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Family Friendly YouTube Channels for Tweens

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If you're like me, you have searched through YouTube to find clean, family friendly videos and channels for your 10-14 year old, but mostly found family friendly content geared towards toddlers or the under ten year old crowd. You probably also found teen content that was a little more "mature" than what a 10-14 year old should be watching. Well, I'm here to help! My own search has been difficult, so, I share with you some of the channels I have found! I hope you enjoy some of these channels and feel free to comment with suggestions!

Bored Shorts TV

Bored Shorts TV is a family friendly channel where adults act out sketches and replace their voices with kid voices. This result is adorable and hilarious!

Studio C

Studio C is a sketch comedy show that has no cursing, no nudity, and no mature themes. Their skits are safe for the whole family and sure to make you laugh!

Kai Kay

Kai Kay's channel is a variety channel. He mostly does comedy sketches and skits, but also an occasional clean rap cover that is entirely family friendly! Kai Kay tends to favor physical comedy and is somewhat of a Jim Carey, Martin Lawrence, and Will Smith rolled into one package!


MickeyAndJermaine is a comedy channel with videos starring Jermaine and his dog, Mickey. The sketches are short, but fun and hilarious! Jermaine is also a quite talented singer!

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Kyoot Animals

Kyoot Animals channel is full of adorable animals and funny videos with animals and pets! Be careful though... you'll find yourself watching adorable video, after adorable video, after adorable video!

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