to ask get more respect. Most American women did not think that a president should be a liar and a cheater towards his wife and family, and now, with the pressure from the modern democratic party, they were supposed to brush it off and say that respecting women is not a prerequisite to presidency; at least not to a democrat. The battle of morality and decency, and the new democratic party trying to make men exempt from traditional morals was on.

Bill Clinton Lies Big


Gennifer Flowers


Bill, Monica Lewinski, and Gennifer Flowers

Lewinski's fantasy of having a sweet affair with Bill Clinton, in which he would show her great affection, was quickly pummeled as the media ran wild with Monica's private life. The democratic party now saw Monica Lewinski as its enemy. They began developing her image in the press as that of a tramp, and a worthless hooker in a damage control effort. Lewinski's diary's, intimate conversations, and private confessions were splashed across every tabloid in the country. The liberal media tried to link Lewinski to a movie that was popular at the time called Fatal Attraction; The story of a man who lightly, and rather innocently, has a brief fling with an over sexed loser, only to be stalked, blackmailed and manipulated. The media called Lewinski's feelings for the president as being "Fatal Attraction" in nature, and then presented Bill Clinton as a victim who had been tricked and seduced by the 21 year old. Then the unthinkable happened, Gennifer Flowers came out of the closet, just as Bill had just about convinced everyone that Monica Lewinski should be the only party to be judged.

The stunningly beautiful Gennifer Flowers had a 12 year affair with Bill Clinton, to which Clinton lied about publicly on 60 minutes, and stated that he did not have "sexual relations with that women." Bill was cocky in his belief that he could just lie every time one of his flames came out with the truth, but Gennifer Flowers was one he had underestimated. She had a long affair with the president and was therefore well aware of his dishonestly. Flowers was not surprised to hear her lover lie, but she was shocked by her boyfriend of so many years lying so glibly and then, callously turning the tables, calling her a liar, so she responded with tape recordings that proved her point.

Clinton then apologized publicly, but encouraged the media to blame Flowers and take after her with snide remarks about her virtue. It was a case of blame the woman at its finest. Bill Clinton was not held as a responsible adult by the majority of America and the two woman with whom had gone public about this man were ruined as far as their careers and reputations. To this day, the democratic party still claims that it doesn't matter how a man treats his wife, and that being president has nothing to do with being a good husband.

As a consequence of Bill Clinton's affairs, many wise American women looked upon Hilary Clinton as a weak woman for standing by her man silently while he cheated and made a fool of her. Most women with a sense of self respect, believe that a woman should be more than just a stooge, the way Hilary presented herself during her husbands infidelity was so meek that they believe Hilary should at least set the record straight with American women if she wants to be in office. Is she a total wimp, or have she and her husband gone through some therapy together? That is the only way that strong American women can feel comfortable with Hilary in a serious political position herself.

Anna Lisa Raymundo


Shiela Davaloo


Love Triangle Murder

Sheila Davalloo was raised in the Muslim faith, and her parents opposed their daughter of achieving a higher education, they wanted her to marry a Muslim and produce many grandsons for them, but Sheila rebelled against her parents in many ways. Although she married a man who was raised in a similar Muslim background, the marriage was not a happy one for Sheila due to the fact that she was only trying to satisfy her parents, but through it all she finished a master's program and was soon earning a six figure income by her late 20s. While earning her master's she met Paul, a handsome, intelligent man who she began a romance with. She didn't tell Paul that she was married, but as she became more fixated on Paul her distaste for her husband escalated. Her Muslim roots made her shy away from divorce but the idea of knocking someone off for convenience sake was easier for Sheila to bear. Growing up she had seen and heard of the Muslim men killing wives that they no longer wanted, and Sheila was a modern woman. She would simply do as the Muslim men did. As her husband slept, Sheila turned on all the gas in the house and walked out. Her husband awoke to an intense smell of gas and that was the end of the marriage, not her husband's life. A divorce would soon mar the track record of Sheila Davalloo, much to her embarrassment.

Sheila was free to marry Paul, and the couple soon introduced parents and then married. The couple lived quietly together as Paul was still in school and Sheila was earning the majority of their income. While working Sheila began an office affair with a man named Nelson Sessler.

Nelson was playing with Sheila and another woman in the office, Anna Lisa Raymundo. Sheila was aware of Anna Lisa, but Anna had no idea about Nelson and Sheila.

When Nelson pulled away from Sheila to make a serious commitment with Anna Lisa, Sheila became depressed, obsessed and desperate. Her head was so filled with the question of why Nelson had dumped her for Anna Lisa that she talked about it all the time. She could not admit that she was having an affair so she lightly made up names of a "love triangle" at her office. She said that her "friend" named "Melissa" was the other woman and then used this story to ask men why a man would dump one woman for another. Sheila was trying in every way that she knew how to get Nelson Sessler back, but, Anna Lisa Raymundo had plans of her how. She had wanted to get married, and was a smart, educated, high earner herself. Nelson knew that if he wanted to keep Anna Lisa around, he had better dump Sheila.

Anna Lisa was found stabbed to death in what looked like a long, painful struggle in her condo. The police had little to go on. They had received an anonymous phone call from a woman saying that a man went into Anna Lisa's home and killed her. The police investigated Nelson, but were certain that he was not the one responsible for the killing, yet, they had a hunch that he was not being entirely honest. When asked about other women, he never mentioned Sheila, who now that Anna Lisa was dead, was coming around to console him.

It seemed that Sheila had won. She and Nelson were closer than ever. They saw each other on a regular basis now, and this time it seemed to be more serious. The only problem now was that Sheila was still married and held to her Muslim beliefs. One divorce was enough, she was planning to kill Paul.

It is unclear just how Sheila planned to get away with it, but she played a game with her husband one day, in which she blindfolded him and asked him to guess what household items she was rubbing against him. While Paul was tied up and blindfolded, she stabbed him, but, instead of finishing him off, let him talk. He had no idea what happened but assumed that something sharp had fallen on him. He told Sheila to call for an ambulance. Sheila must have assumed that Paul would die quickly, because instead of calling an ambulance, she called her lover and made a date with him for later that night. She then went back to Paul, who was demanding an ambulance. It was clear that Sheila was stalling, so he was trying to take himself to the emergency. Now Sheila volunteered to drive him. She took her time driving, taking the longest way she knew, whens she finally, in the hospital parking lot, unloaded a flurry of blows with a sharp knife to her husband, who fought back as best he could. Sheila was unsuccessful in her attempt to kill Paul and now was being investigated for the attempted murder of her husband when soon the puzzle of Anna Lisa Raymundo was unraveled.

Nelson was shocked to see his girlfriend being accused of attempted murder, and then was doubly shocked to know that Sheila was married. As soon as Nelson admitted that he had been having a relationship with Sheila, the hard evidence that they needed in the Anna Lisa Raymundo case was complete.

Sheila tried to use the temporary insanity defense, yet with two attempted murders and one successful murder along with her high education and numerous evidence of manipulation, Sheila will be behind bars for a long time.

Shiela's Husband, Paul


Nelson Sessler with Anna Lisa Raymundo



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