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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Fall (2022)

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While the location in the beginning of this movie was breathtaking, that is practically the only wow factor one could get from this movie. Nearly every single action taken and almost every choice being made has you suspend your disbelief that much further than the last, and after a short while, that becomes too much to endure.

Movies like Fall often do well with a cheaper budget, since it becomes less about the production, and more about the story. However, it is disheartening to say that Fall would have done much better with a bigger budget since nothing about this story was intriguing, engaging or believable. At the very least, a higher production value would have given us some sort of stimulus to hold onto while the dumpster fire of an adventure takes places in the background. On the contrary, Fall could have done extremely well with the same, or even less of a budget if it was written with any sort of drive behind it other than attempting to create an audience with a newfound acrophobia fear.

I was happy, however, that the movie was able to hold my attention, albeit for the mere morbid curiosity of it all, while filming in one singular location. It felt as though the director was going for the same sort of feeling that Saw achieved back in 2004; creating a claustrophobic feeling by staying in the same location you started in. But I couldn’t help but imagine that Scott Mann directed this movie thinking the audience would walk out of the theater in disbelief at the fearful events that unfolded in front of them. When in reality, the audience walked out of the theater in disbelief that someone felt that this movie was good enough to release in the first place.


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