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Famous I Love Lucy Quotes

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I Love Lucy premiered on October 15, 1951 and has become one of the most beloved shows in television history. For the past 50+ years, millions of viewers have tuned in to watch the dynamics of the four lovable characters of Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel.

Listed are just a few of the most memorable quotes from the show that are still entertaining today.



ETHEL: Ricky and Fred are cut out of the same mold.

LUCY: Yeah and they're getting moldier.


DOCTOR: I'm the doctor that brought your wife into the world.

RICKY: Well I don't know whether to thank you or punch you in the nose.


LUCY: Ricky is giving me somethin. Something that every woman has always wanted from her husband.

ETHEL: A divorce?


RICKY: Fred, I got an awful problem on my hands.

FRED: You should have thought of that before you married her!


FRED: Eventually every married woman gets the feeling that her husband wants to kill her. And usually she's right.

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RICKY: Lucy, this whole thing was my fault.

LUCY: Your fault?

RICKY: It was something that I said that started the whole thing.

LUCY: What did you say?

RICKY: I do.


RICKY: Do you know anything about rice?

FRED: Well I had it thrown on me on one of the darkest days of my life.




RICKY: Do you realize how many times I'm going to have to sing "Babalu" to pay for that house?


FRED: We've got a few bucks set aside

LUCY: Oh? Have you Ethel?

ETHEL: Only every dollar we ever made!


LUCY: About a year and a hald ago Ricky wanted to go over my household account, and I was 10 dollars short.


LUCY: Well, I borrowed 10 dollars from the club treasury so that my household account would balance.

ETHEL: Well, 10 dollars, my goodness.

LUCY: Well, you don't understand. Ethel. That was only the beginning. From then on, I borrowed from the household account so that the treasury account would balance and then I borrowed from the treasury so the household account would balance and on and on and back and forth like a tennis game, and somewhere along the line, I lost the ball.

ETHEL: What do you mean?

LUCY: Now there's no money in either account.


LUCY: A plain, simple, little dress like this - $500? I don't believe it.

ETHEL: How are you going to explain the extra cost to Ricky?

LUCY: I don't know. I don't know.

ETHEL: Well, you can't take it back. It's been altered.

LUCY: Yeah, and when Ricky finds out about this, I'll be altered!


LUCY: Wouldn't you feel terrible if you went home without seeing the queen?

ETHEL: I'd feel much worse if I went home without spending the money Fred gave me.


LUCY: This is my system for paying bills. You see, I throw them all up in the air and the ones that land face up are the winners.

ETHEL: By "the winners" you mean the ones you pay?

LUCY: Uh-huh.

ETHEL: But what happens if they all land face up?

LUCY: Well then I just switch. I only pay the ones that lay face down.


LUCY: Budget my time? You mean like I budget my money?

RICKY: Heaven forbid!




LUCY: You've got to agree, I'm better than nothing.

ETHEL: There you've got me.


FRED: The test of true friendship does not depend upon buying gifts.

ETHEL: He oughta know. He's been testing his friends for 20 years.


LUCY: Oh, gee, Ethel, thanks. It's times like these when you know what friends are for.

ETHEL: If I'd known this was what friends were for, I'd have signed up as an enemy!


FRED: Who is it?

ETHEL: It's Lucy and she's in trouble.

FRED: Quick, hang up!





ETHEL: Do you think they could make a glamour girl out of me?

LUCY: Sure, it says right here "We work miracles."


ETHEL: I refuse to go to the theatre with anyone who thinks I'm a hippopotamus.

RICKY: Did you call her that?

LUCY: All I did was intimidate that she was a little hippy, but on second glance, she's got the biggest potamus I've ever seen.


RICKY: Who knows what could happen?

FRED: Yeah, with all that champagne even Ethel might look good.


ETHEL: Oh I don't think those Italian actresses are so much. not one of them has got her hair combed.

FRED: Well they look great to me.

ETHEL: If I let my hair go like that, you'd never let me hear the end of it.

FRED: Honey bunch, if the rest of you looked like that, I wouldn't care if you were bald.


ETHEL: Come on, let me see your new dress!

LUCY: All right. Calm down. You're acting like you never saw a new dress before.

ETHEL: Who's acting?




ETHEL: It's been years since we sat in a movie with your arm around my waist.

FRED: It's been years since my arm reached around your waist.


ETHEL: If I lost my wedding ring, we wouldn't have to find it. We'd just have to buy another box of Cracker Jack.


ETHEL: What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen me eat before?

FRED: I've never seen you do anything else!"


LUCY: If some woman was trying to take Fred away from you, you'd sing another tune.

ETHEL: Yeah. "Happy Days are Here Again!"


FRED: She said my mother looks like a weasel!

LUCY: Ethel, apologize!

ETHEL: Fred, I'm sorry your mother looks like a weasel.


ETHEL: Where's RIcky?

LUCY: He went into New York. Where's Fred?

ETHEL: He's taking a nap.

LUCY: How do you know that?

ETHEL: It's after lunch and before dinner. What else would he be doing?




LUCY: Yeah, he's pushing 23 all right. In fact, he's pushed it all the way to 35.


RICKY: Do you realize how old we will be in 20 years? I'll be 56 and you'll be -

LUCY: Never mind.

RICKY: Now honey. I know how old you are.

LUCY: I know but I've been juggling my age for so many years, I've kinda forgotten what it is and I want to leave it that way.


RICKY: Imagine that. A whole week off with nothing to do but just hang around the house.

FRED: Yeah, I ought to take a week off myself sometime.

ETHEL: From what? You've been hanging around the house for 23 years. I wish you'd take a week off and go someplace.

FRED: Has it only been 23 years?


LUCY: That house won't be ours for 20 years.

RICKY: Now honey. Now, Now. There's nothing to cry about.

LUCY: Oh no? I just figured out how old I'll be in 20 years!



Kelly Ann Christensen from Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas on February 01, 2020:

I think just about everyone enjoyed the I Love Lucy Show. I guess we lost Lucille Ball several years ago now. Thanks for the cute article.

danielle on March 25, 2012:

im abig fan of i love lucy i have the complete series and atrvia game and callander and im only 12

Mr. Smith from Indiana on August 26, 2011:

One great hub!

Alissa (author) from Rocky Hill, CT on July 31, 2011:

I think everyone has a special place in their heart for Lucy and without her, there would obviously be no show, but this supporting cast of characters helped make the show a phenomenon. They all played off of each other so well.

Gregory Hasman from Denton TX on July 31, 2011:

Thank you very much for those lines. Who was your favorite character?

LaZeric Freeman from Hammond on March 06, 2011:

As much as I love I Love Lucy. I didn't know what it was until i was until the late 80s/early 90s. Before that, all i knew was "The Lucy Show" where she worked in the bank with Mr. Mooney.

debbiesdailyviews on November 12, 2010:

What a fantastic hub this is.

It brought back great memories for me.

I loved this show. And even without speaking at all, Lucy's face was full of expression, her eyes told the punch line before she spoke it.

Thank you for this great hub... MORE PLEASE : }

IvoryMelodies on October 14, 2010:

Classic TV and great stuff! Great hub, too, Starry!

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on August 07, 2010:

What a great idea for a hub. I loved the quotes. I Love Lucy was ahead of it's time. It's one of those shows that will never grow old. Great job.

MikeJones76 from Chicago, IL on July 30, 2010:

Good idea! I remember when I watched I Love Lucy, it was on late at night... Never thought of it as a witty show, though. BTW, I did like the hub. The ads are so contextual, they actually add more information to it... Keep up the good work! Good luck!

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