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Famous Fat People and Actors


Actor Kevin James

This article will focus on the highlights and accomplishments of some famous fat people. I am not trying to make fun of anyone here in this lens. I just thought it would be interesting to take a look at people that have accomplished great things and are heavy or overweight. The people listed here have not let their weight be an issue in being successful. Let's take a look and some folks I found that are indeed famous fat people.

Actor Kevin James is on our list as one of our famous fat people. He's gotten more popular in recent years here with his likable on screen persona. We first saw Kevin in his TV show called The King of Queens. He was funny in the successful movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop. He also teamed up with Adam Sandler and a bunch of former Saturday Night live actors for the movie Grown Ups. I really enjoyed Kevin in his movie with Will Smith where Smith was a dating coach. I think that movie was called Stitch. Kevin James is doing quite well for himself and there is no reason to believe that he will slow down anytime soon. Kevin James is a good guy to start off our list of famous fat people. Below is some good video of James talking about his weight problem with David Letterman.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey makes our list of famous fat people. Oprah's weight has always been an issue for her. Her weight has gone up and down several times throughout the years, Oprah has certainly shown that one can be extremely successful in life and still be overweight. Oprah seems to be at peace now as she has gotten older. She's also towards the top of lists for wealthiest people in the world. She has been very generous with her wealth sharing it and building a school for girls in Africa and all sorts of other charitable endeavors Oprah has her own cable network and her own magazine which she is still involved with running. Here's to one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey.


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John Goodman

John Goodman has got to be one the most successful actors around. He came to fame in the situation comedy "Roseanne." That got him working on a long list of movie roles. In fact, for a while there, it seemed to me like it was a surprise if he wasn't in a current movie. Goodman has been in movies like "Everybody's All American" which was filmed in my hometown of Baton Rouge. He's been in the very entertaining movie "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" and with Nicholas Cage in the hilarious "Raising Arizona." Goodman has lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for a long time and the people of Louisiana really like him. I even saw him once in person when he was at an LSU football game, He was friends with a man that used to sit next to me before he passed away. That man was Jack Serio of New Orleans. Anyway, during a daytime LSU game in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, John Goodman walked up the stairs and came and sat right down next to Jack to watch some of the game. That was pretty cool. He was just a regular guy in jeans and a t-shirt watching the game. When he left after a while I asked Jack about how he knew him and he said he came to his restaurant that he and his brother owned in New Orleans.


Ruben Studdard

I decided to put Ruben Studdard on our list of famous fat people. He's a successful singer that first came to fame from the hugely popular TV show American Idol. He was the first winner of this show's very first season. I believe that he defeated Clay Aiken for the top prize as America's first winner of American Idol. I really don't know much else about this man but he is famous and doing well for himself after winning the top prize on that TV show.

Kirstie Alley

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Santa Claus is Fat and Happy


Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is a famous actress that rose to fame replacing Shelly Long on "Cheers." While on the "Cheers" show she was always a curvaceous actress. As she has gotten older she has had problems with her weight. She lost weight through Jenny Craig or something and was even on a paid spokesperson for one of these companies. She seems to go back and forth now with her weight but she is still popular and did very well appearing on the popular television show "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC. I was flipping through the channels the other day and saw a very young and thin Kirstie Alley acting in an old early 80's movie called "Summer School" starring Mark Harmon. I'm not sure if she is doing any work now. I found this good video of her below on YouTube form her appearance on David Letterman right after the "Dancing With the Stars" show.

Santa Claus

If Santa Claus is not the most famous fat person in the world, then who is? Santa is certainly a busy man. Preparing toys for children all over the world at the North Pole and running this huge operation of working elves at the North Pole is a big job. You would think that Santa would stay trim with so much work to do. I believe that there is a perception that fat people are somehow more jolly or happy. I'm thinking of the term "fat and happy" right now. Perhaps, the idea of Santa being slimmed down doesn't sit right with people's perceptions of what he should look like. Regardless of why Santa is considered to be fat, he's got to be on our list here for sure. Don't you agree?

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Your Comments about Famous Fat People are Welcome Here

Alice Njambi from Nairobi, Kenya on February 08, 2020:

I like how you went straight ahead to say "fat" without any fear... I like your honesty...

Terry Hoover (author) from Denham Springs, Louisiana on June 26, 2013:

Yes, these people have succeeded despite what the popular media would have us believe is an acceptable size and weight. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.

Terry Hoover (author) from Denham Springs, Louisiana on June 26, 2013:

I agree. Oprah has been a mega achiever despite ongoing weight problems. I appreciate you taking the time to comment very much.

Sondra Rochelle from USA on June 26, 2013:

Of all the people you mention here, I find Oprah Winfrey to be the most talented and beautiful. She is an amazing human being whose intelligence, kind heart and gentle ways make her transcend not only her weight issues, but her gender and racial issues as well. Nice job.

Jayme Kinsey from Oklahoma on June 26, 2013:

Very good outlook. There is way too much focus on how celebrities act rather than on how they perform. They earn a lot of money, so I think they should be talented, not just "hot". Sadly, we are seeing more and more film stars and musicians whose ONLY feature is their looks. No talent at all.

And that is not to say that these people aren't attractive. Kirstie Alley is beautiful at any size...and I am married to someone who looks kinda like one of the men in this hub.

I think you make a good point here. Size should never hold anyone back from being successful or from realizing their dreams.

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