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100 Great Indian Films

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Top 100 Indian Films of All Time


Cinema is a great passion of people of India. No other mode of entertainment has an immense impact on Indian society than that of cinema. As far as the common man are concerned, they utilize it as a medium for freeing their pent up emotions and enjoying the various shades of imagination and fantasy. It is also a way to escape from harsh realities of day to day life.

India:The Largest Producer of Films in the World

India produces the largest number of films in the world. As a country with more than 300 languages in which 21 are official languages with more than 10 million speakers, it produces cinemas in almost all languages, and in English and foreign languages. It is estimated that more than 2000 films are produced in India every year. Hollywood comes only second to it. The statistics shows that India produced a total of 1288 feature films and 1673 non feature films in 2009. Indian cinema has a large audience both in India and abroad. Indian films have been screened but more than 90 countries in the world.

Commercial and Art Films

There are two streams in the Indian films; even though sometimes the they might difficult to separate. The first is the popular films which is commercial in nature and have the ingredients like music, action, and melodrama to satisfy the varied tastes of the mass. The second category is art films which are made on very low budget. They are also known as art films or parallel cinema.

TOP 100 CLASSICAL FILMS OF ALL TIME lists the most celebrated classical films produced in India. Critical comments opinions are welcome.

Amitab Bachan

Amitab Bachan

Top 100 Indian Films of All Time

  1. Aakash Kusum by Mrinal Sen
  2. Aakrosh by Govind Nihalani
  3. Aar Paar by Guru Datt
  4. Aar Yar Paar by Ketan Mehta
  5. Abayam by Ramu karryat
  6. Ajantrik by Rithwik Ghatak
  7. Akalar Sandhane by Mrinal Sen
  8. Akramana by Girish Kasravalli
  9. All in the family by Ketan Mehta
  10. Amaar Bhuban by Mrinal Sen

Top 100 Indian Films of All Time

11.Ammuvinde Aattinkutty by Ramu karryat

12.Anugraph by Shyam Benegal

13.Aparoopa by Jahnu Barua

14.Ardha Satya by Govind Nihalani

15.Arohan by Shyam Benegal

16.Baazi by Guru Datt

17.Bagh Bahadur by Buddhadeb Dasguptha

18.Baishe Sravan by Mrinal Sen

19.Bandhani by Ketan Mehta

20.Bannada Vesha by Girish Kasravalli

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Top 100 Indian Films of All Time

21.Bhavani Bhavai by Ketan Mehta

22.Bhoomika by Shyam Benegal

23.Bhuvan Shome by Mrinal Sen

24.Bonani by Jahnu Barua

25.Characher by Buddhadeb Dasguptha

26.Charandas Chor by Shyam Benegal

27.Chemmeen by Ramu karrat

28.Chorus by Mrinal Sen

29.Colours of Passion by Ketan Mehta

30.Culcutta 71 by Mrinal Sen

Top 100 Indian Films of All Time

31.Deham by Govind Nihalani

32.Dev by Govind Nihalani

33.Dhupu by Ramu karrat

34.Dooratwa by Buddhadeb Dasguptha

35.Drohkaal by Govind Nihalani

36.Dweepa by Girish Kasravalli

37.Earu Rathirical by Ramu karrat

38.Ek Adhuri Kahani by Mrinal Sen

39.Ek Bhar by Girish Kasravalli

40.Ek Din Pretidin by Mrinal Sen

Top 100 Indian Films of All Time

41.Firingoti by Jahnu Barua

42.Ghatahradha by Girish Kasravalli

43.Griha Juddha by Buddhadeb Dasguptha

44.Gulabi Talkies by Girish Kasravalli

45.Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai by Jahnu Barua

46.Har pal by Jahnu Barua

47.Hari-Bari:Fertility by Shyam Benegal

48.Haseena by Girish Kasravalli

49.Hazar Chaurasi Ki Maa by Govind Nihalani

50.Hero Hiralal by Ketan Mehta

51.Hkhagoroloi Bohudoor by Jahnu Barua

52.Interview by Mrinal Sen

53.Jaal by Guru Datt

54.Janala by Buddhadeb Dasguptha

55.Jukthi Thako Aaar Gaapo by Rithwik Ghatak

56.Junoon by Shyam Benegal

57.Kagaz Ke Phool by Guru Datt

58.Kal Purush by Buddhadeb Dasguptha

59.Kalyug by Shyam Benegal

60.Karibu by Ramu karrat

Top 100 Indian Films of All Time

61.komal Gandhar by Rithwik Ghatak

62.Kondura by Shyam Benegal

63.Konikar Ramdhenu by Jahnu Barua

64.Kraurya by Girish Kasravalli

65.Kuhkhal by Jahnu Barua

66.Lal Darja by Buddhadeb Dasguptha

67.Maine Gandhi Ko Nahim Mara by Jahnu Barua

68.Maya Memsaab by Ketan Mehta

69.Minnaminnug by Ramu karrat

70.Mirch Masala by Ketan Mehta

71.Mooruarigalu by Girish Kasravalli

72.Mr.&Mrs.Sailaab by Guru Datt

73.Mudiyanaya puthran by Ramu karrat

74.Mudupadum by Ramu karrat

75.Mumbai Cutting by Jahnu Barua

76.Naayi Neralu by Girish Kasravalli

77.Nagarik by Rithwik Ghatak

78.Nellu by Ramu karrat

79.Netaji Subash Chandra Bose:The Forgotten Hero by Shyam Benegal

80.Newspaper Boy by P.Ramadas

Top 100 Indian Films of All Time

81.Nilakuyil by Ramu karryat

82.Niramala by P.Ramadas

83.Oka Uri Katha by Mrinal Sen

84.Padatik by Mrinal Sen

85.Party by Govind Nihalani

86.Pehla Khadam by Ketan Mehta

87.Pokhi by Jahnu Barua

88.Pyaasa by Guru Datt

89.Sadar by Ketan Mehta

90.Samar by Shyam Benegal

91.Tamas by Govind Nihalani

92.Tarnetar Fair by Ketan Mehta

93.Thabarana Kathe by Girish Kasravalli

94.Thai Saheba by Girish Kasravalli

95.The Making of Mahatma by Shyam Benegal

96.Titesh Ekti Nadir Naam by Rithwik Ghatak

97.Tora by Jahnu Barua

98.Uttara by Buddhadeb Dasguptha

99.Vadakkea vettile Adithi by P.Ramadas

100.Zubeida by Shyam Benegal

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