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Falcon and the Winter Soldier Opinion (Spoilers)

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a great action packed show with some surprises

Wyatt Russel as John Walker

Wyatt Russel as John Walker

Important Aspects of the Show

- This Show takes places 6 months after “Avengers Endgame” events.

- Anthonie Mackie and Sebastian Stan are back to their respective leading roles as Sam Wilson (The Falcon/Captain America) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier/White Wolf).

- This is an action packed show, not like the most recent Marvels “WandaVision”.

- The Budget for this show is approximately 150 million dollars.

- This show is composed by 6 episodes, with an average durability of 50 minutes each one.

- This is one of the many shows Disney is planning to deliver us through ther Disney + streaming platform, before this "WandaVision" was released and after "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", Tom Hiddleston will invade our hearts with his charismatic God of Mischief Loki.

- This show does belong to the MCU canon, including all avengers movies, so as guardians of the galaxy, ant-man, and so many others.

Series Summary

As we saw in Avengers Endgame ending, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) gives to Sam Wilson (Anthonie Mackie) his Vibranium shield and his Captain America´s legacy, and this is the show´s premise and here is where our story beggins. While Sam is in middle of his own missions saving people and smoothly flying with his unique wings as the Falcon and James Buchanan Barns (Bucky/Winter Soldier) is dealing with his traumatic and complicated past, there is a new group of extremist people called “The Flag Smashers” that wants to change the World to how it was during the blip. Now Falcon and the Winter Soldier must assemble theirselves and with some old and new faces to save the day. Meeting a new (but temporal) Captain America named John Walker. Now i will give you my opinion telling the pros and the cons.

The Pros

- All the cast (with some excemptions) is exceptional and show Total Commitment to their respective roles (to me the best ones are: Anthonie Mackie as The Falcon and Wyatt Russel as John Walker/U.S Agent).

- All the action sequences and Special effects are really great. Seeing the Falcon flying and using Captain America´s shield with his new suit is a truth spectacle.

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- The closure of the majority of subplots is satisfactoring and there is one opened to future shows or films.

- Daniel Brühl is back as Zemo and he is pretty charismatic and has a new awesome comic-like look. He shows us why he is a really good option to play this iconic character, because in Captain America Civil War, he feels a little bit different but not in a good form, in this show he proves why he is here and his dancing steps are really admirable.

- John Walker is one of the biggest surprises of the whole show. Wyatt Russel is great in his role and has some tricks up his sleeve. The moment when John kills a Flagsmasher just because Karli killed his partner is just really dark and awesome, it is an incredible cliff hanger.

- Sebastian Stans performance as Bucky is pretty good, there are a couple scenes that proves the commitment he has with his role and i really appreciate that.

- Some unexpected cameos here are pretty nice, like Wakanda's Dora Milajes.

The Cons

- The “Villains” are pretty poorly bad written, specially Erin Kellyman´s role and performance as Karli Morgenthau (the leader of The Flag Smashers).

- There are some innecesary extra subplots, like Sam´s sister and all the Family´s Boat plot.

- Some of the first episodes are not that exciting or interessting neither, the good thing about this is that it improves in the fourth episode.

- We have also the return of Sharon Carter's character in this show, and she has a radical change, i really did not believed why she turns bad. I can understand why she was mad with Sam and Bucky, but i don't think it worths it to become sort of a villain.

Anthonie Mackie as Captain America

Anthonie Mackie as Captain America

Final Grade and Conclusion

The show is great enough to make all Marvel fan happy. It has everything, some drama, good action scenes, great performances and great visuals. However it´s mistakes (The FlagSmashers), i think i had a really good taste at the end of this show.

Final Grade: 7.7 out of 10

© 2021 Juan Pablo Barba Gutiérrez

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