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Fifteen Fabulous Alliterative Bands

Robert Fripp Helped Form A Band With An Alliterative Name


Along with rhyme, there is one other poetic device likely to be found in popular songs. It is alliteration, the use of placing several words together that start with the same sound.

"A winter's day, a deep and dark December," Paul Simon sings to open I Am a Rock. The repetition of the D sounds are obvious, and elegant as well.

The list of examples of the device in songs is endless, which makes it easy for anyone to create his own Top Ten. Much rarer, though, is for a band to use alliteration in its name, perhaps in an effort to make it catcher and therefore easier to remember.

1. Beach Boys
When Brian Wilson and his band chose this alliterative name, they had no hint of how many of their tunes were to become Huge Hits.

2. Blues Brothers
Jake and Elwood were born out of a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live, only to have Dan Akroyd and John Belushi turn it into a Solid Single as well as a Memorable Movie.

3. Culture Club
"Karma Chameleon," the most Noteworthy Number of Boy George's group, fits the category as well.

4. Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl Founded FF after the demise of his first group, the grunge pioneers known as Nirvana.

5. Broken Bells
This collaboration between Dangermouse and James Mercer has led to two Remarkable Records and several recent singles.

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6. Red Rider
"Lunatic Fringe" sounds like a title more suited to Pink Floyd, but it has left this group a One Hit Wonder.

7. Modest Mouse
Isaac Brock Broke through with hits like "Float On" and "Ocean Breathes Salty," which both appeared in Good News For People Who Hate Good News.

8. Counting Crows
" Mr. Jones and Me" conjured up a Bob Dylan classic, which Adam Durwitz turned into one of the biggest Nineties Numbers.

9. Franz Ferdinand
This alt rock outfit made a Delightful Debut, highlighted by gems like "Take Me Out" and "The Dark of the Matinee."

10. King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King remains one of the most iconic examples of prog rock, which Greg Lake went on to perfect with ELP while several others joined Yes and Genesis.

11. Scissor Sisters
Their disco version of "Comfortably Numb" caused discomfort for some Pink Floyd fans, but it nevertheless reached the top of the charts in 2004.

12. Cutting Crew
Broadcast was a Fabulous First album, thanks in part to the single "Died In Your Arms Tonight."

13. Dick Diver
Sounding a bit like Belle and Sebastian, this quartet made its mark with an album named after its hometown of Melbourne, Florida.

14. Firefall
No one ever seemed certain what exactly was a fire fall, but they recorded many Hot Hits like "Strange Way" and "Just Remember I Love You."

15. Painted Palms
An electronic duo, the PP have released two gorgeous records along with an EP.

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